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Deloria, Vine, Jr. Evolution, creationism, and other modern myths.

DELORIA, Vine, Jr. Evolution, creationism, and other modern myths. Fulcrum. 274p. notes. bibliog. index. c2002. 1-55591-458-6. $18.95. A

Vine Deloria, noted Native American historian, lawyer and theologian, does not care for either creationism or evolutionary theory as they are presented and debated in the American schools today. He assesses both arguments in detail, citing copiously from scientists and theologians, and essentially rejects both positions as faulty. While he seems to defend a position called Intelligent Design, to accept a form of evolution called "catastrophism," and to call for a more attentive study of the non-Western religious traditions, Deloria essentially proposes no specific answer to the questions of the world's and man's origins.

This is not a work to be dipped into. To grasp any sense of Deloria's thinking, the reader must study the book from beginning to end. Even then it is difficult, not because of the writing style, which is elegant and often humorous, but because of the myriad citations from numerous scholars and scientific researchers. Each citation is annotated, however, and the bibliography and index are quite complete. Science teachers and advanced placement science students may find this work controversial, but it is definitely worth reading. Patricia Moore, Brookline, MA
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Author:Moore, Patricia
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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