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Decorative laminate producers emphasize variety.


Today's laminates come in a greater variety of colors, patterns and textures.

Laminate manufacturers are creating a bigger selection of high-quality products because their customers are demanding more.

Wendy Steed, marketing manager for Reneer Films, said as customers become more and more sophisticated, they expect the options that were once considered exclusive, to be made available to them. For example, granites and marbles, which were formerly higher-end textures, have been integrated into the mainstream, forcing manufacturers to create high-quality products with value-pricing, she said. In addition, as a reaction to the "sameness" of traditional wood, consumers are seeking exotic wood looks and woodgrain patterns. Steed added that black is "stronger than ever" with metallic, pearlized and woodgrain options.

What's the latest word in colors and textures for laminates? According to Dan Cannady, decorative marketing manager at Westinghouse-Micarta, look for a warming trend as yellow and gold accentuate a variety of bright colors. He added that matted surfaces soften colors and that "even brighter shades are softened by texture."

Cannady also said that the industry utilizes pearlescent, metallic laminates to "gain a glitzy look."

The following is a list of companies that offer decorative laminates. For more information, circle the corresponding number on the Reader's Service Card.

Increased color selections

Abet Laminati has updated its solid color selection. Color Speciali features 24 newly defined solid colors which have been divided and identified by families of colors. The division are named after vast nations, each representing the nation's colorful culture.324

Color Portfolio includes the addition of 25 new colors to Formica Corp.'s solid color offering, which ranges from tinted whites to an expanded neutral palette, to rich chromatics and finally deep, "blackened" tones. The Color Portfolioi organizes the horizontal color families vertically, beginning at the top with a White/Black string, followed by Yellow Neutrals, Red Neutrals, Yellow/Red, Red/Violet, Green and Blue. The shortened prismatic string at the foot of the Portfolio also progresses from left to right with increasing color saturation. 325

Noresin Inc. offers decorative Plyocite, a series of polyester and melamine thermosetting overlays which can be hotpress fused to particleboard or MDF. The lamites are produced in a wide range of solid colors and woodgrain patterns.326

New in metallics

Advanced Techonology's Art Concept effectively combines functional laminates and limited addition art. Each sheet of highpressure laminate is individually handpainted before being pressed and sealed with melamine into laminate form. Also new from the company is an expanded DUROpal laminate line and Mirroflex highly reflective mosaics featuring pressure sensitive backing and an array of metallic colors.327

Clear Core Inc. offers Europlex, a 1/8-in. thick acrylic sheet with metallics, granites, marbles, cobweb, crystal and vibrant solid colors. Approximately 50 stock colors are featured. Europlex is reportedly ideal for furniture, doors, architectural elements, interior designs and displays. 328

Chemetal's large selection of true metal surfaces ranges from bright reflective finishes through soft, subtle metallic tones. Any combination of Chemetal strips, panels and special shapes may be used to create design concepts.329

More options in stones

Interlam Inc. offers its Faux Stone Series of high-pressure laminates which combine high resolution decor papers with outstanding gloss and quartz textures. Nineteen items comprise the series.330

Global Specialty Products Ltd. produces Marblelight stone panels. The company says Marblelight is real marble or granite in 4-ft by 8-ft panels that weigh only 3 lbs per square foot. Ten stock colors are offered.331

Nevamar announces that its Stipple Finish has been added to all of the company's Matrix and Sparkle Series laminates. The addition of Stipple Finish on laminates heightens the effect of its stone-like appearance with a more realistic tactile surface, the company says.332

More woodgrain choices

Avery Decorative Films offers its RR Series heat transfer foil, designed specifically for use by manufacturers of promotional furniture and mobile home components which utilize flat surface foil lamination techniques.333

Ralph Wilson Plastics Co. has added two woodgrain finishes to its line of textural options. Rift Grain simulates the texture of a rift-cut veneer, while Cathedral Grain gives the "cathedral" graining effect of flat-cut veneer. The new woodgrain finishes are available in the 110 solid color options in the Color Quest line and may be specified on the entire line of 200 Design Group 1 colors and patterns. 334

Kurz Hastings Inc. offers Tuff/Coat dry transfer finish which provides an improved scratch- and mar-resistant surface. This unique heat transfer foil enables the user to easily handle and process the finished panel, greatly reducing the problems incurred during all phases of the manufacturing operation.335

Oberflex Inc. offers a Grade-A book match veneer, laminated with high-pressure melamine to permit use of exotic woods, such as Japanese elm, European ash or African mahogany, almost anywhere without fear of damage, the company says. The veneers have a phenolic backing for easier fabrication.336

Domtar Decorative Panels has added colors and woodgrains to its core line. Storm, Rose Ash, Impala, Platinum are four new solid colors; Gunstock Savoy Walnut, Cabinet Oak and Natural Oak are three new woodgrains. These complete a core product line of 32 solid colors, woodgrains and patterns. Domtar also offers new products in the Desert Sand Series and four new finishes.337

