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Deep Water/Cruise Ship Dock Expansion, Phase 1.

Project end : 2015

Status : Active

Phase : Execution

Sector : Infrastructure

Location : United States

Scope :

The City of Homer is in the process of completing major infrastructure improvements that will help position Homer as the economic and transportation hub of the Kenai Peninsula. To provide a facility that can accommodate multiple industry groups and provide the greatest economic benefit to the area, upgrades to the Deep Water/Cruise Ship Dock are necessary. Phase 1 of the project will widen the existing dock to 88 feet, increase overall length to 744 feet, and widen and strengthen the existing trestle. Later phases will expand the dock further, add a terminal building and other upland improvements, and add a rail for a 100-foot gauge gantry crane.

The facility will provide staging for barged freight service to the Lake and Peninsula Borough via the Williamsport-Pile Bay Road or other facilities built to meet the need of future resource development. There is demand in the near term for modifications of the existing dock to accommodate long term mooring of large resource development vessels such as timber, mining and oil and gas barges.

The facility will be capable of handling containerized freight delivery to the Kenai Peninsula, thus reducing the cost of delivering materials and supplies to much of the Peninsula. The City has a 30-acre industrial site at the base of the dock which can support freight transfer operations and serve as a staging area for shipping to and from the Alaska Peninsula, Aleutians, and Bristol Bay.

Total Project Cost: $35,000,000


Schedule 2013 (Feasibility) : $1,250,000

2015 (Preliminary Design) : $1,750,000

2015-2016 (Construction) : $26,000,000

country :United States

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 4, 2014
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