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Deleuze, The Dark Precursor: Dialectic, Structure, Being.

Deleuze, The Dark Precursor: Dialectic, Structure, Being Eleanor Kaufman (University of California, Los Angeles) Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012, 245 pp. ISBN 978-1-4214-0589-6

Kaufman contends that a mode of nonunivocal disruptive dissimilarity is essential to Deleuzian ontology. Deleuze finds fault with the sphere between the univocal and the equivocal as the unconcerned interval of the analogical. The orthodox is comparable to the infamous position of the unconcerned. Deleuze is a theorist of difference and disjunction. The incorporeal resides in the past and future (Aion) and in the transformative likelihoods of each. Deleuzian temporality is distinguished by a structure of separation that is notably reversible. Thought, for the purpose of achieving its unthought, should scrutinize the body. Deleuze's structural proposal of the Other is the commanding structure of our perceptual sphere.

The line of reasoning throughout this discussion seems quite consistent with the idea that the distinction of degree constitutes a comprehensive ecumenical position, whereas the distinction in kind indicates the exclusiveness of the cut. Kaufman states that Deleuze focuses on the demand to return the concrete to the abstract. The world without others is a secondary order. Deleuze's eternal present is secondary or tertiary. Deleuze endorses a dualism intrinsic in the operations of the structure-Other, that is created via a genetic process that originates in a distinction in kind, carries out being by sensing its latent capacity for movement, and proposes the in-between, if not the mediating, role of castration, associating the latter in addition to the phallus more with the sphere of incorporeal surface outcomes. Deleuze connects cyclical time to the present-inflected Chronos.

Kaufman's book on Deleuze is an exemplary work, carefully argued and thought provoking. The line of discussion is lucidly presented and well conceived.

George Lazaroiu

Spiru Haret University

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Author:Lazaroiu, George
Publication:Analysis and Metaphysics
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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