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Decorating, printing and finishing systems: product lines reviewed.

Offers a full line of pad-printing equipment, ranging from standard to specially designed machines. An R&D lab is available to test parts to determine the most suitable type of pad and inks. Other supplies offered for pad printing include inks, pads and cliches.


Manufactures 200 models of screen-printing machinery. Among the most popular machines are container printers, flatbed automatics, cylinder presses, flat-bed semi-automatics, manual ACKERMAN GOULD CO., INC.

Provides hot-stamping machines and supplies. Standard machine sizes range from 1 x 3 in. to 12 x 16 in.; custom-built models have a 24 x 36 in. imprint area in four-post design.

Roll-on hot-stamping machinery ranges from 5 to 30 in. wide with continuous and reciprocating conveyor tables. Standard line of vertical machinery can be custom fitted with power slide tables, rotary turntables, peripheral marking attachments, and automatic feeding systems.

In addition, hot-stamp wire and flexible-tube marking machines and accessories can be interfaced with automatic cutting/stripping and termination systems.


Hot-stamping machines include air-operated and hydraulic presses in the 1/2- to 40-ton range with standard die-head sizes up to 24 x 36 in. Also available are one-step roll-on units for cylindrical parts, linear-contact roll-on stampers for large-area work (e.g., panels), and systems for blow molded bottle hot stamping. Optional devices include index mechanisms for multicolor heat transfers, rotary tables, fixtures, dies, and parts feeders for automatic processing. In-house design and manufacturing are offered for special-purpose hot-stamping systems.

Graphics division supplies complete hot-stamping and decorating systems. Machine models feature high-speed registered, continuous form-feed embossing and hot-stamping. Systems are available for label production from plastic or coated paper stock; automatic feeding, hole-punching, and perforating; single- or multicolor nomenclature; and consecutive serial-number hot-stamping.


Offers equipment, inks and supplies for screen printing. Three-dimensional, flatbed, cylinder, and screen-printing systems are said to print on any size or shape substrate. UV-curing units for heat-sensitive and other substrates are also offered.

Company's Excello Color & Chemical Div. manufactures over 41 color lines of inks for screen printing, as well as squeegees, frames, photo emulsions, and an assortment of accessories.

Company's equipment manufacturing division (American Screen Printing Equipment Co.) offers a wide array of screen-printing equipment used to print on plastic substrates. Semi-automatic flatbed presses in various sizes print on flat plastic substrates while the Hercules Horizon press can automatically print up to seven colors on a variety of plastic substrates. Also offered is a versatile 3-D printer capable of screening plastic bottles, milk jugs or buckets up to 5-gal size. A complete line of conventional and uv-cure/dry units and a flame treater are also available, along with screen-printing inks compatible with many plastic types.


Manufactures a wide range of hot-stamping equipment. Nine reciprocal presses are offered: six pneumatic presses range from 1/4 to 3 tons and three hydraulic presses range from 5 to 15 tons. Special four-post hydraulic presses are also available up to 60 tons.

Roll-on presses include a vertical press that can hold up to a 9-in. roller with the ability to decorate 360|degrees~ on cylindrical parts in one step. Company's Accu-Roll press, designed for corner wrap and tapered parts, as well as large flat objects, can roll on large heat transfers or foil with elimination of air entrapment. This pneumatic-powered press is available with a 5- to 12-in.-long silicone roller and a 15- to 36-in. horizontal stroke.

Company specializes in custom hot-stamp presses designed to customers' needs with special support components such as index tables, slide tables, pick-and-place units and vibratory feed bowls. Custom support fixtures and steel dies are also offered. All presses come with a high-accuracy, heat-transfer indexer for decals, which can also be retrofitted to all makes of hot-stamping equipment.


Offers screen-printing, pad-printing and hot-stamping equipment, and supplies such as inks, screens, transfer pads, dies, and plates.


Manufactures printing, marking, hot-stamping, screening and decorating machinery for all types of plastic substrates and shapes. Equipment for letterpress, letterflex, multicolor dry offset, rotogravure offset, spraying, and dipping is also manufactured. Most systems are fully custom-engineered and include automated feeding, printing, conventional or uv-drying. Ink, wash-up solutions, printing plates, and dies are also supplied.


Manufactures plastic embossing machines, calenders, plastic laminators, roll coaters of all types, flame laminators, slitting units, tension control units, unwind and rewind units with automatic splicing and flying start features. Industries served include paper, foil and textile. Company supplies standard equipment, laboratory machines, as well as custom-designed equipment for newly developed processes, either as components or turnkey systems.


Offers semi- and fully automatic screen printers for round, flat, and oval objects, and fully automatic offset printers for round, square, and flat objects. 3-D screen printers offer one-, two-, and three-color printing at speeds from 4500 to 6000 parts/hr. Units have a uv-curing system and are reported to offer quick job changeover.


