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Defending NPG.

Through their letters condemning Negative Population Growth's anti-illegal immigration ad in E Magazine (Advice and Dissent, July/August 2005), three of your readers have displayed their gross ignorance of the immigration issue while putting their stamp of approval on illegal immigration. And, in the process, they have mocked every immigrant who has come here legally.

How can these three "environmentalists" say they want to protect this nation's natural beauty and resources while ignoring the damage mass immigration is doing through urban sprawl, traffic congestion and overcrowding? Does the writer who argued that immigrants come here because of their need for economic opportunity know that millions of our own citizens are also among the world's poor? What about their "search for a better life"? Where is the compassion for these fellow citizens whose jobs have been stolen by millions of illegal workers? Didn't these citizens--years ago, before their unions were broken and employers turned to cheap foreign workers (many of them illegal)--earn good wages as meat packers, janitors, drywall installers and construction workers?

Here's a news flash for the one writer who calls for birth control for the upper and middle class: Decades ago, the American people opted for smaller families. But any gains in reducing population increase have been wiped out by a shortsighted immigration policy that benefits only greedy businesses and selfish politicians who go after the "immigrant vote" like sharks go after raw meat. Nearly two-thirds of the 94 million people added to our society since the first Earth Day in 1970 is due to immigrants and the birth of their children. Speaking of Earth Day, do these writers know that its founder, the late Gaylord Nelson, advocated for far lower immigration levels as a crucial step toward stabilizing our population?

Dave Gorak, Executive Director

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

Lombard, IL
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Author:Gorak, Dave
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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