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Defending rights; YourSay.

IN RESPONSE to the problems created by the English Defence League demonstration on Saturday, the Birmingham Mail now tells us that a National Front march was banned in Birmingham in 2001.

So what? The English Defence League is not the National Front. The National Front was a racist and fascist organisation - more or less according to itself. The EDL is not a racist or fascist organisation. Indeed, it is not really a political organisation at all; it is a single-issue group. That issue is Islamic extremism.

If members of the far left, Unite against Fascism, Coun Yaqoob (of Respect) and others think that the EDL is "really a fascist and racist group", then what should we care? The fact is in the EDL's announcements, publicity, etc, it does not make fascist or racist comments. Who are the Socialist Workers Party/UAF alliance to tell us "what they really believe?" There are also extremist members of the UAF/SWP. The leader of the UAF, Martin Smith, is also the national secretary of the SWP. The SWP, in its own words, does not believe in Parliamentary democracy. It thinks that the police are "tools of the state", it supports Hamas bombers and it would support Iran in a nuclear war with the West/ Israel, etc. In any case, if the EDL does or did break the law, then the police can deal with it. Again, the UAF/SWP alliance is not a law-making or democratic body, so why should we even care what it thinks about the EDL? Perhaps most, if not all, of the trouble on Saturday and August 8 was a result of young Asian Muslims being led on and incited by the mainly middle-class leaders of the UAF/ SWP alliance. If this alliance wants to ban all groups which speak out against Islamic extremism then why should other people pander to their red-fascist demands? Coun Khan said that there wasn't any trouble on the July 4 march because "there were no rival protests to provoke trouble." That says it all; a Muslim councillor speaking out against the UAF/SWP alliance and thus highlighting that alliance's own hidden and real agenda of trouble, fascistic bans and revolutionary political change.

Paul Murphy, Harborne * WHAT planet is Coun Rudge on? (Birmingham Mail, September 8).

To say that minimal disruption was caused to shoppers and retailers is an incorrect statement. This incident brought fear to people who were shopping or visiting the area.

And I agree with Respect Councillor Yaqoob that the people of Birmingham were let down by the authorities John Flaherty, Great Barr
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Sep 18, 2009
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