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Delicate, haunting songs by Trwbador; REVIEW Trwbador : Deffro Ar Y Llawr (EP)

TRWBADOR'S Angharad has the kind of voice that could haunt the souls of men and send a country to war. The kind that you could write an opus about.

Breathy and almost-there, it pierces a way through the Carmarthenshire group's sparsely constructed folk and psych. In melody, at times the vocals are hauntingly child-like. Albeit delicate and innocent only in a way that renders then un-showy and restrained. Intensely pretty and emotional, it is a voice reduced to the barest of bones. Quiet, unpolished and delicate, it is disarmingly powerful.

It would be easy to go on, and on, about how that voice knocks me into orbit every time I hear it - it sends me out into the street in a daze, approaching strangers and blabbering incomprehensibly.

That would be a disservice to the songs, they are beautiful. Deffro Ar Y Llawr is a simple call and response. The wistful melody is accompanied by guitar and glockenspiel but minus a lot of the electronics that complement previous releases. It is delivered impeccably. Gwlana is similarly simple, at times the vocal refrain is near medieval. Both shine in the most quietly exciting of ways.

Sadly, they won't change the world. But for a moment, at least, it'd be pretty great if we lived on a planet where these two tracks could do just that.1
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 9, 2012
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