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Dell/Delacorte/Knopf/Random House

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The young adult leisure reads from Random House and Delacorte's imprints are excellent leisure choices for young adults. Among some specially recommended recent arrivals: the reprint of Cherie Bennett's Life In The Fat Lane (0440220297, $5.50) provides in paperback a different type of eating disorder story. Lara is a slim model who suddenly and inexplicably begins gaining weight. Is it due to a physical condition, or family stress? Excellent, unusual and hard-hitting--and not easily predictable. Lurlene McDaniel's Journey Of Hope (055349451, $6.99) provides two related novels under one cover: Angel Of Mercy and Angel Of Hope. Idealistic Heather goes out to change the world through a mission group on a hospital mercy ship to Africa--but her real-world encounters with disease and famine challenge her perceptions and will ultimately threaten her own health, as well as involve her family in new ways of thinking. Speaking of McDaniel, after you're digested these introductions, move on to the latest Angels In Pink (0385731566, $10.95): Kathleen and best friends decide to volunteer for the summer in a hospital. Kathleen already has her hands full with a sick mother and responsibilities at home; but her newfound job brings her not only unexpected romance, but a newfound appreciation for helping others. Katherine Applegate's Sharing Sam (0385731353, $8.95) is also out in paperback and also tackles the dual topics of romance and illness. Alison's best friend is dying, and Alison is attracted to her best friend's boyfriend. As the two develop a closer relationship in support of Isabella, Alison questions both romance and impending loss. Daniel Ehrenhaft's 10 Things To Do Before I Die (0385730071, $15.95) also deals with death: a whimsical list of 'must do' options turns serious when Ted, its maker, discovers he is really dying. His attempts to hasten his goals lead to some unexpected results. Joan Lowery Nixon's novel Laugh Till You Cry (0385730276, $15.95) tackles the experiences of new boy in Texas. Cody doesn't like Txas; especially since his cousin Hayden is unfriendly. His unusual friendship with a police officer and stand-up comic helps when Cody is accused of a crime he didn't commit. Catherine Forde's Fat Boy Swim (0385732058, $15.95) tells of the largest boy in his community who is useless at everything but cooking. When a tough coach discovers his secret, Jimmy accepts his help and finds some unusual results. Kimberly Brubaker Bradley's The President's Daughter (0385731477, $15.95) tells of the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, who finds her life changed when her father becomes President. The White House is stuffy and Ethel is sent to boarding school where nobody likes her. Inspired by the life of Ethel Roosevelt, this is a warm story of family changes. Kissing Vanessa by Simon Cheshire (0385-732120, $15.95) tells of a very average boy entranced by a gorgeous smart new girl. She's even interested in photography, his hobby--but Kevin's best friend is a 'babe magnet' and his tips for success only seem to result in failures for Kevin's would-be romance. A realistic story of change. Odo Hirsch's Yoss (0385731876, $16.95) is a recommended pick for older teens: a small-town boy from an isolated mountain village sets out to enter a town world packed with deception and schemes. Will Yoss's integrity survive his rite of passage? Alyssa Brugman's newest novel Finding Grace (0385731167, $15.95) is also a recommended pick for older readers: Rachel has just graduated from high school and accepts a live-in job looking after Grace, a brain-injured women with many mysteries. Her realizations of Grace's past force her to confront her own mis-perceptions in this moving story. Nora Raliegh Baskin's What Every Girl (Except Me) Knows (0440418526, $4.99) tells of a pre-teen seeking a suitable stepmother. Her blossoming relationship with her father's latest girlfriend abruptly ends when Cleo leaves, shattering Gabby's hopes--and awakening a newfound interest in the mysterious death of her own mother. The Knopf imprint also holds many woderful leisure choices. Kimberly Newton Fusco's Tending To Grace (037-5828621, $14.95) tells of a mother and daughter who seem to switch roles. Cornelia isn't good at school--but she cares for her mother, who sometimes won't get out of bed. When Lenore and her boyfriend abandon Cornelia in favor of fortune, it's up to Cornelia to adjust to life with an eccentric aunt. Julia Alvarez's Finding Miracles (0375827609, $15.95) tells of an ordinary Vermont teen confronted by her past when an exotic new student proves from her own native country. Milly's journey to her homeland reveals a country recovering from corruption and a brutal dictator in this first-person search for roots. Sammy Keyes And The Psycho Kitty Queen (0375823492, $15.95) by Wendelin Van Draanen presents another Sammy Keyes novel: Sammy's discovery of a dead cat on her birthday seems to portend a year of misfortune as she celebrates an unusual birthday riddled with bad luck and puzzles. Random House's imprints offer up several recent winners. Cara Haycak's Red Palms (0385746482, $16.95) is set in Ecuador in the 1930s and tells of a family bankrupt by the Great Depression. But Benita's father has a plan--to build a coconut plantation on a primitive island, moving his family from grand estate life to shack living and field work. Benita's encounter with a handsome young man offers her a way out--and a dangerous new life. Patricia Reilly Giff's A House Of Tailors (0385730667, $15.95) is set in the late 1800s and tells of teen Dina, a German immigrant who is sick of the sewing jobs which her family lives on. Determined never to sew again, she discovers her new life leads right back to the sewing machine--and a longing for the homeland she left. A fine story of adjustment and acceptance. Marcus Sedgwick's Book Of Dead Days (0385730551, $15.95) tells of the 'dead days' between Xmas and New Years when spirits roam and a magician named Valerian must pay for his pact with evil. A nameless servant will hold the key to surviving a demon in this compelling novl. Lee Weatherly's new novel Missing Abby (0385750528, $15.95) tells of former best friends who face challenges--then Abby goes missing. Can an old/former friend solve what baffles the police? A tense mystery evolves. Paul Stewart and Chris Riddel's Midnight Over Sanctaphrax (0385750722, $12.95) tells of a beautiful floating city and a fierce storm which threatens it. Only brave sky pirate captain Twig could save it--but his sky ship has been destroyed leaving him with amnesia. John Dickinson's Cup Of The World (0385750250, $15.95) tells of Phaedra, who puts her trust in a man she's only met in dreams. Add a threatened kingdom and an escape to a new beginning and you have a fast-paced story recommended for older readers. Simon Mason's The Quigleys Not For Sale (03857-50439, $14.95) tells of a large 'bouncy' family whose house is getting smaller. But the kids don't agree--they like the oddities of their home. Can they prevent a move? Four hilarious stories emphasize creative solutions. Joan Aiken's Witch Of Clatteringshaws (0385732260, $15.95) provides fans of Wolves Of Willoughby Chase characters with an exciting new Dido Twite story. After King Richard dies, Dido's friend Simon is on the throne--but he hates his job and longs for fun. His need for a 'replacement heir' involves Dido in an investigation into Scottish roots and ancient legends. Colin Bateman's Running With The Reservoir Pups (0385-732249, $15.95) presents one Eddie's run-in with a gang of boys, the Reservoir Pups, who rule his new town. A dangerous initiation plan leads Eddie to a hospital kidnapping scheme involving baby-snatchers in this hilarious comic drama. Gary Paulsen's The Time Hackers (0385-746598, $13.95) tells of a boy who opens his locker, finds a dead body, then thirty seconds later, it vanishes. Is it a practical joke or a time-line hack gone awry? Comedy and time travel rarely mix in fiction--but they work well together in The Time Hackers. Marilyn Singer's Central Heating (0375829121, $15.95) presents the perfect winter theme poems about fire and warmth. Add Meilo So's one-color illustrations add to these simple, sometimes funny rhymes about all kinds of heat and warmth.
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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