Manufactures printing systems, including pad-printing and laser-marking systems. Company concentrates on high-volume production needs and specialty advertising and custom applications for high-quality decor-type marks including logo, artwork and halftones onto substrates such as plastic, wood, glass and metals.


Company's five standard semi-automatic screen-printer models decorate objects from vials, bottles and diskettes, to 5-gal pails and large control panels. Two automatic screen-printer models decorate a wide range of 3-D parts, containers, and packages to 6-in. diam. or width. The A10 is a high-speed, modular, rapid changer, flexible, container printing system, which is available with unscrambling, feeding, surface treating, uv- or solvent-curing, and pressure-sensitive labeling options.

Company offers a wide range of custom feed, transfer, and reload systems. Drying and curing systems include the Ventron conveyorized and Autocure linear uv-curing systems and Rotocure uv-curing systems.

Four pad-transfer printer models range from a one-color, 3 1/2-in. image Padflex 100 to a four-color, 23 1/2-in. image Padflex 650. Standard features include covered inkwell, programmable controller and a removeable/replaceable pad head. Various standard attachments enable surface treating, ink maintenance, flash drying, and multicolor printing. Automation includes unscramblers, bowl feeders, rotary carousel and linear conveyors, automatic load and unload stations.

An extensive line of accessories and supplies for both screen and pad printing includes pad-printing ink systems, solvent and uv curable screen-printing inks, computerized color matching, printing pads, steel and plastic printing plates, screens, doctor blades, squeegee material, mesh, typesetting, and art generation. Technical services include complete factory or in-plant training, machine maintenance, and application support.


Offers a heat-transfer labeling system called Therimage that permits multicolor decorating in one pass on plastic containers. Labels are printed by gravure or screen in up to seven colors on special release papers and are transferred to containers at speeds up to 150 labels/min by means of special applying equipment.


Offers label-application machinery and squeezable vinyl labels for flexible/squeezable plastic containers.


Offers the BH-2000 series labeler for applying paper, foil, laminates, polypropylene films and laminates, and expanded polystyrene foam labels; application methods include full-wrap, spot, or die-cut from the roll. Labels can be applied to round, square or rectangular containers using hot-melt, cold glue, or thermoplastic adhesive. Company's BH 7000 machine is said to be an economical, high-speed labeling machine capable of applying 700 labels/min.


Manufactures a complete line of manual, automatic, and robotic spray-painting equipment, including air, airless, air-assisted airless, high-volume low-pressure, liquid and powder electrostatic, plural component, and anodic-hydracoating models.

Product lines cover virtually every spray finishing need. Complete painting and coating systems include spray booths, paint pumps, circulating systems, air-supply and exhaust systems, air compressors, protective equipment, fluid and air-handling systems, hoses, connections and fittings, pressure tanks, and air filters. Assorted accessories include line striping systems, airbrushes, extractors, air dryers, and regulators.


Large multicolor rotogravure printing presses for high-speed coating and printing on packaging film are available. An unwind/rewind unit is part of the press, but may be obtained separately. Equipment handles web widths to 55 in. and has a 54-in. printing width, speeds to 1500 ft/min, and repeat range of 18-36 in. or 18-50 in., depending on model selected. Web tension is 4 to 100 lb. Options include laminating equipment, special dryers, electronic register controls for accuracy, web guiding and tension control. An automatic flying splice on unwind end and automatic rewind transfer are standard features.


Offers flexographic printing presses, which include stack and central-impression, roll-to-roll and in-line, and coating via gravure and/or laminating. Stack presses are available in 32- to 70-in. widths with 12- to 60-in. repeats, and up to 8 colors as standard. Central-impression presses are available with 50- to 90-in. drum diameters and 12- to 48-in. printing repeats. With speeds up to 1200 fpm, presses are available in widths from 32 to 66 in. and a maximum of 8 colors.


Manufactures the Cassco line of hot-stamping presses, turntables, and accessories, specializing in tooling for automotive, cosmetic, and appliance decoration. Silicone rubber sheets, dies, rolls, and tooling are also available, as well as a vacuum take-off device to speed part removal after stamping, automatic feed devices, turntables, slide tables, indexers, and parts-handling equipment.

Company also offers a full range of pad-printing equipment and supplies, including fully automatic, multicolor systems, automation accessories, cliches, a full range of inks and hundreds of shapes and sizes of pads. All Cassco machines are supplied with digital microprocessor controls.


Screen printers and dryers are manufactured for decorating plastic sheets. Company's semi-automatic machines can print up to 20 x 40 ft; custom sizes are available. Standard conveyorized, heated air-jet dryers accept sizes up to 84 in. wide with unlimited length. Special conveyor will accommodate embossed or drawn configurations up to 4 in. deep. Also available are infrared-curing systems and walk-in ovens. Technical service is also offered.


