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This special issue of Conradiana is dedicated to J.H. Stape in remembrance of his numerous and significant contributions to Conrad studies. This issue also announces the winners for the first annual J.H. Stape Conradiana Prize for the best essay published each year in the journal. The winners this year come from the essays published in volume 46 of the journal. This is a prize that Texas Tech University Press has agreed to award each year and is accompanied by $250 for first place. For the inaugural prize, I selected three finalists and then asked the members of Conradiana's Executive Board to rank the essays. After receiving the scores from the Board members, I tallied them to determine a winner. I plan to follow this same process in the future. This year's results are as follows:


Michael C. Frank, "Terrorism for the Sake of Counterterrorism: Undercover Policing and the Specter of the Agent Provocateur in Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent"

Chris GoGwilt, "Conrad's Accusative Case: Romanization, Changing Loyalties, and Switching Scripts"


Brian Richardson, "Silence, Progression, and Narrative Collapse in Conrad"

John G. Peters, General Editor

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Author:Peters, John G.
Date:Dec 22, 2015
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