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Delivering more value, new services.

Name: Don Preusser

Title: President, John Deere Insurance Company

Career: 30 years of combined property/casualty insurance, reinsurance and legal experience in personal, commercial and agicultural lines of business.

Education: Graduate of St. Cloud State University and Drake Law School and is a licensed attorney in Minnesota.

AM: Mat is the heritage of the John Deere crop insurance business?

DP: Since 2004, John Deere has offered a comprehensive suite of crop insurance solutions to agricultural producers through our knowledgeable and trusted agents. In 2010, John Deere Insurance Company was established to strengthen our position in crop insurance and continue to leverage our expertise in agriculture to help customers with insurance protection against yield and price loss to their crops.

From the beginning, our focus remains unchanged--to grow our a; producer insurance business while working toward integration of John Deere equipment, technology finance and insurance offerings. We believe this suite of solutions brings unique value to our customers.

To support the continued growth of our business, we have been focusing on bringing together crop insurance products and ag equipment products that deliver solutions using precision farming technology to our customers through our dealers and our agencies.

AM: What are the Company's competitive advantages?

DP: Brand: As the most recognized name in agriculture, John Deere is the only agricultural equipment company with both independent equipment dealer and insurance agency channels completely focused on the American producer. John Deere Insurance Company plays an important role by offering insurance solutions to help customers manage risk while maximizing productivity and profit throughout the crop cycle.


Best-in-Class Agents: We've grown our equipment business by investing in our dealers, and this same approach is applied to our crop insurance agencies. At John Deere Insurance Company, we carefully select our agents based upon their years of experience in crop insurance and production agriculture, and their desire for growth. Once appointed, we provide extensive training and support from the experts at John Deere to enhance their expertise in precision farming technology, strategic selling skills and risk management strategies.

Exceptional Claims Service: Our professional, full-time claims adjusters receive ongoing training both in agriculture practices and claims management. And. with the increased adoption of precision farming technology, our claims adjusters receive the most current training on using data from precision farming systems for a faster, more accurate claims experience.

AM: What new services is it introducing?

DP; In support of one of the USD As long-term visions to streamline the producers' use of field data from their precision farming systems for governmental reporting, in 2011 we launched our Automated Crop Reporting process, which works best with John Deere precision farming technology.

Automated Crop Reporting from John Deere is a breakthrough process allowing producers using precision farming systems such as GreenStar and farm management software such as Apex to accurately collect and easily submit acreage and production data directly to their crop insurance agent

Automated Crop Reporting from John Deere offers a more convenient, accurate and efficient way to complete required crop reporting. The field information from precision ag records can also be used by the producer to make the claims process easier and more accurate, as well as offers producers the information they need to make better agronomic decisions on crop input alternatives.

Because this process links ag equipment products sold and serviced by our John Deere dealers, our insurance customers have the best resources available to help them get the most from their precision technoloey investment.

AM: How is its sales and channel to the marketplace organized?

DP: Our authorized crop insurance agents in many instances are near one or more John Deere dealers and may already serve common customers.

One of the key benefits for our crop insurance agents is the opportunity to develop formal relationships with local John Deere dealers. Our John Deere dealers have the expertise in equipment and technology solutions to help customers maintain peak business performance in the field.

When you combine the expertise of our crop insurance agents to make better utilization of the field data from precision farming systems for crop insurance reporting, producers now have a team of trusted advisers from John Deere.
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Title Annotation:VIEW FROM THE TOP: John Deere Insurance Company
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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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