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Dell Power Supply (MH596): Breaking it up and breaking it down.

Make sure you have disconnected and removed the power supply from the computer, letting it sit for 1-5 minutes. This will ensure a proper release of charge. Start this process with a medium-sized screwdriver, and remove the outside case screws. In addition, make sure you check for NO wiggle room. Once the proper amount of time for a release of charge has passed, you can now remove the top of the power supply case.

The port on the first picture is actually the power port of your computer. The power supply uses connections going into the computer to redirect and resist the electricity. This will allow the computer to perform its tasks. To remove the fan, ween it forward and pull up with the frame facing toward you like a staircase. Next, you want to free the cables. To do so, start by removing all tape and zip-ties. Having said that, keep in mind this will not help your situation if you are trying to fix the power supply.

Remove a screw on the back end (with the stair pattern facing toward you) to partially free the back panel. Do the same for all four screws surrounding the circuit board in charge of dispersing and changing the power. It's worth noting the top right screw is really annoying, so ensure you have clipped all zip-ties and then proceed to drive yourself insane.

Once you've unscrewed everything, gently move the board on a yaw axis (horizontal), and place it on a buffer that will stop your board from scratching. Remove glue surrounding the port that would be visible outside your computer (it is hot glue, so it should be easy, and won't be as messy as you might think). There are clips to pull the metal through to help remove the black plastic. To remove the heat sink, simply detach the two back screws with a medium-sized screwdriver.

The main use of heat sinks are to disperse heat (obviously), as they have a large surface area to pawn any heat off to the surrounding air. These two screws can be removed using a small socket wrench, while the bolt can be removed by using something as simple as a pair of pliers.

After all the work of disassembling this power supply as far as we could go, you surely have seen the magnificence of how crucial proper power is to a computer and everything around us. From you to what device you're using to read this teardown right now, we all have one thing in common--we need energy.

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