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Defense Acquisition University deploys AT&L Knowledge Sharing System (AKSS) 3.0 with interwoven.

The Defense Acquisition University has procured and transitioned the AKSS to the Interwoven Content Management System (CMS), in a technical upgrade designed to improve the timeline for adding or correcting the content of AKSS. To the user, this means that new links and updates to golden sources, acquisition, technology, and logistics (AT&L) Web sites, training information, guidebooks and handbooks, and other menu driven content, can be added to AKSS almost instantly. Hot topics and suggested AT&L news articles can be posted to AKSS on the same day that they appear on the Web. Broken or misidentified links will be fixed or updated within minutes of discovery. The user will not see any change in the appearance or functionality of the AKSS. The new CMS capability ensures that AKSS 3.0 will remain a top resource for mandatory AT&L policy and information.

A new AKSS CD will be produced on or about August 2004. The CD will contain all of the new policy content that has been added to AKSS during the last 10 months. Additionally, DAU's fiscal year 2005 will unveil an initiative to organize, capture, and provide public access to course student materials via the AKSS. This learning material will cover all of the AT&L career fields and special interest areas. DAU's fiscal year 2005 will also herald the development of comprehensive performance support tools that will provide expert guidance and wisdom, saving all workers and agencies time and money and assisting new acquisition members in their job performance.

DAU will continue to enhance the implementation of policy and best practices through a formal lessons-learned capture and online access system; the dynamic links of the DoD 5000 instructions, guidebook, and Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS); and the advancement of new performance support tools, intelligent process wizards, and product development tools based on requirements generated by users, communities, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Services, agencies, and DAU leadership. The current, dynamic DoD 5000 documents can be accessed at>. Long-term plans include the creation of an end-to-end acquisition model with embedded wizards to allow accurate and timely development of statutory and regulatory required plans, reports, and other program documentation.
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Publication:Defense AT & L
Date:Sep 1, 2004
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