Manufactures spray-painting masks and shields, automatic and semi-automatic spray-painting equipment, vacuum-metallizing equipment for applying base and top coats (flow-coating machines), vacuum-plating machines, air-operated clamping fixtures, spindle machines, automatic mask-cleaning systems (either solventless or with solvents), machines that apply decorative and functional coatings, and ultraviolet coating and curing systems.


Model CMC hot-stamping machines have print areas from 1 x 4 in. to 20 x 30 in. and range from hand-operated to 19.2 tons. Standard flat, sliding, and rotary tables are available. Units of 3 tons and over can be operated on high pressure or one-ton pressure for savings in air consumption. Company supplies a variety of accessories, plus embossing, labeling, flexographic, rotogravure, and offset lithography equipment.


Manufactures a variety of standard high-production automatic paint-spray decorating machines with automatic mask washing, automatic paint and wipe machines, fixtures and masks for hand spraying, solvent and solventless mask washers, and automatic flow-coating equipment for vacuum metallizing.


The RP-10S heat-transfer application system is designed for up to 360|degrees~ roll printing of heat-transfer labels and stamping foil, and prints products such as lipstick tubes, deodorant barrels, lip balms, mascara tubes, squeeze tubes, and other cylindrical shapes, including those with moderate tapers. The ST-10 compact, tabletop heat-transfer system decorates cylindrical or flat parts.

Company custom designs machinery for heat-transfer decorating with labeling tooling. Available is the Hydro GraFix machine, which coats three-dimensional parts with gravure printing. Heat transfers, glass transfers, sublimation, selective metallization, direct silk screen, and offset printing are offered, as well as systems design, licensing, consultation and installation.


Company offers hot-stamping, embossing, silkscreening, pad-printing and spray-painting equipment. Standard hot-stamping machines are available in 1 1/2-, 5-, and 12-ton vertical presses and 12- and 18-in. roll-on presses. Special equipment to meet automotive and major appliance standards are designed and built.


Offers foil markers and spray-painting equipment. Foil markers come with rollers from 1/2 to 1 1/2-in. and use 150 watts. Company also offers complete spray operations that include spray guns, booths, ovens and air-replacement systems, air-control equipment, fluid-handling equipment, compressors, safety equipment, and repair services.


Manufactures a variety of embossing devices called Automark. Model EMB-440 is capable of printing characters from 3/32- to 3/36-in. high; material can be from 1/2- to 3-in. high with any width.

Model EMW-3-40 is a keyboard-operated tube-branding device for short runs with an optional memory. Applications include PVC and shrinkable tubing. The 7800-B-40 is also keyboard operated and marks identification tags and other objects. Other products include the ACEP-1B and ACEP-3B branders.


Offers screen-printing equipment for semi-automatic and fully automatic systems. Small and large pad printers, hot-stamping equipment, flame-treating equipment, and drying conveyors are also offered. A complete line of pads, plates, and doctor blades for transfer pad printing is available.


Offers automatic electrostatic spray-painting equipment in either air-assisted or airless models, as well as single-station, hand-spray systems for liquid and powder coating. Also manufactures standard or custom spray booths.


Designs and builds custom multicolor dry-offset printing presses for formed plastics. Services include automation engineering.


Supplies heat-transfer equipment that will handle containers from 4 oz to 2 1/2 gal. Decorating speeds of 200-plus containers/min are obtainable, depending on size and shape.


Company offers its computer-controlled DigiMark digital laser-marking system, which changes codes instantaneously and automatically while marking products (plastic, cardboard and paper) indelibly on-the-fly. The system is suitable for marking expiration dates and codes, providing identity and traceability. User has control of message content and length for each individual mark. Any part of the message may be time related, i.e., date, time, shift. DigiMark has no moving parts and no consumables except for electricity.


Offers 20 models of screen-printing machines for printing and decorating plastic containers of all sizes and shapes. Models range from small semi-automatic machines to fully automatic high-speed, four-color machines, including unscramblers, orienters, flame treaters, and uv-curing units.


Paint Finishing System Div. designs, fabricates, and installs turnkey plastic paint-finishing systems. Provides complete systems for precleaning the component, spray-booth top-coat operations, and radiant or convection curing.

Company has complete electrical controls and environmental abatement equipment capabilities. The Environmental Engineering Services Div. also provides complete permitting and testing services. These include air and waste-water permitting capabilities, dispersion modeling, laser technology demonstrations, coating transfer efficiency testing, stack testing for criteria and non-criteria pollutants, and control technology cost analyses.


Offers a line of offset and direct-printing machines, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models. Printing accessories include ink, type, brass and photo-engravings. Customized and standard models for decorating or marking plastic products are available. Company features carton and label printers, single and multicolor flat bed, cylinder and pad-printing presses.


Carries a complete line of spray-coating equipment including hand guns, automatic spray guns, electrostatic spray systems and pressure tanks.


Manufactures specialized guns, equipment, and chemicals for EMI shielding by the spray-plating (silver-reduction) method.


