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Del Mar College Overcomes Tape Backup Woes with Revinetix D2D Backup Appliance, Protecting Linux, Windows, Mac and UNIX Servers.

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Del Mar College Replaces Tape Library with More Reliable and Affordable Disk-Based Backup Solution from Revinetix

Revinetix, a pioneer in Disk2Disk2Disk(TM) backup solutions, today announced that Del Mar College has replaced its legacy tape backup solution with a Sentio backup appliance for the College's computer network servers, as well as critical workstations used by administrative management.

Located in Corpus Christi, Texas, Del Mar College operates 40 computer servers running on Windows 2000/2003, Linux, UNIX, and Mac operating systems. These devices support an estimated 300-400 different software applications used by its 11,000 students and faculty for video streaming, Web hosting, print and file serving, among many other things. Prior to selecting Revinetix' backup appliance, the College used a tape library system.

"Tape backup cost us a great deal in downtime, worry, and licensing," said Vince Villarreal, network support specialist for Del Mar College. "Tapes would sometimes get stuck, backup software was cumbersome, and we had to send our 30-slot tape library back to be fixed twice, which cost a great deal of downtime. I always had licensing issues and when we started to grow, it just couldn't keep up.

"The Revinetix solution, however, is a great product. It does everything we need it to do and more. I wish I had found it sooner. I like how all of the client software is included. My backup window has dropped from 12-13 hours to next to nothing. I can do a complete bare metal restore on a Linux box in less than 20 minutes, which I wasn't able to do prior. And now we're running on SATA drives, so we can grow our backup, dump everything to an archive disk and just buy another standard SATA drive as needed."

Revinetix Value-Added Reseller (VAR) SpeedLink Solutions assisted Del Mar College in selecting the Sentio 3400 series appliance, which provides 4TB of raw data capacity or 8TB compressed backup capacity.

"The Revinetix solution was an especially good fit for Del Mar College because of the Sentio product's site licensing and support for multiple operating systems," said SpeedLink Solutions Manager Jack Evans. "Del Mar was able to stick the Sentio in their rack, plug an Ethernet cable in, and start adding clients within minutes."

Available with 500GB to 4.8TB of uncompressed capacity, Revinetix Sentio appliances feature hot swappable serial ATA (SATA) drive technology and support scheduled automated backups to the desktop level for every machine connected to a network. This family of backup appliances includes high-performance Xeon processors, RAID 5 redundancy, Gigabit and Fast Ethernet controllers, and dual redundant load sharing power supplies together with all the software required to back up an entire network, including full Bare Metal Restore (BMR) software.

About Revinetix Inc.

Revinetix Inc. is a pioneer in Disk2Disk2Disk(TM) backup and recovery solutions. Founded in the fall of 2003, Revinetix has revolutionized backup and recovery technology with the introduction of CLICK-EJECT-ARCHIVE(TM). Revinetix offers the first total disk backup solution that allows automated backup schedules for every user on the network and allows critical data to be stored safely off-site from a single appliance. To learn more about Revinetix, visit or call 888-264-5116 for more information.

For more information, customers are encouraged to contact Revinetix at 801-263-5116 or to locate a reseller in their local area.

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Date:Aug 31, 2006
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