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Degaraged, depiped and derotored.

There are lots of palindromic words that start with de- and end -ed. Here are some short ones listed in The Palindromicon II (Jeff Grant and Dan Tilque, Word Ways Monograph Series 6, 2002).

DEBBED made a debut as a debutante

DEKED feinted, in hockey

DENNED lived or dwelt in a den

DEPPED deputized for

DEWED wet with or as with dew; moistened

DEXED stimulated by dextroamphetamine pills

A few seven-letter specimens can be found in standard references. The following all appear in the Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition, 1989.

DEEDEED euphemistic for 'damned' (d--d)

DEIFIED raised to the level of a god

DESESED old form of 'disseised', wrongfully dispossessed

DEVIVED devitalized, rendered lifeless

DEVOVED devoted, an obsolete word

Some longer coinages have been suggested using the prefixes deca- and demi-, for example:

DECAFACED having ten faces, such as a decahedron

DECAPACED having ten paces, like a ten-speed bicycle

DEMILIMED half-smeared with bird-lime

DEMIRIMED half-rimed (rhymed)

Actually, the first of these terms appears in hyphenated form in an Internet article unconnected with palindromes:

'Y'know how some people say two-faced, two faces? Now I say deca-faced, ten-faced, you have to see things in different ways.' (, Behind the Screens, Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Reflective Practice, Michelle Iva Hlubinka, June 2003)

The definitions of most de-ed type palindromes with seven or more letters involve freedom from or removal of something. The two most famous examples are chemical terms. The latter was apparently coined by master wordsmith Dmitri Borgmann in Language On Vacation (1965).

DETANNATED separated from, or free of, tannin

DETARTRATED with the tartrate content removed (Dmitri considered this the finest single-word English palindrome. He called it a 'palindrome of the future' and has been proven right.)

In the main, longer de-ed palindromes have been labeled 'contrived' or 'coined', logical maybe, but not found in dictionaries, or anywhere else outside discussions on long 'dromes. The exception is DETANNATED, for which a legitimate early citation of use was found in the name of a drug, 'detannated tincture of cinchona' (8th decennial revision of the Pharmacopoeia of the United States). With the Internet, it is now possible to search for naturally-occurring examples of other long de-ed type palindromes. A few have already been noted in the Palindromicon, but most of the citations of use for the 44 palindromes following are new.

Some Net quotations are better than others, and the exact palindromic form of the word hasn't always been found. Generally, de-ed 'dromes can be written either with a hyphen after de-, or in solid form. The latter has been preferred here, even though there are hyphenated examples in some citations. Convincing citational evidence is lacking for a number of de-ed palindromes in this article, particularly DEDEEDED, DEFIFED, DEMADAMED, DENINED, DEOBOED, DEREVERED, DEROTAVATORED, DESUFFUSED, DETALLATED, DETERPRETED, DETERRETED and DETILLITED. Other less-likely candidates, involving removal of various things, include terms such as DECILICED, DE-EPEED, DEMARRAMED, DEMINIMED, DENOONED and DEROTATORED.

DEBABED of a beautiful woman, with the sexy 'babe' quality removed.

'The more debabed we get, the more men have to become the babes.' (, Barbara Lippert, 2007)

DEBEEBED past tense of deBeeb, to remove the influence of the 'Beeb', the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

'Now we be Beebed ... At this present time certain influences are trying to debeeb our language.' (, Wednesday 31 December 1662 [Pepys Diary], Annotations, 12 Jan 2006)

DEBOOBED having had a breast (boob) or breasts removed.

'Lady Death has been defanged a bit, and even a little bit deboobed.' (, Dukakis Hugging Moon Maiden, 14 Sep 2005)

DEDEEDED (a) rescinded the deed of a property, etc.

'Just as if you had left an item to someone in a will you are said to have 'willed' it, then with a deed, you can be said to have DEEDED it. Indeed, it is possible there may be a process by which this can be revoked, or DEDEEDED.' (wotton-under-edgeoorg, Discussion Board, 13 May 2005)

[This citation is not entirely satisfactory, as it occurs in a discussion on the longest word you can write on a mobile phone using only one key.]

(b) past tense of deDeed, to remove the 'Deed' card from someone's hand (by making them play it, usually at a time when its effects can be handled), in 'Magic: The Gathering', a fantasy card-based role-playing game. 'When should you stage an all-out rush to de-Deed someone?' (, Why Are You Attacking Me? 24 Oct 2006)

DEDIVIDED past tense of dedivide, to stop division.

'If plurality is evil, division is the origin of evil. Perfection, then, would be to de-divide or get back to the indeterminate original, to "nondetermination".'

