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Causes of Mortality in Korean Patients with Neurodegenerative Dementia. Choi, Hyo Geun; Park, Bumjung; Kim, Ji Hee; Kim, Joo-Hee; Kwon, Mi Jung; Kim, Miyoung Report Apr 25, 2022 5035
Brain's "hot Spots" of Aging and Disease. Mar 1, 2022 580
Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals Forges Collaboration with Roche to Advance New Therapies for ALS and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases. Feb 15, 2022 263
CURCUMIN FOR BRAIN HEALTH. Shukla, Deep Feb 1, 2022 2618
The Mindspan Diet: Reduce Alzheimer's Risk, Minimize Memory Loss, and Keep Your Brain Young. Interview Jan 1, 2022 2756
PQQ: Revitalizes Aging Energy Cells. McCulloch, Marsha Dec 22, 2021 2677
Mitochondrial Membrane Protein-associated Neurodegeneration: Two Adult Cases with Different Clinical Presentation/Mitokondriyal Membran Protein-iliskili Nörodejenerasyon; Farkli Klinik Prezentasyonlu Iki Yetiskin Olgu. Aykaç, Seyma; Karakaya, Hanife; Uludag, Burhanettin; Karasoy, Hatice Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 1909
Identification of Polyphenolics from Loranthus globosus as Potential Inhibitors of Cholinesterase and Oxidative Stress for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment. Kundo, Netish Kumar; Manik, Md. Imran Nur; Biswas, Kushal; Khatun, Riniara; Al-Amin, Md. Yusuf; Alam Report Nov 10, 2021 10267
InMode files PCT patent application for treating neurodegenerative diseases. Nov 3, 2021 213
Critical Involvement of Glial Cells in Manganese Neurotoxicity. Soto-Verdugo, Jazmín; Ortega, Arturo Report Oct 6, 2021 11375
Expansion Therapeutics Raises USD 80m series B Financing to Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases. Sep 29, 2021 460
Vigil Neuroscience Completes USD 90m series B Financing to Advance a Pipeline of Microglia-targeted Medicines to Treat Rare and Common Neurodegenerative Diseases. Aug 19, 2021 608
Ipsen and Exicure Enter Into Exclusive Collaboration Targeting Rare Neurodegenerative Disorders. Aug 4, 2021 531
Alterity Therapeutics granted new U.S. patent for neurodegenerative diseases. Jul 1, 2021 177
Hypertrophic olivary degeneration following cerebral trauma managed with rehabilitation - A case report. Zhou, Jing; Liu, Yali; Shah, Sayed Zulfiqar Ali Clinical report Apr 30, 2021 1437
Kainic Acid and MP[P.sup.+] Induce Upregulation of GLT-1 in Neuroblastoma and Glia Cells/Kainik Asit ve MP[P.sup.+] GLT-1'in ifade Artisini Neuroblastoma ve Glia Hucrelerinde Duzenler. Uyarici, Rabia; Ak, Ceylan; Yalcin, Gizem Donmez Report Apr 1, 2021 4363
Amathus Therapeutics Signs Strategic Collaboration with US Merck to Develop Treatments for Neurodegenerative Diseases. Mar 17, 2021 372
Box Jellyfish (Cnidaria, Cubozoa) Extract Increases Neuron's Connection: A Possible Neuroprotector Effect. Arruda, Gian Lucas M.; Vigerelli, Hugo; Bufalo, Michelle C.; Longato, Giovanna B.; Veloso, Rodinei V Report Mar 5, 2021 7392
Acetyl-L-Carnitine Induces Autophagy to Promote Mouse Spermatogonia Cell Recovery after Heat Stress Damage. Qiao, Na; Chen, Hanming; Du, Peiquan; Kang, Zhenlong; Pang, Congying; Liu, Bingxian; Zeng, Qiwen Report Jan 19, 2021 6040
Box Jellyfish (Cnidaria, Cubozoa) Extract Increases Neuron's Connection: A Possible Neuroprotector Effect. Arruda, Gian Lucas M.; Vigerelli, Hugo; Bufalo, Michelle C.; Longato, Giovanna B.; Veloso, Rodinei V Report Jan 1, 2021 7391
Neuroprotective Effect of Turmeric Extract in Combination with Its Essential Oil and Enhanced Brain Bioavailability in an Animal Model. Banji, David; Banji, Otilia J. F.; Srinivas, Kavati Report Jan 1, 2021 7320
