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Definitive anagrams: M-O.

These anagrams, polyanagrams, palindromes and charades follow the constraints and conventions set out earlier in this series (03-91, 279; 04-274; 05-211). To my knowledge they are original as cognates, but most one-word anagrams are known from numerous computer compilations. Except rarely as part of a polyanagram none is in The New Anagrammasia, Ross Eckler's valuable big 1992 compilation of all then known affinitive anagrams, nor in Stuart Kidd's list of "synonagrams" (03-290).


variously simulated dictionary, definitions

make the grade get head mark, E

malemutes "mule teams"

male servant re man's valet

mandarin 1. man 2. a rind [MANDARIN]

man-eater Tear me an' earn meat.

matinal AM (<Latin)

matriarchy try Chairma

meadowland lea, down, dam

measurement Mensurate, me man, use meter; measures assure me. mensurate Numerate's rates menu means true, nearer sum.

medley Ye meld. (melding = mingled)

megalomania mal-egomania (coinage)

the mercenaries recent he-armie$

mermaid I'm dream 'mid mare.

mikado kami-do Divine ancestry (Funk&Wg)

mentally Men tally, man telly, tell many. Figuring, observing and communicating are the three main mental functions. See [right arrow] tally [right arrow] tell.


(I get everything in-science-out!)

Minister "in" Mister, "in" Ms tier

minuet I'm tune minute.

minus X plus X -X+X sums up nil.

misappropriate A tap is improper.

miscast misacts (the miscast hams-it sect)

miscreants Crime's "ants" (insects!) mar.

missionary position I on a miss I so pry into

mixed emotions Sex in doom time--it's demon/moxie!

mockingly long micky taken-out-of context

modal a mold

moderation I'm o' dare-not, air-not mode, don't o'er-aim at "More!" I don or note a mid-mode ration.

"in a moment" "No time, man."

monetarism rate monism

the monologue lone ego mouth

a moth-eaten border One mo' threadbare, tattered hem ran. Boo!

mother's little helpers pills (met her lost 'there' 'til pellets smother her) 'there' = sanity

mouth-watering Tongue wham'r, it.

narrowed arrow-end

Ogden Nash Sang honed ode--'n' hangs a "gosh!" end 'n.

Nationalist "I sit on natal soil, anti-'ant', anti-Latin sot. No Italians! No 'tilt' Asian, Laotian nits!"

"Nature calls." Allures t' can.

naysayer nary a yes

nearing in range 'n' gainer

nears Ears 'n' nares earn snares.

"need-to-knows" Ken's not owed. Don't now seek.

negotiated idea gotten

negotiated in vain No tie navigated in.

nephritis "p" rinse hit

nepotism I'm pet son. Spot me in post I, men, most pine.

nervous nous "rev" mind racing

neurotics cretinous re nous tic

neurosciences ensure concise science re nous

nested set den (I nested, set nide.)

new day dawn (Ye yawned.)

nightfall half glint

nightmare a REM thing right mean

nitwits Wit isn't twistin' in twits.

none n (=one) - n (=one)

"none of the above" Vote he of no bane. cf. Brewster's Millions with Richard Pryor

non-limber nor nimble

nonprofit non pro-fit

nonresistance screens no anti; no strain scene

a "not all there" "not here at all" synonyms disguised as antonyms

not cricket no trick, etc (obsolete term!)

"No Trespassing" re "PASS NOT!" sign sinners go past

no waver Now aver.

nuclear clue: RNA cell, RNA synthesis

nucleus clue: sun atom, sun's energy

nudities Is untied undies. "It (suit) I end; ie, nudist, I sun-diet, nudism 'mid sun, no clothing, no hot cling, no long itch." (Nudity has its robe--one's birthday suit!)

nursemaid "A minder, us." Is under-Ma, aims under, airs 'm nude, minds urea, dams urine, mired anus is 'manured'.

obdurate rut abode, a doubter, adore "But!"

obeys so be "yes boy"

obedient I bend, toe, "It be done!"

obit Bit 0 t' bio. 0 = the dust, the big zero

obligated I log a debt.

observe "see" orb (v. verbose obverse!)

obsession One's "boss", I.

obstinate A bit set on "'be it not!" as

obstinate's sit bone sat.

obstreperous Reb opts rouse.

"occasionally" "O, can, socially."

octane on "ate" C "8" carbons; "eaten" as fuel

octopus tentacles Count "toe" clasp set: ten-less-too cup act. too = two, a liberty justified by the near synonymy of two and too: both = and, plus one

officiated I fit a code.

old-fashioned ie, holds no fad

opening pen "go-in" 3 relevant definitions: 1) door into the pen; 2) hole a pen(cil) fits in; 3) "go-in" is the password or signal

opening bell begin-on pell

opinionated Not aid-open, I pin onto idea.

opportunities I open out trips, put option rise.

orangutan dag gargantuan do

orchestrated Set chord rate.

ordain road in

ordure rude "do"

organised Dig "sane", order so gain.

orphaned no Pa, herd, pad, no Her

orts rots sort orts = rottable leftovers

outbred bed tour pun: 1) bred more by sleeping around; 2) outbred is the opposite of inbred (incest)

outcry curt "Oy!"

out of control out-front loco, not of cool rut

outpacers Top race, us o' ace spurt.

outre outer route (different etymologies)

outsider 1. Is routed--dire oust, sour tide. 2. Outrides our edits. 1. victim; 2. rebel

overcast Cover sat. Cave sort covets Ra.

overlooked love-rooked (an ostrich anagram)

overseer serve o'er

In best overseers, "I steer, never boss."
     1. endowed
         2. won
         3. owed, now end 

1. inheritance or gift; 2. earned or got lucky;

3. paid off the mortgage or credit card

The Oxford English Dictionary (unabridged)

Unbrief darg indicated English orthodoxy.

oxymoron Or X=Y no mo'.


