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Delta is big, fast and accurate.

High technology, high speed with high accuracy and repeatability are combined in the new Delta range of medium-to-large capacity computer controlled gantry-type coordinate measuring machines (CMM) from DEA.

The new range uses a familiar DEA model name but is an all-new development incorporating the latest aluminium alloy construction for the moving elements, error correction techniques and a choice of structure and drive arrangements.

The principal changes enable probe positioning to be achieved at up to 17"/sec, with accuracy significantly better than the previous Delta range. This makes it ideal for generating a higher productivity level in the measurement of very large components or multiple loadings of smaller parts.

Critical in the application of scanning, either in point-to-point or continuous mode and in the measurement of extremely large components at speed, is that moving elements of the machine which are designed using finite element techniques. These take maximum advantage of the light weigh characteristics of the material and provide high rigidity and minimal thermal distortion. This also ensures the machines are highly repeatable with predictable thermal expansion characteristics. In addition, rapid acceleration/deceleration rates are ensured for high speed probe positioning.

The B89.1.12 volumetric measurement performance is 14 microns and 5+6L/1000 in accordance with CMMA (CMM Manufacturers Association) test specifications. This equates to 11 microns per meter an is exceptionally accurate for such a large machine. These accuracies can also be maintained in open shop-type environments with the use of the thermal compensation techniques.

Either four or six, steel gantry support columns can be specified and the structure is completely isolated from the measuring elements.

The Delta is near the top of the DEAf range in terms of work handling capability. Standard configurations cover X-axis from 1830 mm to 5080 mm.

However, the Y-axis and A-axis traverses can be built to order from 2030 mm and 1500 mm as required. The X-axis can also be extended to meet special order requirements.

X-axis positioning is by an outboard mounted DC dual, servo-driven rack and pinion system with linear scale positinal feedback. Being dual drive, software compensation is included.

Either DEA's own probe or a Renishaw touch trigger probe system may be integrated, and the machines are equally well suited to point-to-point or continuous scanning applications. A wide range of DEA control software, applications software and accessories are available to tailor Delta machines to customer applications.
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Title Annotation:Digital Electronic Automation Inc. coordinate measuring machine
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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