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Dell, Goodwill launch recycling service in Michigan.

Goodwill Association of Michigan, based in Lansing, and Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas, have introduced Reconnect Michigan, which they describe as "a comprehensive computer recovery, reuse and environmentally responsible recycling opportunity for Michigan consumers."

The pilot program offers consumers across the state free drop-off recycling and reuse options for unwanted computers and gives them the opportunity to support a local charity.

"Reconnect Michigan uses the donations infrastructure of a nonprofit and the experience and recycling resources of a technology company to offer a proactive, community-based solution designed for environmentally responsible computer disposal," according to a release from Dell.

The partnership's goal is to divert at least 3.3 million pounds of used computers and computer equipment from landfills during one year and to provide education on the importance of proper computer disposal, while also creating job opportunities throughout Michigan for individuals with disabilities and other employment barriers.

Michigan residents can now call (866) 48-REUSE or visit www.Reconnect to learn about drop-off options for unwanted computers and computer equipment at Goodwill locations.

The 11 Goodwill members of the Goodwill Association of Michigan will accept donations of residential computer equipment of any brand. Goodwill will collect, sort and consolidate the unwanted computers, separating equipment with resale value, which will be entered into Dell's Asset Recovery Services value-recovery processes. Proceeds from equipment recovery will be returned to the Goodwill Association of Michigan for re-investment in a variety of job-creation and other community programs.

Electronic Partners Corp. (ePC) will recycle equipment without resale value according to Dell's guidelines, ePC is a part of Chasm Industries, a firm that specializes in electronic asset management and recycling services.

Consumers are responsible for removing data from their hard drives and other storage media before making their donation; neither Dell nor Goodwill will take any responsibility for this information, according to the companies.

Goodwill Industries of Central Texas and Goodwill Industries of San Francisco have partnered with Dell on similar pilot programs. The success of these pilots prompted Dell and Goodwill to implement a regional version of the program across Michigan.
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Publication:Recycling Today
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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