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Deliverance of Love Light & Truth.

David Knight; DELIVERANCE OF LOVE LIGHT & TRUTH; Trafford Publishing $9.99 ISBN: 9781425124472

Like his first book Pathway David Knight's Deliverance of Love Light and Truth contains communications that were channeled through Knight by "Trans-leations" aliens that live many light years away from our own galaxy. The Trans-leations are beings of light; they are just one of the many types of "ascended masters" that want to share God's message with humanity and the rest of the universe. They communicate with and through Knight by dream imagery and a form of channeling Knight calls Clairaudience which he describes as "Clear 'hearing' of messages from the 'spirit' world and planes of consciousness." For example he writes "I awoke with tears in my eyes for I was overcome with emotion; both in mind and in my heart. Then clairaudiently I heard a gentle voice which slowly began to sing 'For...I...can' in love with you.' I felt as if there was an angelic presence besides me and Elvis Presley's words and song of love was a comfort to me."

The book is divided into nine chapters with titles like "From The Illusion...and Confusion" and "Clearing Karma & The Three-Fold Flame." It consists of Knight's observations the Trans-leation's dialectics recorded verbatim and so-called "divinely inspired" poetry that is clumsy and forced. Exchanges between the author and the Trans-leations are meant to be enlightening and full of wisdom but they are difficult for readers to take seriously because the text often breaks into awkward rhyme like a poor imitation of Dr. Seuss. His intention is to write clever playful verse like Ogden Nash to lessen emotional angst and ambiguity but these emotions are felt only by the author and are not conveyed to readers. Knight writes "We hope that as you read this you do not become agitated or perplexed at this complex yet simple and real fact. Know that strength is found when it is needed to be and in guidance too. So as you pray for divine help know the cry is heard and the plea or scream never absurd."

Knight also includes his own illustrations which are designed to enhance reiterate and clarify the Trans-leation's lessons about love and light. Like the verse his drawings are not extraordinary.

Frequent references to light and colors are unclear; Knight describes the different vibrations of energy each life maintained in relation to their individual chakras. He rehashes old ideas such as the use of crystals and the Akashic records that started with the nineteenth-century theosophical movement and made famous by such self-proclaimed prophets as Charles Webster Leadbeater and Edgar Cayce. Jesus/Mithra/Buddha philosophies are combined with the newer twentieth- and twenty-first-century archetypes of space aliens specifically those made popular by Steven Spielberg's E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Whitley Strieber's nonfiction alien-conspiracy series that began with the book Communion.

Overall Deliverance of Love Light and Truth does not deliver.

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Date:Aug 21, 2009
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