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Deep Water: Development and Change in Pacific Village Fisheries.

On the Development of Small-scale Fisheries

Publication of "Deep Water, Development and Change in Pacific Village Fisheries" by Margaret Critchlow Rodman has been announced by Westview Press, 5500 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301. The volume is part of the Press' Development, Conflict, and Social Change Series, and it presents the results and analyses of a 15-year anthropological case study of general development issues from the point of view of both canoe fishermen and development workers in the Vanuatu Islands of the South Pacific.

Here, the author offers a case study of a fisheries development program of moderate, though not complete, success, and she describes how various Vanuatuans view it as well. She tells how the Vanuatuans are responding in cultural, as well as political and economic terms to the commercialization of their craft of small-scale fishing, and how, with their traditional self-reliance and independence, the islanders are coping with the change to more of a capitalist economy. The volume thus helps readers see the various development issues through the islanders' eyes. Beyond the small-scale fisheries, however, such large fishing nations as Russia and Japan are vying for entry or influence into the region's fisheries. Change is coming and the volume helps to highlight various important issues and problems for the small island communities and for the aid donors and development workers as well. Paperbound, the 173-page volume costs $18.95.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1989
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