Custom turnkey heat-transfer decorating systems can be provided in addition to silk-screened heat transfers for multicolor product decoration and labeling. Company offers art design services, engineering assistance, custom tools and fixtures, and machining for flat, contour and roll-on applications.


The GB89 hot-stamp marking machine features adjustable foil feed, imprint pressure and heat control; electronic dwell control; more operational imprint area ("daylight"); and front safety shield. Modular, interchangeable heads allow a choice from 1- to 7-line type options, or a 40-digit wheel is available. Virtually anything can be marked from discrete and round wire, flat cable, heat-shrink sleeving and tubing to nylon, PVC, PTFE, rubber and PVDF. Standard applications include round parts with ODs from 0.030 in. to 0.590 in. and flat parts from 3/32 in. to 5 in. wide. Up to 22 characters, depending on material, can be imprinted. Standard font sizes include 1/16, 5/64, 1/8 and 3/16 in. The GB89, which requires 120 v and approx. 100 psi, will stand alone or can be pulsed by company's cutting machine.


Offers vacuum-metallizing equipment, vacuum instrumentation and components, water vapor cryo-pumps, closed-loop water chillers, and temperature sensors and controls.


Supplies processes, chemicals and equipment for electroless plating. Processes include complete systems for decorative plating, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.

Also manufactured are fully automated plating equipment systems: return-type automatic plating machines for high production and automatic pusher-type split-rail equipment for high-volume rack work. Modularized hoist systems capable of handling multiple programs are also available, along with a full line of rectifiers for full-range control. Effluent control systems with a full line of support equipment, engineering surveys, and assistance with regulatory agencies are also furnished.


System for in-mold coating of SMC incorporates a metering/injecting system for the coating material, hydraulic power unit, and a set of push-back cylinders for opening and leveling the press platen. The metering unit can pump material directly from storage tanks.


Company provides gravure offset printing systems and marking equipment. The Industrial Inks Div. produces a wide range of inks and coatings for printing and decorating applications. Inks and coatings are formulated for a variety of application systems, including gravure offset, screen printing, pad printing and ink jet.


Hot-stamping presses range from 1/2 to 60 tons and feature company's "linear-wedge drive," said to produce high pressures with minimal air consumption and compensate for part-to-part height variations. Stationary or moving-roller presses are offered for hot stamping large areas or applying heat-transfer decals. Electric-eye indexing unit holds registration on decals to |+ or -~0.010 mils. Model 9000 20-ton press has a 22-in.-deep throat, allowing a message to be centered 22 in. from the lip of a container. The press uses a dual air-over-oil hydraulic booster to achieve 20-ton pressure. Extra-long press stroke reportedly gives uniform image even if container walls vary in thickness.

Company also manufactures peripheral marking machines capable of foil stamping up to four colors in registration, presses that hot stamp blow molded bottles, automatic label imprinting machines, magnetic striping machines, and high-speed signature panel and hologram presses for credit cards. Custom machines can be adapted for automatic feed requirements. A full range of supplies (dies, make-ready, foils) and services, including prototype decorating, are also available.


Specializes in marking, coating, and coloring plastic-insulated wire, tubing, profiles, pipe, and hose. Company designs and manufactures a complete line of marking equipment, engraving and marking wheels, inks, and coatings. Engineering staff is available to assist in all problems related to product marking. Company is the exclusive stocking distributor for the full line of Domino non-contact inkjet systems.


Company's product line consists of a wide variety of standard and custom silicone rubber tools for hot stamp, heat transfer, and paint mask applications. Builds custom hard tooling such as metal dies and support fixtures, and provides standard and custom machinery for hot stamping and related processes.


Manual and automatic painting systems are designed and manufactured for conventional, electrostatic, air, air-assisted airless, and airless spray. Pumping equipment for single- and plural-component coatings, sealants and adhesives provides up to 63 gpm and pressures up to 4950 psi.

In-mold coating systems are made for SMC. Urethane coating is pumped into the mold after the part is formed.


Manufactures pneumatic hot-stamping machines from 1 to 50 tons with patented pulley, lever, and gear-power multipliers for high pressure. Company specializes in machines designed to hot stamp injection molded parts having sinks and valleys without high-spot distortion. Equipment uses steel dies and metal nests without make-ready. Machines feature a two-stage bypass system with post-and-plate construction that reportedly eliminates die skid that can be associated with C-frame presses and, together with a special pressure sensing system, minimizes scrap.

A power divider machine for small rubber printing dies has a pressing force said to be low enough to eliminate stops and to hot stamp unsupported parts.


Offers automatic offset and screen printers, dryers, flame-treating machines, unscramblers, and orientation units. Printing machines are available for virtually any type of plastic container from tubes to bottles, jars, buckets and other cylindrical, conical, rectangular or oval shapes.