Evaluation of the Tyrosine and Dopamine Serum Levels in Experimental Infected BALB/c Mice with Chronic Toxoplasmosis. Mirzaeipour, Mehdi; Mikaeili, Fattaneh; Asgari, Qasem; Nohtani, Mohammad; Rashidi, Sajad; Bahreini, Report Jan 1, 2021 3987
Epigenetic Modulation of Microglia Function and Phenotypes in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Wang, Li; Yu, Chao-Chao; Liu, Xin-Yuan; Deng, Xiao-Ni; Tian, Qing; Du, Yan-Jun Jan 1, 2021 12278
Identification of Hub Gene GRIN1 Correlated with Histological Grade and Prognosis of Glioma by Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analysis. Yang, Aoran; Wang, Xinhuan; Hu, Yaofeng; Shang, Chao; Hong, Yang Report Jan 1, 2021 5497
Natural Cinnamaldehyde and Its Derivatives Ameliorate Neuroinflammatory Pathways in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Hajinejad, Mehrdad; Ghaddaripouri, Maryam; Dabzadeh, Maryam; Forouzanfar, Fatemeh; Sahab-Negah, Saja Report Nov 16, 2020 5845
Cholinesterase and Tyrosinase Inhibitory Potential and Antioxidant Capacity of Lysimachia verticillaris L. and Isolation of the Major Compounds/Lysimachia verticillaris L.'nin Kolinesteraz ve Tirozinaz Inhibitor Etki Potansiyeli ve Antioksidan Kapasitesi ile Ana Bilesiklerinin Izolasyonu. Ozgen, Ufuk; Sener, Sila Ozlem; Smejkal, Karel; Vaclavik, Jiri; Deniz, Fatma Sezer Senol; Orhan, Ilk Report Oct 1, 2020 5390
Multitarget Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases. Gabr, Moustafa T.; Yahiaoui, Samir Editorial Jul 31, 2020 611
Alpha Cognition awarded EU patents and US FDA orphan drug designation for progranulin platform for treating neurodegenerative diseases. May 13, 2020 205
Alpha Cognition awarded EU patents and US FDA orphan drug designation for progranulin platform for treating neurodegenerative diseases. May 13, 2020 201
Proteostasis Failure in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Focus on Oxidative Stress. Hohn, Annika; Tramutola, Antonella; Cascella, Roberta Apr 30, 2020 17929
AC Immune presents data on novel drug targets for neurodegenerative diseases. Apr 2, 2020 358
Cerveau Technologies partners with Alector Inc to understand tau pathology in treating neurodegenerative diseases. Mar 23, 2020 162
Cerveau Technologies partners with Alector Inc to understand tau pathology in treating neurodegenerative diseases. Mar 23, 2020 166
Emerging Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases 2019: Focus on Huntington's Disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (HD & ALS). Oct 7, 2019 863
New approach may save brain cells in neurodegenerative diseases. Sep 28, 2019 341
Regenxbio expands pipeline for HAE and neurodegenerative diseases. Jul 24, 2019 106
Regenxbio and Neurimmune to develop antibodies for neurodegenerative diseases. Jul 24, 2019 155
Oxidative Stress in Neurodegenerative Diseases: From a Mitochondrial Point of View. Cenini, Giovanna; Lloret, Ana; Cascella, Roberta May 31, 2019 15551
Juvenescence to target neurodegenerative diseases with Souvien Therapeutics launch. May 30, 2019 224
Juvenescence to target neurodegenerative diseases with Souvien Therapeutics launch. May 30, 2019 220
Symposium explores treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Disease/Disorder overview May 3, 2019 498
QBRI meet seeks innovative means to treat neurodegenerative diseases. Apr 28, 2019 553
Prevail Therapeutics Secures USD 50m in Series B Financing to Advance Pipeline of Gene Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases. Apr 1, 2019 191
Effect of the Lipid Peroxidation Product 4-Hydroxynonenal on Neuroinflammation in Microglial Cells: Protective Role of Quercetin and Monochloropivaloylquercetin: Mikroglial Hucrelerde Lipid Peroksidasyon Urunu 4-Hidroksinonenalin Noroinflamasyon Uzerine Etkisi: Kersetin ve Monokloropivaloilkersetinin Koruyucu Rolu. Cumaoglu, Ahmet; Agkaya, Asli Ozge; Ozkul, Zehra Report Mar 1, 2019 4882
