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Deluding themselves.

LISTENING to Sir Terry Leahy on Desert Island Discs, it was interesting to note that he suffers from a popular form of self delusion among the more recently successful that the world only started with them.

He said something to the effect that shopping was a pretty miserable experience until supermarkets like Tesco came on the scene. Brought up during and after the war I do know the diet was probably a lot more healthy then, and I certainly would not say that shopping was particularly depressing in the fifties and sixties, only different.

Another sufferer from this delusion is Willy Russell, who has continually stated (most recently on a screen in the Museum of Liverpool) that the theatre in Liverpool only started with himself and a few other local writers in the seventies.

And there was I thinking I'd enjoyed so many stunning shows at the Playhouse in my youth, directed by the likes of Willard Stoker, Bernard Hepton and David Scase, by writers such as Shakespeare, Shaw, Brecht and Tennessee Williams, acted by Patricia Routledge, Andrew Sachs, Helen Lindsay, Pauline Yates, Richard Briers, John Thaw, Anthony Hopkins, Lynda La Plante and Rita Tushingham. But who ever heard of any of them again? Howard Kay, Allerton
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 13, 2013
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