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Decorating & printing.

New capabilities for printing on parts, in-mold decorating, and 3-D surface treating are some show highlights.

Several new pad-transfer, silk-screen, and dry-offset printing machines will debut at NPE '97. Look for modularity, higher outputs, more flexibility in color options, and safer handling. Also on exhibit will be lots of new developments in hot-stamping and heat-transfer equipment and materials. They include units that decorate a wider variety of shapes, including continuous-motion machines for three-dimensional parts and new types of in-mold heat transfers. New surface-treatment equipment will also debut, including low-pressure corona and plasma treaters. Look also for new coatings for a variety of plastics.


An unusual capability for pad printing will be introduced by United Silicone Inc., Lancaster, N.Y. New UP303H printer with sealed ink reservoir can print horizontally on the side of a product. A reciprocating pad arm moves downward to pick up the image from the cliche plate and then turns 90 [degrees] and extends horizontally to print on a vertical surface. It minimizes parts handling and is suited to printing on parts that are either too large or difficult to fixture in a way that orients the decorating surface facing upwards for conventional pad printing.

Also new is Model UP323, which accommodates two sealed ink reservoirs side by side for two-color printing or for increased capacity on single-color jobs. The reservoirs feature new double-sided doctoring rings that are said to be easily reversed to minimize downtime.

Both of these new models can print up to 2000 parts/hr. United Silicone also has a new sealed ink-cup pad printer capable of up to 5000 parts/hr.

Graphics International Group, Markham, Ont., will feature the new Madag Sigma, a modular, one- to four-color pad printer said to feature easy change of inkwell sets from open to dosed. Output is up to 1500 parts/hr.

Trans Tech America, Inc., Carol Stream, Ill., will feature its new Carousel 120 one- to five-color, sealed-ink-cup pad printer for 600 parts/hr.

Rasi Corp. S.A.C.V. of India will introduce a line of pad printers with 80-125 mm plates and ability to use sealed ink cups.

In screen printing, Dependable Machine Co., Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J., is introducing the M.O.S.S. 1050 high-speed uv-curing machine, which can print on flexible tubes that previously required dry-offset printing. The unit can print two to eight colors in register in one pass at rates of 5000-6000 parts/hr.

Kammann Machines, Inc., St. Charles, Ill., is launching the K-14U multicolor, universal screen printer for printing on cylindrical, oval, and flat containers at over 5000 parts/hr.

In dry-offset equipment, a multi-station, high-speed lid printer will be introduced by Automation Equipment, Inc., Norwalk, Ohio. The MSP-5000 is said to transcend the graphic limitations of wet-on-wet ink application with single impression cylinders. Instead, this model uses a "wet-on-dry" process: Each station applies one color and then dries the ink immediately, so ink contamination is prevented.

This press is said to print brilliant photo-realistic images at up to 13,000 lids/hr in a single lane (dual lanes are possible with smaller lids). Maximum print area is 10 x 10 in. for process-color printing, solid backgrounds, solids over screenwork, and clear overcoats.

Van Dam Machine Corp., West Patterson, N.J., will feature the company's new Model 5610 COM-III, a 10-color dry-offset cup printer that runs up to 550 cups/min in a size range up to 8 in. diam.

Comdec Inc., Newburyport, Mass., is introducing 12-color mixing systems for pad- and screen-printing inks to facilitate mixing of custom colors in house. The company will also feature a new series of waterless offset inks for printing on CDs.

And Serigraph, Inc. of West Bend, Ind., will introduce an in-mold decorating process that involves printing on sheets that are thermoformed and then used as inserts in injection molding.


Permanent Label Corp., Clifton, N.J., will showcase its recently introduced LRO-624 heat-transfer machine that can label up to 360 [degrees] on round parts with a taper up to 30 [degrees] and up to 20 in. diam. The company will also show a new CM2 continuous-motion heat-transfer and pressure-sensitive labeler for flat objects. It can apply labels at up to 400 in./min at 20-60 pieces/min.

United Silicone, Inc. will launch two new hot-stampers. Model US VPC-2 is a peripheral marking machine for applying two decorative foil colors or two pre-printed heat transfers up to 360 [degrees] around the periphery of cylindrical or slightly conical parts, such as cosmetic packaging. The unit's two 4 x 5 in. heads are mechanically linked for exact color-to-color registration (within 0.005 in.).

