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Defending precious possessions.

Possessions Worth Defending...P-Series Semi-Autos

We all have things that are precious to us. Things that are worth protecting.

Unfortunately, today, our possessions, our rights, even our very lives seem under assault as never before.

When your customers decide to purchase arms to protect their homes, their loved ones, and themselves, remember that Davis Industries is a 100% American-owned and operated company that supports everyone's individual right to keep and bear arms. And that we provide reliable guns at reasonable prices...the right tools at the right price to get the job done.

A Value-Packed Lineup

Davis offers single-action semi-auto pistols in .32 and .380 Auto, as well as derringers in .22 LR, .22 Mag, .25 Auto, .32 Auto, and .38 Special.

Davis guns have guts of rugged steel--the barrels, firing mechanisms, and breeches.

The Davis Warranty

We back every gun we make with a warranty to service or replace it free, for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

When it comes to your bottom line and when it comes to protecting what's precious to you and your customers, there's no question that Davis protects value!

The Davis P-380

This solid little back-up packs .380 punch into an economical alloy frame with enough heft to keep recoil down, without being too bulky to function as a true pocket pistol.

Inside, you'll find a solid steel breech block insert, a steel barrel, and a steel striker-type firing mechanism for plenty of strength where it's needed.

The safety lever is at the top of the left grip panel, easy to reach in a tense situation.

The Davis P-380 comes in your choice of chrome or black teflon finish, with black molded synthetic grips.

The Davis P-32

Our original pocket pistol is still one of the hottest values around.

As gun writers have noted in review after review, the P-32 is "a good, dependable gun...for personal or home defense, or for law enforcement use as a 'second gun.'"(1)

In chrome or black teflon, with laminated wood grips.
P-380 Specs
Caliber .380 Auto
Magazine Capacity 5 Rounds
Barrel Length 2.8 Inches
Overall Length 5.4 Inches
Overall Height 4 Inches
Weight Empty 22 Ounces
P-32 Specs
Caliber .32 Auto
Magazine Capacity 6 Rounds
Barrel Length 2.8 Inches
Overall Length 5.4 Inches
Overall Height 4 Inches
Weight Empty 22 Ounces

D-Series Derringers

Davis derringers provide more bang per buck than any other guns around!

Standard D-Series

These compacts are available in four popular calibers: .22LR, .25 Auto, .22 Mag, and .32 Auto.

All these over-and-under derringers have steel breech block inserts, steel barrels, and steel striker-type firing mechanisms. The safety is a positive plunger type with an internal hammer block to prevent unintended firing.

The .22LR and .25 Auto come with handsome and unbreakable synthetic pearl grips.

The .22 Mag and .32 have rugged laminated wood grips.

All D-Series models come in either chrome or black teflon.

Big-Bore D-Series

This year we've introduced the first in our big-bore line--the D-38 in .38 Special. About 17% larger overall than our standard D-Series models, the D-38 also uses more steel on the inside to handle the extra punch!

Other models will be coming--and we'd love to hear your ideas. Drop us a line and tell us what you'd like to see...

At Davis we believe that's just another example of doing things the American Way!
Standard D-Series Specs
Calibers .22LR, .22 Mag, .25 ACP, .32 ACP
Capacity 2 Rounds
Barrel Length 2.4 Inches
Overall Length 4.0 Inches
Overall Height 2.8 Inches
Weight Empty 9.5 Ounces
Big-Bore D-Series Specs
Caliber .38 Special
Capacity 2 Rounds
Barrel Length 2.75 Inches
Overall Length 4.65 Inches
Overall Height 3.31 Inches
Weight Empty 11.5 Ounces
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