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DeltaPoint, Inc. WebTools ships with Borland's Visual dBASE Professional with Intranet tools; DeltaPoint's Internet technology included in Borland's Xbase Tools for publishing and searching databases on the World Wide Web.

MONTEREY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 23, 1996--DeltaPoint, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTPT) today announced the inclusion of DeltaPoint WebTools(TM) in Borland International Inc.'s new Internet-enabled version of its Visual dBASE database, Visual dBASE Professional with Intranet Tools. The Visual dBASE Intranet Tools are a set of utilities designed to allow Visual dBASE and other Xbase developers to easily create interactive database applications for the World Wide Web and corporate Intranets.

"Borland selected DeltaPoint WebTools for Visual dBASE Intranet Tools because it is based on a database publishing metaphor," said Ross Dembecki, Borland's Group Product Manager for Desktop and LAN development tools. "Together, our tools allow desktop database developers to naturally extend the reach of their existing and future applications to the vast number of users being empowered by Web browsers."

"With DeltaPoint providing WebTools, which is based on DeltaPoint QuickSite's HTML page publishing engine technology, Borland has designed an interactive solution for creating enhanced World Wide Web pages," said Song Huang, VP of Marketing/Internet Products for DeltaPoint, Inc. "We believe this validates the premise that Web sites and Web applications of the future will be based on a database architecture. WebTools, and its parent technology QuickSite, is well positioned to take developers into the next generation of interactive Web sites."

Visual dBASE Intranet Tools

The Visual dBASE Intranet Tools are available along with Visual dBASE 5.5 and the Visual dBASE Compiler in Borland's new Visual dBASE Professional version. For those developers that currently own Visual dBASE and its Compiler, the Intranet Tools are available separately from Borland. The Visual dBASE Intranet Tools are designed to provide an easy way for Xbase developers to publish desktop and server database tables on the Web, so that they can be accessed and queried by users on any platform with a standard Web browser. The Visual dBASE Intranet Tools consist of three components for easy and powerful Web database development: the Table Publish WebExpert, the Table Search WebExpert, and DeltaPoint Inc.'s WebTools for Visual dBASE.

DeltaPoint, Inc.'s WebTools

DeltaPoint WebTools for Visual dBASE is a class library and collection of development utilities that provide a Common Gateway Interface ("CGI") and Web development tools for creating database-driven Web sites. With DeltaPoint WebTools, users can design World Wide Web-enabled database applications using Visual dBASE and the Visual dBASE Compiler. Licensed by Borland from DeltaPoint, Inc., these tools are written completely in Visual dBASE, and include a powerful HTML-publishing engine, class library source code, a reference guide to classes, methods, functions, and many documented examples.

Pricing and Availability

Borland has announced Visual dBASE Professional with Intranet Tools is shipping this week from Borland and will be available next week through major software distribution channels. The estimated street price (ESP) for Visual dBASE Professional is $495.95. A special upgrade offer is also available for owners of competitive database products at an ESP of $329.95. Current owners of Visual dBASE and the Visual dBASE Compiler can purchase the Intranet Tools directly from Borland for $24.95. For more information or to place orders, customers can call Borland at 800-233-2444, or contact their local reseller. All estimated prices are in U.S. dollars and apply only in the United States and Canada. Dealer prices may vary.

Borland International Inc. (NASDAQ: BORL) is a leading provider of products and services targeted to software developers. Borland is distinguished for its high-quality software development tools, which include Visual dBASE, Delphi, Delphi Client/Server, Borland C++, Paradox, ReportSmith and InterBase. Borland's award-winning products are supported through comprehensive programs for small- and large-sized software developers, corporate developers, value added resellers and systems integrators. Founded in 1983, Borland is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California. Copies of previous Borland press releases and additional corporate and product information can be accessed from Borland's World Wide Web site at

DeltaPoint, Inc., founded in 1989, has headquarters in Monterey, California, and distribution partners in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Asia-Pacific. A public company traded on the NASDAQ Small Cap Market (DTPT), DeltaPoint, Inc. is committed to providing customers with easy-to-use, streamlined on-line and desktop visualization software solutions. DeltaPoint, Inc. is the publisher of DeltaPoint QuickSite, an innovative World Wide Web site creation and management software product for Windows(R); DeltaGraph(R), an award-winning charting and graphing application for Macintosh(R) and Windows; and of Drag 'n Draw(TM), a business diagramming and drawing program for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. Through DeltaPoint Inc.'s World Wide Web site, customers are able to obtain product and pricing information, read press reviews of DeltaPoint, Inc. products, download free software demos, and even place orders through DeltaPoint, Inc. directly or through a hot line to several World Wide Web malls. The World Wide Web URL for DeltaPoint, Inc.'s Web site is

This news release, other than historical financial information, consists of forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties including quarterly fluctuations in results, the timely availability of new products, the impact of competitive products and pricing, and the other risks detailed from time to time in DeltaPoint's SEC reports, including DeltaPoint's 1995 Annual Report on Form 10-K.

CONTACT: Donald B. Witmer, COO & CFO

Amy McManus, Investor Relations


(408) 648-4000, ext. 4813


Steve Curry


(408) 431-4863


Stephen D. Axelrod, CFA

Mona J. Walsh


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Date:May 23, 1996
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