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It is the garden beneath her compartment. The man has come there. She waits under him and then he leaves. Once she is Out in her own garden. The man comes on her. gently. She lies under him. The garden is in dusk one time and the compartment is in light above them. He takes his erect part out of her and sits. It gets extended and she puts his part back in her. She's drifting in the pond, sack twined floating high on it while attached to the side of the pond at the neck with her face looking up at the sky. legs then drift apart. in front of her. and rise on the pond though the pond isn't moving. People go by on the path though they're far away. The pond doesn't move. Her neck and head attached at the side of the pond the sack that are her legs in front of her extends washed not her. The pond moves from some wind once. She's hanging in it with the pond moving. Then raising her arms out back over her one time she holds her neck to the side of the pond which had been next to it but not actually attached. Her neck is soaked and submerged. The legs that are not her float up. Birds float up from a field in the sky. A candidate is giving a speech on a truck. One time people are going by him. The crowd gathers around him. A blast had then gone off and destroyed them and him. On the edge of the crowd a woman had come forward to him with dynamite strapped on her under her clothes and a man was in back of the crowd in case she had not been willing to do it. She had done it. Those grieving for him and the crowd around him walk with flowers. A man gives a speech on a truck another time in the empty day. Someone in the crowd throws some slop on his face as he's speaking. face goes back in a grin to it. When it's at a moment to it it's calm. He comes up to that moment of the slop throwing at him and is calm so the grin which was at the same time as being hit comes right after. So the calm is before being hit. She isn't there. And that man is calm. I'm not calm but when I was asleep just now the long numbers of actions which occurred were. Really: I'm calm on a plate that's the day ahead and the long numbers of actions that were just behind me aren't. because I just woke up. The man with the stump for an arm had been (is) in jail. They have a bucket on the floor for offal. a dog runs off with some offal. who's the jailor's dog. He comes forward drawn by them. The hand put down and facing forward is lopped off. The stump. They are seeing it. waving stump. And then he doesn't remember, when it occurred. The stump is waving outward. after being lopped off, they let out a gasp, from the people seeing it. She's looking through a hole. through it is a man and woman. they're in the garden. It's lovers' lane. he's holding a sack up. The woman is pulling the sack on the man's part which is extended up as he's sitting. They're languidly draped on their sides who're there one evening. He has the long extended part in her front part on the pear-shaped bottom floating. The sky is fight and the ground getting dusk. He puts the condom (on the long extended part) into her beneath whom is the pear-shaped bottom. They're on it, the pear-shaped bottom. The garden is dark. One time, he has the pear-shaped bottom with her in front on his condom. The sack is on his part. The man who has the stump for an arm smokes the opium and there's a suffocating empty breath in him. There isn't anything and it didn't wake him before or during sleep. or after sleep. There isn't sleep. Her on the sack on the long extended part is squeezed through his lids and goes on behind them. Birds float up and they're in it. One day, she sees this man putting the condom on his part which is extended up. He is sitting. Birds are flying up in a field. She is treated of rank as lesser though it is the surface and they're making these acts and the man with the stump for an arm runs forward and is beaten by them for her. He won't have that happen. She's in a crowd, others are advanced first. and he comes forward and is beaten by them. She sees that he's crying. He steps forward when this other man is being let known in an accepted way that he's not as valuable. The man with the stump for an arm is crying and is beaten by them, who was seeing that. The man with the stump for an arm being beaten by them instead of the other man, whom they weren't going to beat, is not suffering for him. He's making it not occur. The man with the stump for an arm is no longer himself, is before that, so he can make it not occur. But I am not calm. they are supercilious and closed. they trash her when she gets up and laugh at her. life is not worth living for this is all there is. Since they mean nothing by this yet make something, this is its motion. What's the least that will make that surface? Seeing them in the garden, who's putting the sack on the long extended part of the man. It's light. Birds fly across the sky. Think to take the chestnuts' coat off them. Then the back freezes up when one has contemplated, how to take the coats off of them before. The hands shell them before. Someone could do it, without contemplating, take the coats off first. But the plate of the body responds in contemplating first. There are knots come then, apparently. If one doesn't think first, this doesn't occur but this doesn't exist. (if the muscles weren't there, it doesn't exist.) The back is empty it has no fear or thought whether or not it responds. It is out ahead, there is nothing in it. Yet it is still and covered with knots. The back is like the plate that is the day. She takes the plate forward, and in a way it mirrors the day entirely. The back responds and there is nothing there, and it freezes up. The day is seen in it. The man with the stump for an arm charges. He is before himself. He does not suffer for them. He does not suffer. One time, he's hit and falls down. He goes to sleep there. He runs and then sleeps. with his head on his arm that's a stump. They mock thinking maiming which is unknown to them. which actually occurred. The man with the stump for an arm runs. He makes it not occur. life cannot go on then. Another amputation occurs which is reported in the paper. The man with the stump for an arm does not suffer. on the sack on the extended part sitting. She's contemplating and a woman at a party shows the pictures she's taken when she was supposed to take these pictures because they were participating in a public place. The woman laughs as she's showing the pictures to two men of a dozen of a man who had participated. There is one picture of the (other). It is of her feet. Through the lids there is seen only her feet. The others are participating. This occurs to anyone unless they are an exception, privileged, but then that doesn't mean anything. it's only that, then. Fundamental change cannot be enforced. on the most minute level. Nothing can get in that actually occurs. So it is. The newspaperman can put in it only what he's told to say. It doesn't resemble anything. So where did it come from? They made that maiming which occurred before them. Who haven't control. The knots on her back in which there is nothing, so that she does not respond before but her wing bones have knots on them there. There's a ripple on a long surface behind. She's in her compartment lying. there is no need. regardless of being poor, of anyone. a man comes and hires her. She will deliver newspapers. she's on a bicycle flinging the rolled newspapers. knots are on the back where there isn't response and the roll moves out. in the air. the bicycle rides in the thin air of morning. where there is no need for it. She's fine and thoughtlessly swivels. they assume they have control of themselves. and that would emanate from it. The cops fanning on the bank is the same as sweet life If one has no confidence, one is in infinite change. One is anyway. No confidence at all has nothing in it. That is at the same time. One is free from it. An array of cops are wading on the bank which is the base of the bridge. They are fanning dispersed on it. A line of them come by those on the bank. During the war, some people gathered at the base of the bridge. The cops in battle-gear with clubs and rifles marched in wings past them. They sweep in in a wing past them. as if they were charging but slow. the people there ripple. On the street around them. They don't look at us. There is not running. they come on a rise of the ramp and hill above them in a wing swinging and do not charge then. A wing fans by them in front of them on the street and go by.
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Title Annotation:poem; excerpt
Author:Scalapino, Leslie
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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