Builds screen-printing and pad-printing machinery for decorating finished or unfinished products. Custom engineering services are available in-house to modify existing standard machines to suit a specialized need.

Company's Vector Plus, a computer-controlled pad printer, is capable of printing up to a 3-ft diam. image at a cyclical rate of 30/min. The screen-printing machinery line starts with the table-top-sized Mini Printer, capable of printing up to a 6 x 6 in. image, with tooling available for printing rounds, flats or conical devices. The Sprinter 100 and HI-Q-200 screen printers are the next larger sizes capable of printing up to a 14-in. image or 42-in. image, respectively. Larger standard models are available.


Supplies a wide range of vacuum-metallizing equipment, including the CDC-1000 Series compact-disc metallizing system, a high-speed sputtering system for depositing reflective aluminum coating on compact discs.


Company's machinery division designs and builds custom printing, coating and laminating equipment.


Offers heat-transfer presses for applying decals to products. Also available are hot-air dryers with conveyors, used for curing coatings, paint, ink (waterbase, plastisol, and more).


Company's arc-spray metallizing system can melt and spray nickel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and other wire. Coatings produced reportedly have high bond strength because interparticle adhesion is high. Metals deposited are said to be resistant to chipping or cracking when machined by conventional methods. A major application is sprayed-metal mold surfaces. The spray gun is similar to those used for paint. Wires are fed automatically and, although molten deposits are applied, the substrate reportedly undergoes only a slight rise in temperature. An electric arc melts the ends of two electrically isolated coating wires, and an atomizing air jet blows the fine metal particles onto the surface being decorated. Typical spray rates range from 5 to 150 lb/hr.

Various attachments and auxiliary equipment are available: extensions for spraying internal diameters, spreaders for fanning the spray pattern, constrictors for diameter spray patterns, automated scanners, and fully automated systems.

The arc-spray technique is suitable in metallizing capacitors and similar electronic system components, in electromagnetic shielding of plastic housings, providing metal coatings on plastics for wear resistance, thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance, and in producing finely detailed molds for plastics.


Manufactures a complete line of standard and special hot-stamping machines with up to 75 tons of pressure, as well as roll hot stampers. Special and standard production feeds can be provided for complete automation. Dot matrix marking equipment for permanent identification of components, plates, etc., is also available.


A full-service manufacturer of pad-transfer printing and screen-printing equipment, designed to decorate various materials where the shape or configuration of the product creates problems. All equipment is U.S.-built and features microprocessor controls. Pad printers range from table-top, one-color machines through custom multicolor units. Silkscreeners range from small semi-automatic table-top models to automatic bottle printers.

Company also offers options such as various indexing systems, pretreat stations, and various levels of automation and parts handling. A full line of supplies, including steel and plastic printing plates, printing pads, silk screens and printing inks is available.


A variety of automatic in-line flexographic printing presses for continuously moving web or sheet-fed films, foils, and laminates is available. Systems feature rotary operation, interchangeable rubber plates, and ink that dries "instantly."


Designs and manufactures web converting equipment that includes laminators, gravure printing presses, slitters, embossers, unwinds, rewinds, embossing rolls, coating rolls, printing cylinders, idler rolls and cooling rolls.


Information and catalogues are offered on various types of Italian machines for decorating, printing, and finishing: flexo printing machines up to eight colors, silk-screen and offset printing machines for bottles and containers, and hot-stamping machines.


Sells spray metallizing equipment, chemicals, and coatings for applying both conductive and decorative coatings. Plastic surfaces can be made to simulate any polished metal such as brass, copper, chrome, gold, bronze, and pewter.

Company also provides base coats, topcoats and dip dyes for vacuum metallizing plastic and metal surfaces.


Makes automatic and semi-automatic bottle and flat screen-printing and drying equipment. Also manufactures a manual, 3-D printer recommended for lab work and prototypes. Conventional and uv-curable screening inks, screen-making equipment, color matching, and free technical advice are available.


Offers screen-printing equipment for containers. Equipment is designed for multicolor printing at high speeds. Also available is roll-to-roll web screen printing equipment for labels, decals, and name plates.


Offers multicolor offset printing equipment for preformed plastic containers and lids.


Offers multicolor silk-screen equipment capabilities for marking, identification and decoration of plastic substrate components or assemblies. Secondary finishing operations include sheeting, flat cutting, punching, laminating, forming, die cutting and assembly. CAD/CAM design capabilities are available.


Manufactures a complete range of vertical, rotary, and roll-on hot-stamping machines. Standard vertical presses are available in 11 models from 1/2 to 16 tons, with impression areas from 2 x 4 in. to 24 x 36 in. Four-post machines are available in pressure ranges up to 100 tons. The 400 series of roll-on machines consists of conveyor-fed, moving-head, reciprocating-bed, and palletized models with roller widths from 12 to 24 in.

