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Decorating, printing, finishing systems.


Semi-automatic and automatic flat-bed screen-printing equipment for decorating plastic sheets from 9 x 12 in. to 76 x 225 in. Manual printing tables handle sizes from 22 x 30 in. to 60 x 120 in. Also uv-curing reactors for uv-curable inks on plastics, a line of dryers, bottle printers, and screen-printing accessories.


Specializes in replacement parts for all screen-printing equipment by both domestic and international manufacturers. Large inventory of parts for all screen-printing machines including conveyor belts, vacuum tables, pallets, rubber blankets, capacitors, UV lamps and ballasts.


Hot-stamping/screen-printing machinery and decorating systems including assembly, QC and packaging. Full lines of vertical and roll-on presses available. Pneumatic and air/oil powered vertical machines from 0.25 to 20 tons of pressing force with heated heads from 20 to 800 sq in. Roll-on and peripheral-decorating equipment used with both foil and preprinted heat transfers. Options include automatic loading/unloading, in-line vision systems, rotary table and bowl-feed systems, fixtures and foils. Turnkey systems with consulting from concept to installation and startup training.


Custom-built printing, hot-stamping, screen-printing and decorating machinery. Highspeed printing processes include multicolor dry offset, rotogravure offset and patented Rotoscreen. Three-dimensional products molded from any combination of resins can be printed. Machines range from tabletop manual machines to in-line, fully automated high-speed systems.


Manufactures pad-printing equipment and supplies pad-printing inks, print pads, artwork, and cliches. Custom automation from benchtop machines to full turnkey systems.


Hot-melt roll-fed labeling machines can handle most container sizes, label substrates, and speeds for a diverse range of products and materials. Features and options include CRS (computerized registration system), web tracking, operator alarms, touchscreen operation, RCO (rapid change over) change parts, Endura shrink-labeling process, and precision components.

* BH700 patented Endura shrink process adds the versatility of shrink labeling to any B&H labeler. Provides affordable high-impact packaging and JIT flexibility.

* BH1600 durable general-purpose labeler with computerized controls and RCO change parts standard. Typical application speeds from 250-500 cpm.

* BH8000 heavy-duty, low-mainrenance, high-speed labelers with computerized controls. Typical application speeds of 300-700 cpm.

Marathon series compact roll-fed labelers feature SmartDrive advanced digital, multi-axis servomotor motion control system and ProWatch built-in productivity monitoring.


Designer and manufacturer of flexographic printing equipment that is utilized for inline printing operations. Equipment is designed to be interfaced with existing processes such as blown film lines, extruded PP and PE strapping lines, bag-making equipment, coating and laminating lines, slitting operations and spiral tube winding lines.


Manually operated and automated hotstamping presses with range of tonnage and turntables. Heat-transfer decorating systems, hot-air and heat-staking assembly systems and fully automated decorating systems.


Hot-stamping presses, heat-transfer decorating machinery, heat-staking and hot-air staking machines, turntables, and accessories.

Specializes in tooling for automotive, cosmetic, electronic and appliance decoration and assembly, as well as a vacuum take-off device to speed part removal after stamping, automatic feed devices, turntables, slide tables, indexers, parts-handling equipment, and automated assembly systems.

Machines supplied with Cassco Command Center, which offers digital control of machine parameters and allows all standard accessories and automation to "plug in" without additional wiring or control boxes. Presses available from 0.25 to 20 tons at speeds to 6000/hr.

Dual-speed indexing system for application of heat transfers controlled directly from machine controller.

Also assembly equipment, automation and fully automated decorating and assembly systems.


Hot-stamp marking systems for serial numbers, date, plant, batch and shift codes, heat staking, test data, and part numbers. Standard, modular, hot-stamp units, with or without foil-feed mechanisms, can be installed in-line to mark automatically. Off-line, standalone systems for automatic or manual marking, plus hot-stamp supplies, automatic hot-stamping numbering machines. Also automatic, dot-peen markers for continuous mark changing and 2-D matrix codes.


Manufacturer of thermal, heat-assist, and pressure sensitive laminating films and adhe-sives, as well as high-speed and wide format laminating equipment.


Company offers solutions in pad-printing, screen-printing and digital printing. Builds custom automated printing systems.


Masking and high-production spray-decorating machinery. Also high-production automatic flow coaters for vacuum metallizing, solvent-type mask washers, solventless mask washers, nickel electroformed and stainless steel precision masks, rotary spray gun spindles, combination automatic paint and mask washer machines, and automatic paint and wipe equipment. Turnkey systems including robotic spray cells and conveyorized finishing systems for decorative, hard coat, EMI/RFI shielding and adhesive coatings.