Experimental Models in Neurodegenerative Diseases/ Norodejeneratif Hastaliklarda Deneysel Modeller. Korkmaz, Ulku; Kaya, Meryem Report Mar 1, 2019 5296
Neurogene Presents Preclinical Data for Gene Therapies to Treat AGU and CMT4J, Two Rare and Devastating Neurodegenerative Disorders. Feb 8, 2019 726
Air Pollution and Risk of Neurobehavioral Problems: Is APOE [epsilon]4 Status a Factor? Barrett, Julia R. Report Feb 1, 2019 1134
Power A Longer Life: [NAD.sup.+] RESTORATION. Richmond, Gene Report Feb 1, 2019 3616
Win the War Against Brain Aging. Faloon, William Jan 1, 2019 3508
Just Smelling This Drink Can Help You Perform Better--But Drinking It Can Help You Live Longer. Dec 1, 2018 914
A Landmark Research on Human Proteasome for Pathogenesis of Multiple Myeloma and Neurodegenerative Diseases. Nov 19, 2018 863
How Changes in Your Senses Can Affect and Reflect Your State of Mind: Sensory changes are associated with conditions related to mental health. Nov 1, 2018 1121
Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex Modulates Free Radicals in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Antonawich, Frank; Garnett, Merrill Oct 1, 2018 7041
Effect of Regulatory Network of Exosomes and microRNAs on Neurodegenerative Diseases. Li, Dong; Li, You-Ping; Li, Yun-Xiang; Zhu, Xiao-Hua; Du, Xiao-Gang; Zhou, Min; Li, Wen-Bin; Deng, H Report Sep 20, 2018 7216
Therapeutic Effects of Curcuma longa against Rotenone-Induced Gross Motor Skill Deficits in Rats. Madiha, Syeda; Batool, Zehra; Tabassum, Saiqa; Liaquat, Laraib; Sadir, Sadia; Perveen, Tahira; Haide Report Aug 31, 2018 6396
Predictive Value of Cranial Ultrasound for Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Very Preterm Infants with Brain Injury. Zhang, Xue-Hua; Qiu, Shi-Jun; Chen, Wen-Juan; Gao, Xi-Rong; Li, Ya; Cao, Jing; Zhang, Jing-Jing Report Aug 1, 2018 4636
Relationships between Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Clinical Assessments, Biomarkers, and Treatment. Li, Min; Wang, Li; Liu, Jiang-Hong; Zhan, Shu-Qin Report Aug 1, 2018 6879
Healthy Diet, Healthy Brain: Smart eating may help support brain health and optimal cognition as you age. Webb, Densie Aug 1, 2018 845
JPND partners with NIH/NIA to optimise and harmonise research groups into neurodegenerative diseases. Jul 5, 2018 248
JPND partners with NIH/NIA to optimise and harmonise research groups into neurodegenerative diseases. Jul 5, 2018 244
Mechanism of Synaptic Dysfunction and How This Disruption in IGF-1 homeostasis Leads to Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Theory. Major, Reagan J.; Jarquin-Valdivia, Adrian A. Report Jul 1, 2018 6470
Alexion, Complement Pharma to co-develop CP010 for neurodegenerative disorders. Jun 11, 2018 156
A Bright Sign for Brain Health: This beautiful yellow spice may improve and protect your memory and mood. Jun 1, 2018 695
Datavant and Worldwide Clinical Trials Partner to Transform Clinical Trial Success in Neurodegenerative Diseases. May 10, 2018 266
Peptron IP License with NIH Supports Development of SR-exenatide for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases. Apr 25, 2018 194
Clinical and Radiological Features of Wallerian Degeneration of the Middle Cerebellar Peduncles Secondary to Pontine Infarction. Zhang, Zhi-Yong; Liu, Zhi-Qin; Qin, Wei; Chen, Ya-Wen; Liu, Zun-Jing Report Mar 18, 2018 3893
Glutaric Aciduria Type I Diagnosis Case with Normal Glutaryl Carnitine and Urine Organic Acid Analysis. Canda, Ebru; Yazici, Havva; Er, Esra; Eraslan, Cenk; Altinok, Yasemin Atik; Serin, Hepsen Mine; Habi Clinical report Mar 1, 2018 1945