Six models of rotary equipment to decorate cylinders are offered. Company manufactures silicone rubber dies, sheet stock and rollers, and specializes in automated systems for decorating appliance, automotive, and electronic components.

New from company: Kensol 158 hydraulic, 8-ton roll-leaf stamping press. Compared with a pneumatic system, which requires frequent pressure adjustments, the unit gives more uniform and repeatable stamping pressure, according to the company. A micrometer-style headstop adjusts the main cylinder stroke. Options include an interactive programmable controller that monitors functions and process parameters. An M2 heat-transfer advancing system can be added to the system.


Manufactures imprinting machines and accessories. Machines are available in hand-operated (M101) and air-operated (AM101) models and are designed for small-area stamping up to 1 x 4 in., four-line capability. Typeholders are lightweight and easy to handle. Automatic temperature control maintains constant temperature and a tubular heating element distributes heat fast and evenly.


Manufactures a complete line of finishing products: the Airmix air-assisted airless finishing system, and airless, air spray, plural component, electrostatic and HVLP (high-volume/low-pressure) paint and coating equipment. Specialty is high-transfer, environmentally conscious paint and coating systems.


Manufactures a complete line of high-performance, cold-glue, hot-melt and pressure-sensitive roll-fed labeling equipment for plastic bottles, jars and special containers. Other products manufactured include tamper-evident banders, liquid/beverage fillers, container conveying and handling systems, electronic bottle inspection equipment, rejection equipment and turnkey system installations.


Company's complete line of hot-stamping presses, foils, and dies includes vertical (reciprocating) and roll-on machines. Over 30 models capable of decorating parts from 1/2 to 24 in. wide, special machines for complex shapes, and machines that continuously stamp around radius corners are available. Also offered is equipment for in-line stamping all types of extruded profiles and sheets.

New equipment has been developed for in-mold decorating that feeds the stamping foil, which has been preprinted in register, directly into the mold where it is located by electric eye.


Equipment includes station and U-type register and nonregister gravure printing presses with in-line laminating and embossing, as well as a combination flexographic/gravure press. Company supplies a full line of auxiliary equipment such as inspection tables, air-tube bars, safety chucks, and slat and noiseless web expanders. Web-coating machinery (reverse-roll, knife, gravure) for flooring, industrial and decorative markets is also available. Company provides installation and turnkey systems supported by its own oven/dryer division.


Offers roll-coating metallizing systems for thermal evaporation, electron-beam evaporation, or sputtering of metal and nonmetallic coatings on plastic films for decorative, packaging and dielectric products.

Production vacuum-coating systems for metallizing compact discs are available, including high-throughput in-line sputtering systems. Also offered are batch and in-line metallizing systems for plastic parts coating. These systems can be configured with sputtering or evaporation sources and microwave plasma polymerization for base coat and protective top coat.


Offers embossing and laminating machinery for single and multiple webs, as well as valley printing for surface decoration of embossed products. Specialties include embossing machines for floor coverings and floor tiles, embossing and finishing units for wall coverings, multi-station rotogravure, and finishing machines with in-line laminating and embossing features for wall coverings and automotive applications. A full line of accessory equipment and custom-designed equipment is available.


Designs and manufactures standard and custom-engineered laser processing systems, which can be used for cutting, trimming, drilling, profiling, marking and ablating laminar plastics, including micro-machining with excimer laser technology. All types of industrial lasers as energy sources to be integrated with any developed laser process system--C|O.sup.2~, excimer, Nd:YAG-- are also manufactured.


See Plastic Systems Co., Inc.


A complete line of proprietary chemicals and associated equipment for plating of plastics is offered. Chemicals and equipment are utilized for semibulk, bulk and rack plating. Applications include automotive, appliance, plumbing goods, and RFI/EMI shielding for electronics.


Manufactures hot-stamping and coding machinery and related supplies, including printing elements (brass and steel, inserts, word blocks, type bars, masterplates, etchings, and rubber plates), inks, stamping foils, thinners, and cleaners. Applications include marking electronic components, fabric labels, and packaging. Some printers produce pressure-sensitive paper or fabric labels. Systems include manual printers, direct offset, and rotogravure machines. Barcode printers, printer-applicators, laminators, and supplies are available, as well as overprinting machines for flexible film packaging that use a "touch-dry" ink system.


Manufactures in-line offset printing systems for product identification, and large and small character, noncontact printing systems for in-line identification of plastic parts or web and extruded materials. A wide range of mounting arrangements, guide systems, fixtures and brackets is offered to simplify installation. A line of inks is available.


Semi-automatic and automatic flat-bed screen-printing equipment for decorating plastic sheets is available in sizes from 9 x 12 in. to 60 x 96 in. Manual printing tables can handle sizes from 22 x 30 in. to 60 x 120 in. Also available are uv-curing reactors for uv-curable inks on plastics, a line of dryers and screen-printing accessories.


