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Del Pharmaceuticals Inc.

UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- Del Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s focus on innovation continues to drive growth for the company and its retail partners.

"Innovation has succeeded in driving our growth in a number of categories--oral pain and children's oral care, as well as baby care and therapeutic skin treatments," points out Randy Sloan, the company's executive vice president and general manager. "Our new entries have not only strengthened our brand share but, importantly, have driven incremental category growth in the segments in which we compete."

One of the new entries that is driving category growth is Orajel Severe Toothache Pain Relief, which has become the leading toothache pain-relief product in a number of major accounts. It is an ultimate-strength formula that lasts long and includes 20% benzocaine. The exclusive cream-based formulation adheres longer than regular gels for long-lasting relief of toothache pain.

In the children's oral care category, the introduction of Orajel Toddler Training Toothpaste with Thomas the Tank Engine packaging has continued to fuel growth in the fluoride-free children's toothpaste segment. The Thomas the Tank Engine SKU has generated significant incremental sales and has become one of the top SKUs in the children's toothpaste segment.

The restaging of Dermarest psoriasis and eczema products has also been very successful. The products have been repackaged with contemporary graphics and have new, improved formulations.

Dermarest Psoriasis has added a new redness-reducing zinc complex, and the Dermarest Eczema Medicated Lotion with 1% hydrocortisone provides 24-hour itch relief and now features a supermoisturizing zinc complex. Data from Information Resources Inc. for the last four and 12 weeks shows growth for these items at 15% and 20%.

The new Orajel Medicated Cold Sore Brush cold sore and fever blister treatment is enjoying a very successful launch as well.

This fine example of borrowing a delivery system from the cosmetics side of the business--housed in a lip gloss vial with a soft brush applicator tip--is a maximum-strength treatment that also contains a unique herbal complex.

The Orajel Medicated Cold Sore Brush brushes on easily to stop pain and burning fast, while it moisturizes to speed the healing of cold sores and fever blisters. The product is discreet and very portable for treatment throughout the day.

The relaunch of Gentle Naturals with Baby Disney packaging has generated consumption increases of 30% to 50%. Gentle Naturals products are unique: They were specifically created to treat baby health conditions in the most natural way possible. Addressing common baby health concerns, the line includes Baby Eczema Cream, Eczema Baby Wash, Cradle Cap Care, Tummy Soother, DeetFree Bug Repellent, Homeopathic Teething Drops and Earache Drops.

These products provide incremental benefits to mothers and drive growth within the baby care category.

"Looking forward, we will focus on continuing to drive innovation, which will create incremental volume growth in the adult and children's oral pain-relief categories, as well as kids' oral care and baby care," concludes Sloan.

Del Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Key contact: Randy Sloan, executive vice president and general manager
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