(Alienation and Liberation of Woman in the Church: A Treatment of the Erotic in Theology, p110, 2007. [Net])

DEDUDED past tense of dedude, to remove the testes for attitude adjustment in male animals; to castrate, neuter.

'I had my stallion deduded yesterday, so now he is a gelding.' (, 20 Mar 2007)

DEFIFED with the fife (a high-pitched flute) removed, as in an edited version of "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas", where 'Fife' is Forte's sidekick.

'And then I released the "De-Fifed" clip.' (, Forum, 23 Feb 2007)

DEGAGED past tense of degage, in paleontology, to remove the rock matrix from a fossil specimen grain by grain.

'About 1000 specimens degaged or macerated from Doushantuo shales exposed at Miaohe.' (, Journal of Paleontology, Nov 1998)

DEGARAGED past tense of degarage, to remove a car, etc., from a garage. 'Quick, Watson, degarage the Citroen Jumpy and bring it round the front.' (, 'The Sprout', Number 7, March 2003)

DEIVIED past tense of deivy, to strip ivy from a tree, fence, yard, etc.

'I hope you bid that job by the hour--it once took 16 manhours to deivy a big beech.' (, Before and After [ivy removal], 20 Oct 2006)

'The peonies may bloom this year too, after being de-ivied and given more light.' (, Re: where are the history folk? 27 Feb 2004)

DEKAYAKED disembarked from a kayak.

'The drip skirts hid the damage until we all de-kayaked to discover the rain had collected in such a way as it made us look like an incontinence meeting.' (, 25 Aug 2005)

DEKIKED with the Kike (Jew) element removed, an offensive term.

'Please stop this Kike cause if I don't get de-Kiked, I might be coming after you and your Goy money.' (, De-Kike! 29 Nov 2006)

DEKOOKED with the kook(s) or kookiness removed.

'No, your original point was that you [Republicans] have been dekooked.' (, How to Be a Democrat When the Democrats Suck, 30 Aug 2005)

DELEVELED having lost a 'level', in fantasy role-playing jargon.

'He was deleveled to 20 before he woke up and pulled the plug on his internet connection to escape.' (, Forum, 15 Sep 2006)

DEMADAMED coined word describing a brothel with the 'madam' removed, compare 'detenanted' in the OED. (Palindromicon)

DEMEMED with the 'meme' constituent removed. A meme is an element of culture (an idea, value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation.

'Not only are relatively few words available, but those which are must first be de-memed before natural sense-making can occur.' (, Being Sexual, J Bruce Evans, 30 Mar 2007)

DEMIMED (of email or newsgroup posts) with the 'mime' attachment removed or converted to plain text ('mime' = multipurpose Internet mail extension).

'The Spam Assassin patch scans the demimed message and sends it to the list.' (, Filtering spam with SpamAssassin, Procmail and Mailman, 26 May 2002)

DENINED when bowling, hitting only nine pins of ten on a given roll, especially when the tenth pin wavers around and wants to fall down but doesn't, a coined word. (www.anqelfirecom, The Ictionary)

DEOBOED deprived of or without an oboe, a coined word.

'"Deoboed" is represented as an unconscious musician recumbent beside his music stand while his mugger turns away--a mallet in one hand and an oboe in the other.' (, Sit On A Potato Pan, Otis! by Jon Agee, 1999--From The Critics, Peter D Sieruta)

DEPEEPED with the Peeps removed, free of Peeps, small marshmallow candies, sold in the US, which are shaped into baby chicks, etc. (often written in lower case) 'Haven't had any peeps today. Michele, you've been de-peeped!?' ( A Heavenly Topic, 27 Mar 2005)

DEPIPED past tense of depipe, to remove a pipe or pipes.

'First one had no coolant in, but you don't find this out till fully fitted, so it all had to be depiped and removed.' (, lET Forums, Air Conditioning Units, 19 Mar 2007)

DEPOOPED past tense of depoop, to remove excrement (poop).

'We had just depooped the yard and both dogs were outside with us minding their own business.' (, Forum, Behavioral Issues, 4 Jun 2006)

DEPOPED removed a pope from office.

'If I recall, the pope had been depoped ... by some other cardinals ... and the monarch of the time ... placed him back in power.' (, Forums, 3 Sep 2005)

DERADARED with the radar system not operating.

'Would have to trace individual histories ... to determine whether they were de-radared night-fighters or ex-23 Squadron Intruders.' (, WarBirds III Open Beta version, 28 Aug 2002)

DERARED with the 'rare' quality, or rareness, removed.