"Pacemaker for the Brain" Slows Alzheimer's. Feb 14, 2018 137
The Association of Long-Term Exposure to Particulate Matter Air Pollution with Brain MRI Findings: The ARIC Study. Power, Melinda C.; Lamichhane, Archana P.; Liao, Duanping; Xu, Xiaohui; Jack, Clifford R., Jr.; Gott Report Feb 1, 2018 9986
Some 6,0000,000 Americans Affected. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 149
Neurotoxicity of Inhalation Anesthetics in the Neonatal Rat Brain: Effects on Behavior and Neurodegeneration in the Piriform Cortex. O'Farrell, Rachel A.; Foley, Andrew G.; Buggy, Donal J.; Gallagher, Helen C. Report Jan 1, 2018 7490
String Grammar Unsupervised Possibilistic Fuzzy C-Medians for Gait Pattern Classification in Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases. Klomsae, Atcharin; Auephanwiriyakul, Sansanee; Theera-Umpon, Nipon Report Jan 1, 2018 5274
Social Cognition Dysfunctions in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Neuroanatomical Correlates and Clinical Implications. Christidi, Foteini; Migliaccio, Raffaella; Santamaria-Garcia, Hernando; Santangelo, Gabriella; Trojs Jan 1, 2018 15415
Behavioural and Cognitive Changes in Neurodegenerative Diseases and Brain Injury. Trojsi, Francesca; Christidi, Foteini; Migliaccio, Raffaella; Santamaria-Garcia, Hernando; Santangel Jan 1, 2018 1956
The Role of Immunosenescence in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Costantini, Erica; D'Angelo, Chiara; Reale, Marcella Jan 1, 2018 9872
Protein Glutathionylation in the Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases. Cha, Sun Joo; Kim, Hayoung; Choi, Hyun-Jun; Lee, Sanghyun; Kim, Kiyoung Jan 1, 2018 6735
Recent Advances in Studies on the Therapeutic Potential of Dietary Carotenoids in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Cho, Kyoung Sang; Shin, Myeongcheol; Kim, Sunhong; Lee, Sung Bae Jan 1, 2018 10721
Discovering Curcumin's Brain Benefits. (REPORT). Lawrence, Susan Dec 15, 2017 5102
Neurimmune partners with Ono Pharmaceutical for neurodegenerative diseases. Nov 9, 2017 132
Neurimmune partners with Ono Pharmaceutical for neurodegenerative diseases. Nov 9, 2017 128
On Learning That My Brain is Shrinking. Rader, Rick Editorial Nov 1, 2017 1096
Case of Neuroacanthocytosis Course With Neuropathy, Epilepsy and Choreiform Movement Disorder. Sonmez, Ali; Gol, Mehmet Fatih; Erdogan, Fusun Ferda Case study Sep 1, 2017 1990
Homocysteine and Brain Aging. Faloon, William Aug 1, 2017 4054
The Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle Interview with author Brant Cortright, PhD. Messick, Garry Interview Aug 1, 2017 1437
Caring for patients with neurodegenerative diseases: although clinicians cannot cure neurodegenerative diseases, there are many practical things they can do to help patients. Manchester, Anne Jul 1, 2017 714
Contact analysis of horizontal cleavage tear treatment. Uquillas, Carlos A.; Arno, Sally; Ramme, Austin J.; Oh, Cheongeun; Walker, Peter S.; Meislin, Robert Jul 1, 2017 5215
Ultra-early phase pathologies of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Okazawa, Hitoshi Report Jun 1, 2017 9053
The joint effect of prenatal exposure to metal mixtures on neurodevelopmental outcomes at 20-40 months of age: evidence from rural Bangladesh. Valeri, Linda; Mazumdar, Maitreyi M.; Bobb, Jennifer F.; Henn, Birgit Claus; Rodrigues, Ema; Sharif, Jun 1, 2017 9779
Maternal and cord blood manganese concentrations and early childhood neurodevelopment among residents near a mining-impacted superfund site. Henn, Birgit Claus; Bellinger, David C.; Hopkins, Marianne R.; Coull, Brent A.; Ettinger, Adrienne S Jun 1, 2017 9295
Powerful RX for aging and mental decline: Exercise! Brief article Apr 1, 2017 237