The company's new US R3EX can hot stamp extruded products in-line at up to 30 ft/min. The unit's silicone rollers measure 8 in. diam. x 4 in. wide and its modular design can accommodate flat and complex contours.

Silicone Products & Technology Inc., Lancaster, N.Y., will show its first vertical hot-stamp presses, ranging from 0.5 to 12 tons.

Among in-mold decorating exhibits, Webtech, Inc., Robinsville, N.J., will launch a new type of in-mold heat transfer that is die cut for insert molding. Materials can be printed in up to eight colors and die cut into individualized sheets of any size up to 20x15 in. The inserts can be manually or robotically placed in the mold and become fused to the injected plastic for a permanent and durable application. (Webtech will also launch a new line of metallic and pigmented foils in finished widths of 24 in.)

Oeserwerk Ernst Oeser & Soehne KG of Germany will demonstrate its gravure-printed in-mold heat-transfer decoration system on a Battenfeld injection molding machine.


Corona Designs, Inc., Garland, Texas, is introducing an automatic air-gap adjustment station for its line of corona treaters. It's designed for foam converters and others who treat a wide variety of substrate thicknesses, as it eliminates changing the electrode position when web thickness changes. The company will also show its new, more compact PowerSource II corona generator.

Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, Wis., is launching the Power+ bare-roll electrode, which reportedly allows a 40% increase in power applied to achieve a higher level of corona treatment on hard-to-treat substrates. The company will also feature a redesigned version of the Dyne-A-Mite 3-D corona treater for extruded, molded, and formed products.

Pillar Technologies, Hartland, Wis., will feature its newly developed 3-D corona treater that promotes adhesion to molded or extruded parts for printing, coating, or labeling. Available in one- or two-head versions, it is said to deliver treatment 2.25 in. wide.

Lectro Engineering Co., St. Louis, is introducing a forced-air plasma treater that generates a low-temperature plasma, which is blown across parts through a discharge head.

Plasmatech, Inc., Erlanger, Ky., will launch a new low-pressure plasma system for treating plastics.

Aerogen Co., Ltd. of England is introducing its latest development in flame-treatment technology - a special burner system that maintains an even gap between burner and substrate across webs as wide as 10 meters. The company is also showing advances in surface treatment of TPO automotive components for painting or structural bonding.


Simco, Hatfield, Pa., will feature the new Magnum Force air ionizer, which is said to eliminate static and dust from flat or contoured surfaces. Using blowers instead of compressed air is said to result in 30-70% lower operation costs.

Tantec Inc., Schaumburg, Ill., will introduce a "shockless" DC static-elimination bar that's said to work on high-speed lines at twice the distance of standard AC bars.

NRD, Inc., Grand Island, N.Y., is introducing the NucleJet ionized-air blow-off gun for removing static charge from large, irregularly shaped parts.


Enthone-OMI, Inc., West Haven, Conn., will feature its new Enshield EMI-shielding process that utilizes electroless copper/nickel plating to apply a conductive multilayer coating on plastics. It reportedly provides a minimum of 80dB attenuation.

Exxene Corp., Corpus Christi, Texas, will introduce the HTAS series of hard (6-7 H), chemically resistant, antistatic coatings and the HTAF series of anti-fog coatings with 3H hardness.

North American Coating Laboratories' Industrial Optical Div., Cleveland, is introducing an abrasion-resistant coating for injection molded polycarbonate and acrylic. The company will have product samples with dip-applied coatings and vacuum-applied "diamond-like" carbon coating.

What to look for:

* Pad printer with reciprocating arm prints on sides of parts.

* High-speed uv-cure screen printer can print eight colors on flexible tubes.

* Multi-station dry-offset lid printer applies colors 'wet on dry.'

* Several types of in-mold decorating systems bow in.

* 3-D corona treaters promote adhesion to three-dimensional parts.
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Title Annotation:NPE '97; new printing equipment to be shown at the 1997 National Plastics Exposition
Author:Sherman, Lilli Manolis
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Date:May 1, 1997
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