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Defense Logistics Information Service (March 21, 2005): online registration available for NATO symposium.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. -- Organizers have established an online registration system to help interested parties sign up for the 10th International Symposium on Codification, Oct. 10-13 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Members of the Defense Logistics Information Service will join international logisticians, business leaders, trade associations, and other interested individuals gathering from around the world for the symposium. The meetings are conducted every few years to review the current state of the NATO Codification System and discuss future development.

"Logistics continues to change and is becoming more complex. Accordingly, the logisticians' need for standard, accurate information at their fingertips is growing," said Richard Maison, the DLIS executive director, who also serves as the chairman of the NATO Group of National Directors of Codification (Allied Committee 135).

The committee sponsors the meetings to continue the advancement of the NCS, based on the U.S. cataloging system, as the world's standard language of government supply chain logistics. Originally adopted for NATO, the system is now used by more than 50 nations. It is also becoming a standard for e-commerce.

According to Maison, supporters of the NCS are reaching out to industry to build a common language between government and business. Countries are improving their information products and focusing on accuracy and relevancy, and National Codification Bureaus in participating countries seek to build synergy in the logistics chain from the factory to foxhole.

The symposium agenda includes speakers from around the world discussing a range of supply chain and codification issues as well as a number of social events planned for both before and during the main conference. Anyone interested in supply chain management, codification (cataloging), logistics and engineering support, international standards for data management, and related topics--whether within a military, government, industrial, or commercial enterprise or organization--should attend. All spoken and written material will be presented in English and French.

Those who would like to register online for the symposium can log on to <> or use the online tool at <> to learn about exhibition or sponsorship opportunities for the symposium.
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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