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Decorations and more decorations!

Wow, another new year is here, 2012 already! They seem to be getting here faster each year. People tell me that the older you get the faster the years pass. My buds and I are thinking it's the dredge of dragging out decorations month after month.


You would think that Christmas would be the only one ... you would be dead wrong! It's a year-long process with a femme. Trust me! The true beginning is in February, there are hearts and flowers that adorn every tabletop in the house. Then in March we get out the shamrocks and leprechauns. April starts the indoor AND outdoor stuff - bunnies, eggs, and baskets of goodies.

May, baskets are made and taken to all the neighbors, and of course there are a ton of graduations too. We have Pomp & Circumstance playing like a mantra. June brings out the summer regalia of plants, watering cans, and a sundry of stakes to hold up everything that might or might not grow. Of course, don't forget all the vases and such to hold said vegetation in the house. July brings out all the red, white, and blues, "everything under the sun," along with lining the driveways of everyone on the block with patriotic flags.

August and September ... you would think things would start to settle down. Again, dead wrong! No, these two months are reserved to create new decorations for the upcoming holidays. What's up with that?? Didn't we do that last year? What was I thinking? Those were LAST YEAR'S! So we are off on a frenzied shopping spree with 40 thousand other femmes dragging their butches along to get "new stuff." (You can tell who we are by the blank expressions on our faces).

October brings Halloween and all its trappings. (This USED to be one of my favorite holidays until we had to decorate everything with "taste"). Then Thanksgiving, which traditionally meant food and football ... not anymore. It's now the day to bring out 18 tubs of stuff for the ultimate decorating season, Christmas. Our place looks like the elves went berserk.

But wait, there's more! New Year's Eve! Along with the Christmas ornaments, there are champagne bottles with sparklers shooting out of them, horns, and noisemakers. Personally my buds and I miss years gone by when we would eat a big bowl of beans and pull each other's fingers for noisemakers. That party's over.

Looking back in retrospect, the years aren't coming faster ... it's the constant exchange of decorations that are speeding it up! I'm thinking I should invent the ultimate decor. A deco tree adorned with red, white, and blue hearts, pink bunnies, green clovers, flowers, black bats, white snowflakes, noisemakers, and it plays the theme song from Star Wars as it twirls. That should do it ... and it will give me more time for fishing.

Play safe my friends ...

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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