'Sadly this item was totally de-tared with the introduction of the hero.' (, Tibia/Libera, The Rarity of a Crown Set, 2006)

DEREVERED deprogrammed from some cult, a coined word.

'[He] calls the sad, afflicted, desperate sufferers to come forward and be derevered from their afflictions.' (, Edicide in Silopolis, M Keith, 'The Palindromist', No. 6, 1998)

DEROTAVATORED a coined word describing the state of a farmer who has had his rotary cultivator (rotavator) stolen or repossessed. (Palindromicon)

DEROTORED past tense of derotor, to remove the rotor, from a helicopter for example.

'Meanwhile on the ramp the crane is hard at work de-rotoring a Chinook.' (, Aviation Photos, Nov 2005)

DESINISED past tense of desinise, variant of 'desinize', to remove the element of sin or sinfulness.

'Discredit the notion of just price and you desinize usury.' (, The Jesuits and the Spirit of Capitalism, Fred Seddon, from Wheeling Jesuit College's 'Annual', Spring 1991)

DESUFFUSED a coined word describing the effect seen when a video played in reverse shows a liquid, color or light leaving a medium in which it had previously spread or suffused. (I Love Me, Vol. I, Michael Donner, 1996)

DETALLATED with the tallate removed, a coined term (compare 'detannated'). TALLATE is a metallic soap made from 'tall oil' (Webster's 3rd Edition).

DETANNATED separated from, or free of, tannin (tannic acid, an important tanning and clarifying agent).

'Detannated sherry is preferred for preparation of wines containing alkaloids and other substances incompatible with tannin.' (, Vinum Xericum, B.P., Sherry, The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911)

DETARTRATED past tense of detartrate, to remove tartrates, especially from fruit juices and wines, in order to reduce tartness or sourness. (Wiktionary, 'The juice shall be detartrated and settled prior to shipment.' (, 100% Pure Concord Grape Juice Concentrate, 17 Feb 2007)

DETATED a nonce word in the joky expression 'his capa was detated', that is, he was decapitated. (Apparently originating from an episode of the TV sitcom 'The Office'.) 'I got the Dwight bobblehead and his capa was detated.' (, The Office fansite, 2 Jan 2007)

DETAXATED past tense of detaxate, rare variant of 'detax', to remove or reduce taxation, to apply 'detaxation'. 'Motor fuels are generally taxed quite heavily in Europe, and detaxating biofuels may make them cost competitive depending on the level of detaxation ...' (, Rapeseed Production May Benefit from New EU Directive, 4 Nov 2003)

DETENETED with a tenet or tenets (doctrines, principles, opinions) removed. 'Just one of the tenets of my mother that I've forsaken ... how will I know if I've been deteneted if I have nothing with which to make a comparison?' (, Re: Cooking Oils, 25 Feb 2007)

DETERPRETED (a) past tense of the contrived verb deterpret, to tell the difference between something (?) (, Renae's Dictionary, 23 Feb 2007) (b) the title of a word-unit palindromic poem in 'Table of Forms', a book by Dominique Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn, published in 2006. (

DETERRETED with the metal ring (terret) removed, from a collar, strap, etc., no longer terreted, a coined word. (Palindromicon)

DETILLITED with the tillite removed, a coined term. According to Webster's 3rd Edition, tillite is a rock formed of consolidated boulder-clay. (Palindromicon)

DETOOTED past tense of detoot, to remove the 'toot' from a horn, etc. 'I'm not tooting my own horn; I'm detooting theirs.' (, Hate Mail, Volume 18, p102, 13 Jan 2005)

DETOTED past tense of detote, to remove from a tote bag. '... services ranging from de-toting and de-bagging products to packaging finished components and ingredients into 25-50 lb. bags and 2,000 lb. tote bags.' (, Petfood Industry Electronic Newsletter, Vol 5, No. 7, 5 Apr 2005)

DEWOWED past tense of dewow, to remove instrument 'wow' (very low-frequency inductive phenomena) in a GPR (ground-penetrating radar) system. 'The data are dewowed to remove low frequency noise due to the electronics in the radar unit.' (, Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Measure Soil Moisture Content, W P Clement & A L Ward, 2003)

DEXANAXED free from (the effects of) Xanax, a sedative used to treat certain anxiety states. 'I am thoroughly de-xanaxed, I think.' (, Re: holy kookamunga, Sabrina 0805, 21 Feb 2006)

DEYAYED past tense of deyay, to remove the 'yay!' element of approval, congratulation or triumph. 'Apologies for de-yaying the thread the other night.' (, Forum, Yay Yay Yay!!!!, 4 jun 2004)

Jeff Grant

Hastings, New Zealand
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