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Decorative stitch glossary.

Blanket Stitch: This straight stitch followed by a perpendicular stitch is used along edges, such as appliques.

Blind-Hem Stitch: Traditionally used for a nearly invisible hem finish, this stitch takes several straight stitches, and then one small stitch into the hem to secure.

Buttonhole Stitch: This built-in stitch creates a buttonhole. Some built-in buttonhole types in sewing machines include standard, rounded and keyhole.

Fagoting Stitches: Decorative bridging stitches are stitched over an open seam to join two fabric pieces.

Joining Stitches: Decorative bridging stitches are stitched over the seamline of two joined fabric pieces with the seam allowance pressed open.

Mock Hand Quilting Stitch: This stitch that mimics the look of hand stitching.

Overcast Stitch: This stitch is designed to cover and support a fabric edge and prevent fraying.

Straight Stitch: Every machine has this most basic stitch, which is used for basic construction with utility threads. Some machines have a left, center or right needle justification and almost all machines allow you to adjust the stitch length.

Three-Step Zigzag Stitch: Instead of one stitch from point to point on a regular zigzag stitch, three short stitches are taken from point to point. This stitch has slight stretch so it's helpful when overcasting stretch fabrics and attaching elastic.

Triple Straight/Stretch Stitch: Used as a reinforced seam on sleeves, inseams or denim projects, this straight stitch is created by the needle taking two stitches forward and one stitch backward to create a strong seam with some stretch.

Zigzag Stitch: This back-and-forth stitch creates a zigzag line and is used as an edge finish on seam allowances or for applique.

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