Offset printing machinery and automated systems:

* Automated models DCP-3 three-color and DCP-4 four-color offset printing systems for 28 mm beverage closures attain rates of 4000 caps/min. Systems can be tooled for other size closures.

* Model DICP designed to offset print the inside of closures at rates to 4000 caps/min.

* Model DSP-12W for offset printing of containers from one to six gal. Automatic feeding, uv on-mandrel curing, and automatic restacking for containers with handles.

* Model DHSP-6 U.V.M. with running registration, uv on-mandrel curing, flame treatment, and automatic feed and restacking for conical containers with up to 8-in. diam.

* Model DHSP-6H U.V.M. for conical and straight-wall containers that require lacquer over coating. Features running registration, uv on-mandrel curing, and automatic feeding.

* Model DLP-6 single- or dual-lane lid printer for plastic lids to 9-in. diam.

Features running registration for process printing, flame treatment, uv curing, and automatic feeding and restacking.

* Model DSP-6 six-color pail printer with running registration for one- to six-gal pails. Options include automatic feeding, flame treatment, uv curing on-or-off mandrel, expandable mandrels, automatic restacking, and printing with handles installed.


Screen-printing machines for printing and decorating containers of all sizes and shapes. Models range from small semi-automatic machines to fully automatic high-speed, six-color machines, including unscramblers, orienters, flame treaters, and uv-curing units.

Screen printers and offset printers for compact discs and CD-ROMs. Fully automatic, high-speed presses up to seven colors.



Manufacturer of over 3000 systems for air purification worldwide. For more than 35 years, Durr's environmental technologies have provided clean air and reduced emissions for a wide variety of industry, including plastics.


Company's Flexoelite flexographic printing press runs webs up to 80 in. wide at speeds to 1500 fpm. Patented LinearSet print-deck system utilizes linear encoders in place of ball screws to assure accurate positioning of anilox rollers and print cylinders and fast, precise movement of the print deck. Register can put one or all print decks into final register in about two revolutions of the central drum, reducing the time needed to proof each deck and permitting faster startup.

Unit's EasyOpen system simplifies sleeve changes by signaling the PLC to open the print station so sleeves, bases and anilox sleeves are automatically ready for change. Because no moving parts of the print deck are on the operator's side of the machine, the print cylinder, bases and roller sleeves not in use can be changed during operation. PLC monitors those decks printing and those being changed.

Other features include drying systems customized for each user; intake and exhaust fans with variable-speed motors for adjustment of airflowof each print run; motorized dampers on air nozzles for individual regulation of airflow and temperature; web-temperature systems; and UV and EB systems for users who don't want to run solvent or water-based inks, or those who want to apply coatings.

Flexoelite can run different types of winders, which permits use of rolls in diam. of 32, 40 or 60 in.


Manual and automatic painting systems for conventional, HVLP, electrostatic, air, air-assisted airless, and airless spray. Pumping equipment for single- and plural-component coatings, sealants, and adhesives provides up to 63 gpm and pressures to 4950 psi. In-mold coating systems for SMC. Urethane coating is pumped into mold after part is formed.


Heat-transfer and hot-stamping machines include standard vertical presses from 0.5 to 20 tons. Special four-posted presses available to 60 tons for high-pressure requirements. Also box motion, conveyor, and reciprocating head roll-on presses for large-area decorating. Accessories include slide tables, rotary tables, vibratory parts feeders, support fixtures, and stamping dies. In-house design for automated special-purpose hot-stamping systems. Manufactures silicone rubber sheet, rollers and dies.


HIX-Freedom graphic screen-printing machines for production printing of various plastic products have adjustable print-table height, which allows for printing thin sheet materials and thicker dimensional parts up to six in. high.

Also offers manual heat-transfer machines and air-automatic heat-transfer machines as well as accessories.


One-stop supplier for decorators of 3-dimensional products. Oilers a complete line of pad printing machines & supplies, screen printing equipment and supplies plus computer-to-plate laser etching machines & laser plate makers as well as flatbed inkjet printers. Supplies companies in the promotional product, electronics, medical, automotive, tagless garment and other industries.



Designs, fabricates and supplies pad printing, laser, and digital printing equipment to provide complete product decorating solutions for a wide range of industries. The Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company offers a full line of standard equipment as well as custom automated systems to manufacturers of medical devices, automotive components, sporting goods, appliances, hand tools, communications, and plastic injection molders.


