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Delver Partners With Yahoo! Search.

Augments its Social Search Results With Yahoo! Search BOSS

SAN FRANCISCO, November 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Delver today announced a partnership with Yahoo! Search, which will augment Delver's social-graph ranking with general web search results powered by Yahoo! Search BOSS (Build your own Search Service). Delver's unique personalized search experience will now provide traditional search results in combination with results created and referenced by the searching users' friends and friends-of-friends.

Having indexed the publicly available social graphs of nearly 250 million user profiles across the leading social networks and websites, Delver enables users to quickly find publicly displayed content created by their friends on their social networking profiles, web sites, blogs, bookmarks, and photo and video sharing sites.

"Search is the holy grail of Internet usability, and we are proud to be leading the next generation of search technologies that revolve around indexing the social web," said Liad Agmon, CEO of Delver. "Leveraging Yahoo! Search BOSS allows us to keep focusing on social-graph ranking and indexing, while providing our users with a solution that intelligently mixes social results with traditional web results."

Delver will also be utilizing Yahoo! Search BOSS as part of its partner program for user-generated-content and social websites. This is an important step towards an effective on-site search experience that leverages websites' internal assets as well as external data created by their users, enabling these websites to monetize on search advertisements.

About Delver

Delver is the first social search company that improves the relevancy of Web search results by prioritizing these results based upon the searcher's social network. The company's patent-pending technology maps users' social connections and delivers web search results ranked according to their social relevance to the users. Delver is headquartered in Israel and has a U.S. west coast presence. Delver is backed by Carmel Ventures, a top-tier Israel-based VC. For more information, visit
 Monique Kaplan
 Delver Ltd.

CONTACT: Contact: Monique Kaplan, Delver Ltd., +972-3-972-0305,
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Nov 4, 2008
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