Drug discovery collaboration targets neurodegenerative diseases. Jan 9, 2017 138
Drug discovery collaboration targets neurodegenerative diseases. Jan 9, 2017 138
Synthesis of Ibuprofen Conjugated Molecular Transporter Capable of Enhanced Brain Penetration. Biswas, Goutam; Kim, Wanil; Kim, Kyong-Tai; Cho, Junhwi; Jeong, Dongjun; Song, Keon-Hyoung; Im, Jung Technical report Jan 1, 2017 6460
Preventing Neurodegenerative Memory Loss in Hopfield Neuronal Networks Using Cerebral Organoids or External Microelectronics. Morrison, M.; Maia, P.D.; Kutz, J.N. Report Jan 1, 2017 6278
Anti-Yo Mediated Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration Associated with Pseudobulbar Affect in a Patient with Breast Cancer. Martin, Allison N.; Dillon, Patrick M.; Jones, David E.; Brenin, David R.; Lapides, David A. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1946
Emulation with Organic Memristive Devices of Impairment of LTP Mechanism in Neurodegenerative Disease Pathology. Battistoni, Silvia; Erokhin, Victor; Iannotta, Salvatore Report Jan 1, 2017 3656
Inherited Paediatric Motor Neuron Disorders: Beyond Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Teoh, Hooi Ling; Carey, Kate; Sampaio, Hugo; Mowat, David; Roscioli, Tony; Farrar, Michelle Report Jan 1, 2017 14930
Involvement of Toll Like Receptor 2 Signaling in Secondary Injury during Experimental Diffuse Axonal Injury in Rats. Zhao, Yonglin; Zhao, Junjie; Zhang, Ming; Zhao, Yahui; Li, Jiaxi; Ma, Xudong; Huang, Tingqin; Pang, Report Jan 1, 2017 8197
Cysteinyl Leukotrienes as Potential Pharmacological Targets for Cerebral Diseases. Gelosa, Paolo; Colazzo, Francesca; Tremoli, Elena; Sironi, Luigi; Castiglioni, Laura Report Jan 1, 2017 11946
Acid-Sensing Ion Channels as Potential Therapeutic Targets in Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation. Ortega-Ramirez, Audrey; Vega, Rosario; Soto, Enrique Report Jan 1, 2017 15141
Having a Coffee Break: The Impact of Caffeine Consumption on Microglia-Mediated Inflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Madeira, Maria H.; Boia, Raquel; Ambrosio, Antonio F.; Santiago, Ana R. Report Jan 1, 2017 10225
Neuropeptides and Microglial Activation in Inflammation, Pain, and Neurodegenerative Diseases. Carniglia, Lila; Ramirez, Delia; Durand, Daniela; Saba, Julieta; Turati, Juan; Caruso, Carla; Scimon Report Jan 1, 2017 20704
Proximate Mediators of Microvascular Dysfunction at the Blood-Brain Barrier: Neuroinflammatory Pathways to Neurodegeneration. Festoff, Barry W.; Sajja, Ravi K.; Cucullo, Luca Report Jan 1, 2017 12050
The Effect of Osteopontin on Microglia. Yu, Huan; Liu, Xiaohong; Zhong, Yisheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5452
Effect of a Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulation on Cell Survival and Apoptosis of [MPP.sup.+]-Treated MES 23.5 Dopaminergic Cells. Ye, Shuifen; Koon, Ho Kee; Fan, Wen; Xu, Yihui; Wei, Wei; Xu, Chuanshan; Cai, Jing Report Jan 1, 2017 5422
In Vivo Assessment of Stem Cells for Treating Neurodegenerative Disease: Current Approaches and Future Prospects. Song, Byeong-Wook Report Jan 1, 2017 3709
Relationships between Stress Granules, Oxidative Stress, and Neurodegenerative Diseases. Chen, Lihua; Liu, Beidong Report Jan 1, 2017 7799
Oxidative Stress in Neurodegenerative Diseases: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Applications. Liu, Zewen; Zhou, Tingyang; Ziegler, Alexander C.; Dimitrion, Peter; Zuo, Li Report Jan 1, 2017 9407
Neuroprotection in Neurodegenerative Disease: From Basic Science to Clinical Applications. Monteiro, Marta C.; Coleman, Michael D.; Hill, Eric J.; Prediger, Rui D.; Maia, Cristiane S.F. Report Jan 1, 2017 1694