"Global Scientific Solutions for the Development and Production of Cylindrical Polymer Processing including Microstructured Optical Surface Mold Components Used for the Management of Light" JacoTech is in the optical micro-machining business of CNC diamond turning, milling, and fly-cutting unusually (big and heavy) cylinders used to either extrude/emboss/cast both polymer and plastic sheet and roll films and materials. These engraved molds contain simple to complex optical patterns which perform a number of complicated light management control functions.Using custom-designed, precision diamond turning machining centers, JacoTech engraves complex optical patterns into materials such as: copper, aluminum, electroless nickel/alloys, beryllium copper, brass and gold.Certain micro-machining geometries include plano, spherical, parabolic, general aspheric, toroidal, Fresnel, axicon/waxicon, hyperbolic, elliptical and cylindrical shapes.


Automatic screen-printing equipment for packaging includes machines for plastic bottles, tubes, cartridges and glass container printing from one to six colors with decorating speeds to 150 bottles/min.; machines for multicolor printing of compact discs and DVD media up to six colors with rates to 90 parts/min.; and machines for printing roll to roll onto plastic films in applications that include pressure-sensitive labels, name plates, heat transfers, and flexible circuits.

Also offers new K61-OS web printer for combined screen/offset applications. It is designed to meet the demand for precision in-line printing and finishing and consistent high-quality output.

Company has successfully transferred its screen print and conversion technology to inline production of disposable medical devices. For example, the performance and modularity of K61-OS is now a solution for producing printed/converted products in the disposable medical devices market.


Thermal Transfer Pail Labeler is capable of handling products from 5 quart up to 6 gallon pails at rates up to 20 parts per minute.The new Model TTPL is also capable of handling square, rectangular, and oval containers.


Supplies takeaways, deflashers, spin trimmers, and mouth to mouth trimmers.


High-performance, modular cold-glue, hot-melt, pressure-sensitive, roll-fed labeling equipment and sleevers for plastic and glass bottles, jars and special containers. Fully integrated packaging systems include all kinds of labelers,fillers, banders, inspection and rejection units, and complete packaging lines.


Hot-stamping process with custom as well as stock transfer finishes used with a variety of equipment including vertical stamping presses, roll-on machines, some dies and fixtures. Environmentally friendly one-step process based on heat and pressure.

In addition to in-mold decorating, company has developed insert-molding technique for decorating an infinite variety of shaped parts. Automotive applications include interior surface decorations such as doors, armrests, bars and instrument panels.


Offers a line of high performance wire & cable processing and identification systems. UV Laser markers are designed to mark and cut-to-length wires/cables from 6 to 26 gauge, including twisted pairs, fiber optics, and more with tremendous productivity gains and user-friendliness. The UV laser marking process involves no alteration of the insulating material.


Provides a flexible process for applying decorations, logos and warnings to plastic parts. Key benefits include custom-made graphics for substrates, multicolored graphics (in spot colors or four-color process) applied in one simple application, chemical resistance, uv resistance, abrasion resistance and elimination of graphics-induced part spoilage. System combines inks and adhesives that form a permanent, wear-resistant bond to substrates including polyurethane, LDPE, HDPE, structural foam, crosslinked PE, ABS, PS, PVC, powder coated finishes, various metals, wood, and composites. Applications may be hand-applied, semi-automated or fully automated to maximize production cycles.


Manufacturer of industrial marking and coding equipment whose products are designed to perform with maximum efficiency and ease of operation. Offers a complete range of ink-jet printing, laser, thermal transfer, contact printing, indenting, etching, inks, material handling, and integrated solutions.


Screen-printing equipment for all shapes and sizes. New and used/rebuilt equipment for printing and curing. Custom silk-screen equipment. Also bottle printers, cup printers, pail and drum printing machinery, and automatic bottle printers with uv curing.



Electrostatic liquid-finishing systems reduce paint overspray and maintain uniform film builds across the part.

Kinetix liquid electrostatic spray systems for automatic and manual applications deliver superior performance for a variety of substrates, coating and part profiles.

RA-20 FM-tested rotary atomizer for non-incendiary operation allows the rotary to be positioned close to parts for optimal coverage and painting efficiency. Close-in painting provides superior coverage into part recesses, while minimizing overspray. RA-20 provides a soft spray pattern that can be adjusted from 8 to 48 in. wide.

Patented Nordson Iso-Flo HD voltage block provides enhanced reliability and performance for the application of electrostatically charged waterborne coatings in automatic and manual systems.

Solutions for powder on plastic applications include ColorMax powder spray and recovery system designed for quick 10-15 minute color changes with high system efficiency, optimum airflow and maximum powder usage.