Design Dimensions is a new, textured 3-D woodgrain laminate from Reneer Films Corp. The company says it withstands harsh proceesing conditions and is easy to apply. The film is initially available in oak and walnut designs with thicknesses ranging from 0.008 to 0.024 in. Orders can be color matched to customer specifications.338

Custom patterns and colors are offered by Roto Plas Laminates, Div. of Textone. Available in 2-mil vinyl, woodgrain patterns include: Heritage Oak, American Walnut, Fantasy Ash, Santa Fe Oak, Mesa Pecan, Grand Oak, Sunset Oak, Harbor Oak and Golden Oak.339

Occidental Chemical Corp. offers three additional woodgrain patterns in Oxyline woodgrain laminating films: Fairview Oak, Max Oak and Royal Oak. The company says that its Klearview woodgrains feature a strong sandwich construction for V-grooving and are durable for standard laminations.340

Other options in decorative laminates

Flexible Materials' Flexible Contours Collection carries tambour beyond the traditional to create a new design opportunities, the company says. The Contours Collection offers laminate panels in the flat and half round profiles. The 24-in. by 120-in. flat profile laminate panel is stocked in black and Dove Grey and is also available in metals and woods. Customs colors or patterns are also available.341

The October Co. offers its Wildlife Series laminates, which have both the look and texture of the creatures they represent and the same working characteristics as standard plastic lamiantes. Standard finishes include Desert Elephant, Chestnut Hornback Lizard, Green Alligator, Black Reptilian and Dark Chestnut Sea Turtle. They can be used in a variety of vertical and light-duty horizontal applications including: cabinets, display cases, exhibits, doors and drawer fronts, and case goods. 342

Micarta Div. of Westingthouse offers a new laminate with a lumininous jewel look which, according to the company, is unique to the laminate industry. The look is achieved with minuscule iridescent particles, which appear to be suspended in rich, vivid color. Varying light reflections will cause the color to change in intensity and the result is an opulent surfacing material, according to the company. The product comes in 12 standard colors which range from mauve to teal to neutrals such as pearl black, oxford gray and chocolate brown.343

Laminated Plastics Inc. offers Panelyte laminates in the Starlite finish which is a high sheen textured finish that is "sandblast" embossed. Its applications include commercial and institutional fixtures and cabinets.344

Catalin Ltd. offers medium-density overlays that are phenolic resin-impregnated papers coated with a partially cured phenolic resin on one side for lamination onto softwood, plywood and other substrates.345

Base papers and backings

Multidecor of America offers MFP finish foils for easy laminating. Foils are available in numerous designs for a variety of applications.346

A manufacturer and distributor of non-permanent pressure sensitive masking for overlays and laminates, Main Tape says its Tuf Top/Quality Cote films protect surfaces from scratching and marring during production or shipping. They are available in 2 to 10 mils, from 1 in. to 96 in.347

PWA Decor Inc. produces base papers for resin impregnation of laminates onto substrates such as particleboard, plywood and MDF.348

Masa Decor offers MFP finish papers for decorative surfaces. Hundreds of woodgrain and natural reproductions with custom-color matching are available.349

Lectron supplies decorative papers for production of high-pressure laminates. The company says its design paper is a special high-quality paper printed with woodgrain or patterns and is suitable for the manufacture of laminates as well as laminated particleboard and fiberboard.350

Advanced Printing Technologies Inc. manufactures standard and industrial lightweight grades of paper, Kraft paper, pigmented white, wrapping grades and saturating papers.351

Interprint supplies decorative papers for printed lamination.352

Arjomari/Special Papers Inc. has decorative saturating papers for high- and low-pressure laminates in 60- to 180-gram weights as well as printable base papers for foils and high- and low-pressure continuous and polyester and laminates.353

Linneman offers Durolin melamine-impregnated papers in a complete line of solid colors, woodgrains, embossed woodgrain edgings and foils, in a complete range of topcoat grades.354

Mead Specialty Paper Div. produces saturating grades of paper for the decorative laminating industry, both high- and low-pressure laminates.355

PHOTO : The Wildlife Series from the October Co. features such laminates as Desert Elephant and Green Alligator.

PHOTO : Advanced Technology's Art Concept features limited addition art.

PHOTO : The Cathedral Grain finish from Ralph Wilson Plastics Co. is shown of D28-80 Seaspray.

PHOTO : Marblelight panels from Global Specialty Products Ltd. are available in ten colors.

PHOTO : Color Portfolio from Formica Corp. offers 25 new colors.

PHOTO : One of Nevamar's new Stipple Finish selection is Peacock Green Matrix.

PHOTO : The Micarta Div. of Westinghouse offers a laminate with a jewel look.

PHOTO : Nineteen items comprise the Faux Stone Series from Interlam Inc.

PHOTO : Abet Laminati's Color Speciali features 24 new colors.

PHOTO : Avery offers a foil that is designed specifically for promotional furniture.

PHOTO : Europlex laminate from Clear Core Inc. is available in metallics and other textures.
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