[d] = a double or ambigram (antonym or synonym)

madness MD's "Sane."

mid-range margined [d] ant.: put at edge (arch.); syn.: in the middle, surrounded by margins

misbehaviour Be Him, Saviour.

miscellaneous sell a one music

mother ho term [d] whore; ant. ideally, syn. often; plus "mother" is a low-life swear word

mountain climbers non-summit calibre

nod no'd

nonesuch unchosen

non-static Constant, I. [d] ant.: steady v. not; syn.: radio signal

nous no us

an unusual macaronic antonym charade, French "us" = English "no us"

a great number Tab meagre run.

open up O, pen up!

ordinary rad irony

Although irony is getting to be pretty darn ordinary.

organised as eroding [d] antonym--or a law of nature, two-way traffic

outwards toward us [d] antonym--unless we're far out!

SMYNONYMS (definitive palindromes)

"No!" I null union.

"No it!" a renege generation

nonet ten on antigram--or syn.: "going on ten"

nosey Eyes on. a Picasso pun, eyes where nose should be


no trace not one carton

omission No is's, I'm 0.

one- heno- combining form of one (Web3)


Maidens aid men's mean ids" end aims.

Malaises ass-aft me.

malinger I'm angler. fishing for an excuse not to work

malodorous Our loo dams.

marriage contract tract on "rare magic" (which gradually contracts afterwards)

masculine Main clue's in a "muscle". (!)

merchandise I'm cash ender.

Michigan. GM? I [right arrow] China.

macroscopes cosmo-spacer, cosmos pacer

Macroscopic cosmic cap? Or a comic's crop o 'cosmic crap?

Monday "Moandy'"

monstrous O, Sunstorm!

A direct hit might end the whole electronic age and bring the species to its knees.

morning Ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'M on. an alarming way to start the day

"move forward" mad for "waver" especially among mod politicians

nighty thingy (Shifty!)

no-body bony do skeleton (or anorexic)

nonprofit if not porn profitability formula

No will? Now ill!

obesity So ye bit? O yes bit, o yes bit, o yes bit ... (... obit, yes?)

Offer honour, honour offer, honour, offer, honour, offer, ... (our "on her, off her" on our off hour offer on) anagramming an old joke

oneupmanship one up man's hip a gay's gamesmanship charade

orderliness Err less in do, reel in dross, order less in! [ORDERLINESS]

orgasmic or's magic!

our fat far out! pot bellies and buns

Over the hill hover the ill. "The hard part's done. It's easy from here." (No, diseasy!) (an ostrich anagram)

    Pan 'oot
, cite moo
   Emit at oop
 'n' coo
 came in too.)
A Mother
    Am "Other,"
    Mo' heart
    Home art
   Or am the
    Other Ma.
    Earth, Om. 

my "significant other", or Mother Nature
Merry Widow
      "My, I err'd!
   Wow, I err'd w. wo!
   My "I'm wed" worry
   --my 'we' row--rid.
    Merry, I'd wow!'"
  Mentors (a punt lib charade)
   Monster? Mrs!
 Note men's tormentors
   Monster? Mrs. note: Men
's tormentors!
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
    Unfair to us! Must hew, tend, mend.
   We thus, at four units/month,
   untwist fare due us.
    Wan (1) peep'rs,
    'N' pap sewer; (2)
   Wars peep'n,
   Rap sweep'n,
    Wrap seep'n. (3) 

(1.) WAN is also my local rag, West Australian News.

(2.) sewing together (or flushing!) lots of pablum

(3.) Best use is for wrapping fish and wet waste.
Mad Sage, Sad Mage
    Ad Game's sad mage
    damages sage. Mad!
   Sad game 'gas' made
    sage mad, mega sad.
  (Ay, at an ad am as at an ax.)
Narrow Minded
         Arrow-end mind.
      drawn, mired;
   no rad wind
      or men
        mend word rain.
 Solemn sit o' no toil, Mess not ... ... So smile, Lost in some
slot, In some "on"-time loss, Motionlessly.
 Yes, moon-still Motionlessness.
 One's moss-silent.
Overhead Sceneries
 I had 'oversee' screen, I see V hordes careen. I see hovered
Cranes Seed dove-cheer rains.
 1. Ice zooms.
2. mice's zoo
3. Oz is come!
65-250 my ago
1. warm era (Ice zooms off);
2. origin of mammals and birds (titmice);
3. Pangaea's break-up creates Australia.
Orology, meet
Mundane Soil
    Mud, senna, oil
   earth, trees, fossils
(or Exxon Valdezes!):
Oil Spot
 (a Luddite manifesto ad) Oil spot? 'Tis pool
.' Stop Oil--O pistol to spoil topsoil! I so plot revolution, rig
 Oil overturning!
Monster Age
    Stem game o' ogres
   Meant agene storm
   (Man's) tore Ge. 


Perth, Australia
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