All varieties of conductive coatings, spray, plating and electroforming equipment are offered for plating on plastics, electroforming of holograms, toy and doll decorative metallization, and EMI shielding. New methods have also made it possible to electroplate on virtually any nonconductor, offering design possibilities of metal on plastic and rubber. These combinations offer new strength-to-weight, electrical, insulating and flexibility characteristics with a virtually unlimited choice of shapes. Electroforming consulting services are available.


Offers equipment and materials for applying thermal-spray metallic coatings. Equipment includes wire-combustion equipment for spraying, electric-arc equipment for metallizing, the ThermoSpray powder combustion unit (a high-velocity oxy-fuel system and gun), and the Plasma Spray device that uses a high-energy plasma to melt metal powders for coating applications. Water-wash spray booths are also available.


Company's primary product line is heat-transfer decals; however, it does engineer turnkey hot-stamping and heat-transfer systems.


Manufactures machinery and tooling for decorating rigid plastic parts and other rigid substrates. Equipment line includes precision pad printers for single-color and/or wet-on-wet multicolor pad transfer printing of fine details on irregular surfaces. Accessories such as steel and short-run plastic printing plates (cliches), transfer pads, and inks are also supplied.

Company offers a standard line of hot-stamping equipment using single-color foil and multicolor heat-transfer decals. Units are supplied with single-station tooling, multiple-station via turntable or linear conveyor, and complete turnkey systems with automatic loading and unloading. Custom-built units are available.

Supplies for vacuum metallizing include tungsten filaments and aluminum and copper evaporants.


Offers industrial power spray washers, drying ovens, flow coaters, cure and bake ovens, and complete finishing systems. UV-curable flow coatings can be applied with the company's U-V FloCoater.


Company's embossers texture both HDPE and LDPE film in gauges from 0.7 to 4 mils. The in-line embosser with matched-steel embossing rolls is recommended for use in blown film extrusion lines, bag machines, or flexo printers. Cold embossing reportedly results in very high-quality texturing, particularly in HDPE.

Also available are embossers for blown film that use an engraved steel roll against a rubber back-up roll. The process includes preheat, chill embossing and post-cooling. The method is said to produce fine fabric texture, reduce surface reflectivity, and control stress distribution for personal-products film.


Manufactures marking products:

* Pad-printing equipment and supplies: Low base price Model MO one- and two-color machine. Inks, cliches and pads are available.

* Small hot-stamping equipment: Designs and builds custom equipment for automated applications. Silicone rubber hot-stamp dies are also available.

* Direct ink-marking equipment/rubber stamps: Both hand-marking devices and coding machines for code dating or marking plastic products and packaging. Model Redhead is a compact marking machine featuring an ink cartridge that feeds the marking head by a CPU controller.

* Ink jet marking: The Pin Marking System, a CPU-controlled marking machine, uses a single pin to form characters and is suitable for variable information on plastic or metal.

Company also offers custom steel stamps, hot-stamp dies, mold engraving and hand stamps.


Self-contained in-mold coating system for SMC incorporates metering and pumping components for injection of liquid coating material. Hydraulics, pneumatic and electrical controls are supplied for operation of the coating process. Components are mounted on a single base, except for the press-connected items, including the patented injector head.

Included are material supply assemblies for single- or two-component coating. Each assembly is equipped with a feed pump and elevator, nitrogen blanket to keep out moisture (for two-component systems), optional temperature control, and material low-level control. Metering and proportioning are controlled by hydraulics, which include a valve-assembly, manifold, and power unit with nitrogen accumulator. Electrical controls are typically controlled by programmable controllers.


Offers screen-printing equipment, supplies and inks.


Manufactures marking systems designed to become an integral part of molding, extruding or conveying lines or die cutters. The compact systems can be installed in-line and operate at production speeds to save labor or other more costly, secondary marking methods such as labels, hand stampers, etc. Hot-stamping, thermal transfer, embossing, ink and dry-ink systems are available, as well as supplies (foils, inks, type). Also available are off-line, stand-alone systems for semi-automatic or manual marking, imprinting and decorating. Imprint areas and machine speeds are available for most plastic applications--one character to 4 x 4 in. or larger and speeds up to 1000 imprints/min.


See Enthone-OMI, Inc.


Offers a complete range of pad-printing machines for decorating the simplest to the most complex plastic parts. Printers have from one- to six-color capability and are semi-automatic to fully automated systems with auto feeders and unloaders.

Company specializes in custom-engineered decorating systems for specialized printing requirements and also supplies all accessories such as on- and off-line drying equipment, post- and pretreat propane flamers and high-frequency corona discharge treating units, as well as inks for various substrates, pads and print plates.


Offers industrial direct and offset printers. Offset printers come in power or friction-driven models. Direct units are available for in-line mounting or manual applications. Printing inks and non-contact ink-jet coders are sold. The MarkPoint Ink-Jet coders can print 1/4- to 1 1/8-in.-high characters at speeds up to 400 ft/min.


