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Delayed salaries.

Byline: Amjad Riaz Guru - Sheikhupura

I WAS selected and appointed as an educator (teacher) for Sheikhupura district in March 2018 along with 45 other candidates. The recruitment was done under Education Policy 2018. We started getting our salaries from March 2019 and are yet to be paid salaries for the previous months.

In Punjab educators serving in government educational institutions serve without pay for as long as 10 months as the education department is still engaged in the process of verifying the newly appointed teachers' documents and getting paperwork in order.

It is routine for newly appointed teachers to serve without salary for eight months. In the case of our batch, we served for 11 months without pay. Thankfully we have been paid since March 2019, but an uphill task faces us how to secure the release of 11 months accumulated pay from the department?

This is a plea to the higher authorities to direct the education department to ensure that newly recruited teachers are paid on time.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:May 13, 2019
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