A Cystine-Rich Whey Supplement (Immunocal[R]) Provides Neuroprotection from Diverse Oxidative Stress-Inducing Agents In Vitro by Preserving Cellular Glutathione. Winter, Aimee N.; Ross, Erika K.; Daliparthi, Vamsi; Sumner, Whitney A.; Kirchhof, Danielle M.; Mann Report Jan 1, 2017 8517
Loss of Sigma-1 Receptor Chaperone Promotes Astrocytosis and Enhances the Nrf2 Antioxidant Defense. Weng, Tzu-Yu; Hung, Denise T.; Su, Tsung-Ping; Tsai, Shang-Yi A. Report Jan 1, 2017 8763
Effects of Aging and Tocotrienol-Rich Fraction Supplementation on Brain Arginine Metabolism in Rats. Mazlan, Musalmah; Hamezah, Hamizah Shahirah; Taridi, Nursiati Mohd; Jing, Yu; Liu, Ping; Zhang, Hu; Report Jan 1, 2017 8009
The Central Role of Biometals Maintains Oxidative Balance in the Context of Metabolic and Neurodegenerative Disorders. Pokusa, Michal; Trancikova, Alibeta Kralova Jan 1, 2017 15221
Anticonvulsant and Neuroprotective Activities of Phragmanthera austroarabica Extract in Pentylenetetrazole-Kindled Mice. Aldawsari, Hibah M.; Eid, Basma G.; Neamatallah, Thikrayat; Zaitone, Sawsan A.; Badr, Jihan M. Report Jan 1, 2017 6331
Are you neuroprotecting your patients? 10 Adjunctive therapies to consider. Nasrallah, Henry A. Editorial Dec 1, 2016 1494
Antioxidant therapies may help in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. Brief article Sep 30, 2016 202
Eye of tiger sign: clinical phenotypes. Lakshmi, G. Sree Ranga; Archana; Ramesh, R.; Kumar, K. Kiran; Vijayalakshmi, P.; Kiran, M. Deepti Clinical report Jul 28, 2016 1494
Long-term metformin use protective against neurodegenerative disease. Brunk, Doug Jul 1, 2016 559
Rescuing axons from degeneration does not affect retinal ganglion cell death. de Lima, S.; Mietto, B.S.; Paula, C.; Muniz, T.; Martinez, A.M.B.; Gardino, P.F. Report Apr 1, 2016 4347
Curcumin: aging brains and cancer. Stevens, Judy Mar 1, 2016 5036
Does exercise reverse brain atrophy?...Corticobasal degeneration...Surgery for epilepsy. Fava, Maurizio Column Feb 1, 2016 619
Pain assessment in neurodegenerative diseases. de Tommaso, Marina; Arendt-Nielsen, Lars; Defrin, Ruth; Kunz, Miriam; Pickering, Gisele; Valeriani, Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2016 1166
A Potential Alternative against Neurodegenerative Diseases: Phytodrugs. Perez-Hernandez, Jesus; Zaldivar-Machorro, Victor Javier; Villanueva-Porras, David; Vega-Avila, Elis Jan 1, 2016 13616
Science forecast for 1966. Bower, Bruce Brief article Dec 26, 2015 151
Identifying early signs of neurodegeneration. Kharrazian, Datis Report Oct 1, 2015 4231
Diogenes syndrome in a patient suffering from neurodegenerative disease. Report Sep 30, 2015 811
Aphios receives US Patent No. 9,034,347 for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. May 22, 2015 190
Aphios receives US Patent No. 9,034,347 for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. May 22, 2015 186
UMC researcher leading international study about memory and aging. Lofton, Lynn Interview May 22, 2015 505
The dementia problem: ahead of Dementia Awareness Week (May 17-23), OT's Ryan O'Hare reports on the challenges facing researchers investigating this group of neurodegenerative conditions. O'Hare, Ryan May 16, 2015 1495
Brain at rest offers clues to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's: PET scans of patients pick up clear signals indicating deterioration of neural network. Saey, Tina Hesman Mar 21, 2015 647
Treatment of a patient with posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) with chiropractic manipulation and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS): a case report. Francio, Vinicius T.; Boesch, Ron; Tunning, Michael Report Jan 1, 2015 3363
