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Delta Neu Offer Chivers Hartley Temperature Solution.

Chivers Hartley of Histon, Cambridge, manufacturers of jams and preserves, have recently installed three Econoclims from Delta Neu Ltd, tel:0148 373 7888.

Making jam and preserves is a hot sticky business, and Chivers Hartley were faced with excessive heat being generated in the immediate vicinity of their fruit boiling vessels. Cooling the entire building was not necessary, so the company adopted an idea from Delta Neu - lower the temperature at the 'hot spots' using air from Econoclim evaporative cooling units.

Ambient air is now cooled and taken into the building through a balanced ductwork system and distributed in three different ways. In the rapid boiling area, raised walkways run alongside each row of process vessels. Cooled air is distributed by two main header ducts. One is positioned directly over a walkway, while the other runs down the middle, The first duct circulates air from a series of grills blowing directly downwards. Distribution from the second duct is via grilles positioned at the end of additional spur ducts, so that air can be directed throughout the length of the other walkway. Two roof extraction fans provide additional extraction.

Within the industrial jam area, adequate ventilation is achieved using two techniques. A strip curtain is positioned around the boiling platform to contain the excess heat generated. The curtain traps heat above the platform, so that less air is needed to remove it. This is achieved by two roof fans installed above the platform. In addition, ducting from an Econoclim unit outside brings cooled air to each of the surrounding three operator areas.

A third system cools the preserves boiling platform via a distribution header. It is positioned along the length of a wall, with double deflector grilles set into it at regular intervals, so that cooled air is distributed evenly throughout the platform.
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Date:Dec 1, 2000
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