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Dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh's GURU KI KASHI - KalgidharTrust/Society, Baru Sahib establishes its second Akal University at Talwandi Sabo.

Himachal Pradesh, Dec. 10 -- As a pioneer in the field of rural education, The Kalgidhar Trust/Society has also set its sight on higher education for the rural masses of north India. After having successfully setting up 101 Schools (Akal Academies) and Eternal University (that runs 24 streams), the Society is set to establish its second University named AKAL UNIVERSITY at Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda, Punjab.S. Sukhbir Singh Badal, Dy. Chief Minister, will lay the foundation stone for Akal University on Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 at Talwandi Sabo, Dist. Bathinda, Punjab. Religious leaders, top educationists, important officials, decision makers, hundreds of volunteers and well-wishers, will attend this historic occasion.

In reverence to the tenth Guru's prophecy, the Society has endeavored to establish an International Center for Comparative Religious Studies as a part of AKAL UNIVERSITY with special emphasis on the Teachings of Guru Granth Sahib and establishing center to translate Guru Granth Sahib in original ragas in different languages of the world. Also, following the message of Guru Nanak to establish Permanent Peace in the World, this place will create corps of Messengers of Peace who will spread the message of Universal Brotherhood of mankind throughout the world.

Besides, AKAL UNIVERSITY, Talwandi Sabo, Distt. Bathinda will develop collaborative academic programs with domestic and foreign universities for new and novel technologies and co-operative programs with local, national and international industries and develop program to train manpower to fulfill the needs of Punjab and India.

Akal University at Talwandi Sabo, proposes to establish following Centers of Excellence:

1. International Center for Guru Granth Sahib studies & Comparative Religious Studies

2. Center for healthcare & Medical Research

3. Center for Science & Technology

4. Center for Women Empowerment

5. International Center in Emerging Technologies & Entrepreneurship

6. International Center for Divine Music & Spiritualism

Furthermore the following institutions will be established:

1. Akal College of Engg. and Emerging Technologies

2. Akal College of Health Sciences

3. Akal College of Arts and Science

4. Akal College of rural Teacher Training

5. Akal College of Wellness and Public Health

6. Akal College of Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine

7. Akal College of Business Administration

8. Akal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

9. Akal College of Medical Sciences

10. Akal Polytechnics for the Training of Youth of Punjab

11. Akal College of Post-Graduate Studies

12. Akal School of Economics and Commerce

13. Akal School of Medicinal Chemistry and Herbal Medicines

14. Akal School of Nano-Technology

15. Akal School of Architecture and Design

16. Akal School of Law

17. Akal School of International Studies and Diplomacy

18. Akal School of Environmental Sciences

19. Akal School of Renewal Energy

20. Akal School of languages and communication skills

21. Akal School of Nutrition and Food Technology

The Kalgidhar Trust/Society:

The path for The Kalgidhar Trust as charted by its founding father, Sant Attar Singh way back in 1906; was asimply defined mission "To establish permanent peace in the world through the synthesis of value- basedscientific education and moral rejuvenation thereby creating good global citizens". Having identified theperils that accompany imparting of science without morality, Sant Attar Singh charted out a modest effort in the shape of the 1st Girls College in Punjab and after that a large number of schools and colleges, whichhe believed would someday lead to permanent peace. Such was his fame and love among masses across allfaiths that he was asked by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya to lay the foundation stone of the SanskritCollege at Banaras Hindu University in 1914.

Later, his disciple Sant Teja Singh, a renowned Educationist of his times, took upon himself to achieve hismaster's vision. Thus in 1956, Baru Sahib was founded and The Kalgidhar Trust was given a formal shape. In1965, Sant Teja Singh handed over the reins to Baba Iqbal Singh, Retd. Director Agriculture - HimachalPradesh, who set up in 1986, the 1st School called Akal Academy at Baru Sahib nestled in the laps ofHimalayan foothills, with only 5 students. Today Akal Academy - Baru Sahib has proved to be thefountainhead for the inception of 101 such Akal Academies spread all over rural North India.

To further strengthen the educational drive, The Kalgidhar Trust resolved to initiate modern 'centres of learning' that stand out in today's world as fountainheads of excellence that develop 'humane'character. Eternal University was setup, which again would be a unique experiment of inculcating moraldiscipline with higher education. Being the first private University for the community, Eternal University has24 streams including Colleges of Engineering, Nursing, Management, General Education, Divine Music,Teachers Training programs etc. The Akal College of Engineering and Technology has stood 1st amongst 19Engineering Colleges in 2011 under the Himachal Pradesh University.

Other multifaceted activities of The Kalgidhar Trust are De-addiction Centres (under the pattern ofAlcoholics Anonymous), Modern 280 bed Hospital, Orphanage, Women Care Centre, Free Teacher's Training Centres and Senior Citizen Centre. These cater to rural poor from far-flung and backward areas ofthe Himalayan region and rural North India.

Other than this, around 1500 poor girls are being imparted FreeTeacher's Training and provided with jobs in these chain of Schools there by and not only earning theirlivelihood but self-respect and confidence too.

Time will tell the world as today these messengers of peace coming out of these institutions, spread out their wings moving out into the world and destiny takes shape through their message of universality and brotherhood; thereby creating a perpetual line of good global citizens which is the only answer to reversing the course of destruction that the world has set itself on.

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Date:Dec 10, 2011
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