An unusual case of corticobasal syndrome/Alisilmadik kortikobazal sendrom olgusu. Gozubatik-Celik, Gokcen; Gunduz, Aysegul; Oguz, Semra; Kiziltan, Gunes; Ertan, Sibel Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2014 706
Pluristem wins patents in Australia and New Zealand for placental cells for treating orthopedic, nerve injury and neurodegenerative diseases. Nov 12, 2014 144
The neuroprotective effects of tocotrienol rich fraction and alpha tocopherol against glutamate injury in astrocytes. Selvaraju, Thilaga Rati; Khazaai, Huzwah; Vidyadaran, Sharmili; Mutalib, Sokhini Abd; Vasudevan, Ram Report Nov 1, 2014 6553
Biogen Idec appoints leading neuroscientists to Christopher Henderson and Richard Ransohoff to advance research into neurodegenerative diseases. Oct 23, 2014 422
Biogen Idec appoints leading neuroscientists to Christopher Henderson and Richard Ransohoff to advance research into neurodegenerative diseases. Oct 23, 2014 418
Collaboration to advance combined efforts in neurodegenerative diseases. Aug 11, 2014 295
Collaboration to advance combined efforts in neurodegenerative diseases. Aug 11, 2014 291
Neurodegenerative Disorders: Problem in Waste Removal increases the Risk. Jul 4, 2014 379
Free radicals, antioxidants and disease. Sharma, Neeti Report Jul 1, 2014 4737
Novel treatment strategies for neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. Kaja, Simon; Payne, Andrew J. Editorial Jul 1, 2014 775
From lyme disease to addiction: how to energetically restore the neuroendocrine-immune system. Akoury, Dalal Report Jul 1, 2014 3776
The role of nad/nadh in neurodegenerative diseases and addiction. Akoury, Dalai Report Jul 1, 2014 2516
Selective monoamine oxidase B inhibition by an Aphanizomenon flos-aquae extract and by its constitutive active principles phycocyanin and mycosporine-like amino acids. Scoglio, Stefano; Benedetti, Yanina; Benvenuti, Francesca; Battistelli, Serafina; Canestrari, Franco Report Jun 15, 2014 4707
New method of generating mature stem cells could help explain neurodegenerative diseases. May 1, 2014 328
Optical coherence tomography findings in patients with Wolfram syndrome/Wolfram sendromlu hastalarda optik koherans tomografi bulgular? Koktekir, Bengu Ekinci; Bakbak, Berker; Gonul, Saban; Gedik, Sansal Report May 1, 2014 1738
Neuroprotective effects of extract of Acanthopanax senticosus harms on SH- SY5Y cells overexpressing wild-type or A53T mutant [alpha]-synuclein. Li, Xu-zhao; Zhang, Shuai-nan; Wang, Ke-xin; Liu, Hong-yu; Yang, Zhi-ming; Liu, Shu-min; Lu, Fang Report Apr 15, 2014 4757
Low resolution susceptibility mapping in the estimation of iron content in deep grey matter of brain at 3 Tesla. Jarvid, Muhammad Arshad; Khan, Muhammad Afzal; Latif, Zahid; Barbosa, Jeam H.; Shaheen, Ahmad Report Mar 31, 2014 3112
Rare childhood disease holds clues for others. Feb 1, 2014 364
Thioredoxin system regulation in the central nervous system: experimental models and clinical evidence. Silva-Adaya, Daniela; Gonsebatt, Maria E.; Guevara, Jorge Report Jan 1, 2014 10754
The effect of inhibitory neuron on the evolution model of higher-order coupling neural oscillator population. Qi, Yi; Wang, Rubin; Jiao, Xianfa; Du, Ying Report Jan 1, 2014 2590
Synchronization of coupled different chaotic FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons with unknown parameters under communication-direction-dependent coupling. Iqbal, Muhammad; Rehan, Muhammad; Khaliq, Abdul; Saeed-ur-Rehman; Hong, Keum-Shik Report Jan 1, 2014 5915
KCHO-1, a novel antineuroinflammatory agent, inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced neuroinflammatory responses through NRF2-mediated heme oxygenase-1 expression in mouse BV2 microglia cells. Lee, Dong-Sung; Ko, Wonmin; Yoon, Chi-Su; Kim, Dong-Cheol; Yun, Jinju; Lee, Jun-Kyung; Jun, Ki-Young Report Jan 1, 2014 5591