Offers converting machinery including flexographic printing presses (four-, six- and eight-color), coaters, laminators, folders, interfolders, rewinders, slitters, embossers, diaper machines, and packaging systems.


Manufactures and markets a complete line of printing equipment. Acrobot models are programmable servo-motor-driven silk-screen, hot-stamping and heat-transfer machines capable of labeling up to 360|degrees~ around irregular shapes. A complete line of stock and custom hot-stamp and heat-transfer label equipment for semi- and fully automatic applications is also offered. Additionally, in-mold labeling systems are available.


Distributes flexographic and central-impression presses from M.A.F. SpA of Italy for film and paper, ranging from 20 to 65 in. Up to eight colors can be printed at speeds up to 1000 ft/min. Special machinery is available for in-line systems with bag makers or extruders. Special features include automatic impression release, automatic temperature control, combination push-pull drying systems and solid-state, DC, variable-speed drives. Repeats are from 10 to 60 in. All presses are now modified for use with water-based inks. New computerized control of stack and presses allows fully automatic registration and control at full line speeds.


Designs and manufactures high-speed offset printing systems for preformed containers and lids. Items such as cans, cups, tubes, tubs, jars, bottles, can ends, preformed caps, closures, and lids are decorated in one pass in up to six colors. Line copy, halftone, and full process-color artwork can be reproduced. Materials-handling equipment and thermal or uv-drying ovens are incorporated into complete decorating systems.


Makes screen-printing equipment for rigid, semi-rigid and flexible materials.


Offers two- and three-dimensional engraving machines, two computerized engraving systems, and a variety of accessories. All models of engravers can be converted for either engraving, diamond drag marking, electrical marking, or acid etching by adding the proper marking or spindle unit. A floor stand with vertical feed-screw unit and two shelves is available for most models. The Cence 1 is a computer-controlled engraving system intended for industrial applications.


Offers a complete line of pad printers ranging from a small, manually operated single-color machine to fully automatic four-color printers with indexing conveyors. Printers can be used for medical parts, electronics, household appliances, and toys. Recent developments include machines equipped with programmable controllers for easier interfacing to automated handling systems, high-durability photopolymer plates and plate process equipment, uv-curable inks and uv-curing systems.


Company's Pro/Mark decorating system consists of decals and hot-stamping equipment custom designed and built to specific application. Total system includes machinery, tooling, labels and any in-line automation necessary for feeding parts to the hot-stamping machine, or taking them away after decorating. Company's formulated inks offer screen-printed images that are chemically bonded to the part for high-abrasion resistance.


Manufactures a complete line of embossing machines ranging from 1 to 40 in. wide with manual and automatic controls. Machines feature AC and DC variable-speed drives. Back-up and engraved rollers are also manufactured.


Provides electrostatic liquid and powder finishing equipment for both automatic and manual applications. The electrostatic process reportedly reduces overspray, thus minimizing coatings waste, volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, as well as cleanup and hazardous-waste disposal costs. Company has developed an installed base of automatic electrostatic Turbodisk and Turbobell systems, and manual electrostatic guns. Proper grounding of the part is required to optimize the electrostatic attraction, and is accomplished in several ways, including application of electrostatic prep coats or primers, the use of metal work holders, and the use of conductive additives in the molding process.

Recent developments in coatings chemistry have permitted the application of low-bake-temperature powder coatings to plastic parts. These advances allow for the benefits of powder coatings, including higher performance finishes, elimination of hazardous waste, lower energy consumption, and lower EPA compliance costs.


Custom designs turnkey coating and finishing systems for all types of paint, plastisols, powders and abrasion resistant coatings. Systems feature small footprints and, according to the company, low-energy consumption, high application efficiencies, low maintenance and durability. Incorporated in systems is a proprietary solvent-vapor recovery system that uses solvent-based resins.


Offers embossers and hot imprinters for pipe, sheet, and profiles.


Offers semi- and fully automatic pad-transfer printing machines for marking and decorating curved, concave, convex, irregular, corrugated, and flat surfaces. Machines can print on almost all substrates. A patented inking system enables rapid changeover. Image reproduction size can range from 2.5 x 2.5 in. to 6 x 12 in. All machines can be made available as multicolor, fully automated systems. Inks and accessories are also offered.

Stand-up model SP 820 has a sliding inking system for easy setup and cleaning, pneumatic controls, enlarged printing surface up to 8.5-in. diam., and two ink systems. Also available is an inkwell and open-well system. A chain that converts the SP 820 to a four-color pad printer with 42 fixtures for precise repetitive printing is a new option.

Company also offers bench-model silk-screen machines: the Midget 10 for flat printing up to 8 x 8 in., Model CP10/12 for round, oval or cylindrical shapes, and thick-film screen printers from semi-automatic tabletop to fully automated systems up to 15 x 15 in.

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