Potential benefits of therapeutic use of [beta]2-adrenergic receptor agonists in neuroprotection and Parkinson[mu]s disease. Peterson, Lynda; Ismond, Kathleen P.; Chapman, Elisha; Flood, Patrick Report Jan 1, 2014 5632
Neuroantibody biomarkers: links and challenges in environmental neurodegeneration and autoimmunity. El-Fawal, Hassan A.N. Report Jan 1, 2014 7664
Oleanolic acid enhances the beneficial effects of preconditioning on PC12 cells. Ndlovu, Babongile C.; Daniels, Willie M.U.; Mabandla, Musa V. Report Jan 1, 2014 3342
Profile of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities who are referred to rehabilitation clinics: A pilot study. Elbasan, Bulent; Duzgun, Irem; Oskay, Deran Report Dec 1, 2013 4758
Neurodegenerative Diseases - Pipeline Review, H2 2013 - New Study Released. Oct 8, 2013 616
Excess protein linked to degeneration. Oct 1, 2013 364
Sleep pattern and learning in knockdown mice with reduced cholinergic neurotransmission. Queiroz, C.M.; Tiba, P.A.; Moreira, K.M.; Guidine, P.A.M.; Rezende, G.H.S.; Moraes, M.F.D.; Prado, M Report Oct 1, 2013 6186
Melatonin: the brain hormone. Fredericks, Stephen Sep 1, 2013 5324
The Western diet: bad for the brain. Palmer, Sharon Brief article Aug 1, 2013 156
The overlooked importance of vitamin D receptors. Bronwell, Logan Report Aug 1, 2013 4497
Activation of SIRT1 through calorie restriction or drug treatment delays neurodegeneration in experimental model. Dye, D. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 224
Hypothalamus found to play important role in aging. Dye, D. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 203
The association between apolipoprotein E genetic polymorphisms and multiple sclerosis/Multipl skleroz ile apolipoprotein E genetik polimorfizmi arasindaki iliski. Tasdemir, Nebahat; Tamam, Yusuf; Yalman, Medina Report Jun 1, 2013 5505
Preventive measures of neurodegeneration. Rani, M. Usha Clinical report Apr 8, 2013 2294
Mouse cells last longer in rat brains: neurons relocated to longer-lived species double life span. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Apr 6, 2013 267
Paediatric Neurology Conference at Lahore. Brief article Mar 31, 2013 149
Correlation with neuropsychological tests and movement related cortical potentials in assesing mild cognitive impairment and middle stage Alzheimer's disease/Devinime iliskin kortikal potansiyellerin hafif bilissel bozukluk ve orta evre Alzheimer hastaligi'ni degerlendirmede noropsikolojik testler ile korelasyonu. Mutluer, Muzaffer; Guney, Figen; Ilhan, Suleyman Report Mar 1, 2013 4672
Extensive ulnar nerve necrosis: a complication of tuberculoid leprosy. Parashar, Atul; Basu, Adhish; Saikia, Uma Nahar; Sharma, Ramesh Kumar Clinical report Mar 1, 2013 1170
Neurological disease. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 180
Mitochondrial dysfunction during brain aging: role of oxidative stress and modulation by antioxidant supplementation. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 253
Hints of potential ills in infant brains: features characteristic of adult-onset diseases seen at birth. Sanders, Laura Feb 9, 2013 374
Elevated glucose increases incidence of breast cancer and brain shrinkage. Faloon, William; Huber, Luke; Schmid, Kira Report Feb 1, 2013 2205
Higher normal fasting plasma glucose is associated with hippocampal atrophy: the PATH Study. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 263
Selective cholinesterase inhibition by lanostane triterpenes from fruiting bodies of Ganoderma lucidum. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 174
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