The iControl integrated control system gives powder coaters enhanced capabilities for optimal system performance and maximum line efficiency. System technology can be customized to provide digital control of all application parameters through a single user-friendly operator interface.

Superior powder coating coverage is achieved with the Sure Coat automatic gun with Select Charge technology. Spray guns provide efficiency across all types of applications including recoats from the simplest to most complex part geometries. Sure Coat automatic gun is designed for fast and easy cleaning, both inside and out, without gun disassembly.

CoolWave microwave powdered uv-curing systems. Lamps emit up to 20% less heat for cooler operation and contain no internal gasketing, reducing maintenance and downtime.


Marking equipment from hand stamps to automatic numbering machines. Non-automatic numbering machines include Model 70, which uses a spanner wrench to rotate wheels; Model 60 with a pin that locks wheels in place; Model 80 with a knob to rotate the unit or one wheel and a spanner wrench to rotate other wheels; and Model 85, which uses knob to rotate unit and ten wheels, and a spanner wrench to rotate other wheels. Model 83 non-automatic, selective numbering machine rotates wheels to different sequences without use of spanner wrench. Automatic Model 50 numbering machine used mainly for serial numbering. All machines can be equipped for hot stamping with different character styles available.


Full line of pad-printing equipmentfrom tabletop models to fully automated printers. Line of pad-printing machines are servo controlled and fast, precise and reliable. Company's equipment can print on medical devices as small as 0.004 in. to fully automated eight-color machines. Custom-built machines available.

XD-400-1 "padless" digital printer (inkjet type) is designed fot shorter runs, flatter items, and quick changeovers. Can print on 16 x 16 in. objects at over 6000 parts/hr or 30 in./sec.


Marking systems for permanent product identification. Printing, indenting and tagging equipment and supplies for marking plastics. Ink-jet and flexographic printing systems use water-based, pigmented and curable inks for marking production information on extruded plastics. Roller dies for indenting into plastics are suitable for permanent identification.


High-speed dry offset printing systems for preformed plastic containers, tubes, cups, lids, pails, vials, etc. Products can be decorated in one pass in up to eight colors with line copy, halftone, and full process-color artwork. Materials-handling equipment and thermal or uv-drying ovens used to build complete decorating systems.

Laminating and coating equipment for paper, film and foil, and extrusion coating lines for converting and packaging material applications.


Pad printers include Colorsafe series with enclosed inkwells. Four models print four colors on round or rectangular parts at 1400-3000 cycles/hr. Colorseal series with sealed ink cups has four models with speeds of 1200-3000 cycles/hr. Print on rounds, rectangles, and ovals. Both series have microprocessor controls and pneumatic drives with independently adjustable plate and printing stroke.


Embossing machines range from 1 to 40 in. wide with manual and automatic controls. Machines feature a-c and d-c variable-speed drives. Backup and engraved rollers available.


Pad-printing equipment from standard to specially designed machines offered with sealed ink-cup system, which can be retrofitted to many older machines. Supplies include inks, pads and cliches.


Company prints and converts high-impact, reliable, shrink-sleeve and stretch-sleeve labels. Graphics professionals provide expert guidance to execute a visually dynamic message. Offers in-house plate making and cylinder engraving services, and manufactures affordable stretch-sleeve application equipment to order, supported through expert technical field-assistance.


Sprinter automatic ink code-marking machines apply date codes, product codes, dots, etc., on metal, plastic, rubber and paper. Marking possible in any orientation. Message size to two sq in. Cycle speeds to 350 cpm. Complete line of operating supplies and auxiliary equipment offered.

Machines provide reliable, low-cost code marking (alphanumeric or symbol) and may be mounted in any orientation. Fast-drying inks (typically one sec or less) in white and all basic colors can be switched easily with quick-change ink reservoir. Message changes are fast with easily removable marking head. Sealed ink system allows discontinuous operation with immediate startup. All standard models may be extended in the piston stroke or the marking head for hard-to-reach areas.


Offers a full line of plastics marking and assembly equipment. Expertise includes standard as well as automated equipment.


Machinery and process technology for flexible woven plastic packaging. Global manufacturer and supplier of turnkey lines.


Standard and custom designed precision screen-printing, and uv-curing equipment. A specialty is screen-printing machines for flat, cylindrical, or other 3-D products.


Full stock of open ink-well and sealed ink-cup pad printers as well as rotary pad printers and laser-engraving equipment. Supplies a full line of standard and custom color inks, cliches, silicone pads, and complete accessories for pad printing.


Semi-automatic and fully automatic pad-printing systems and supplies. Serves automotive, electronic, sporting goods, and semiconductor markets. Services include training, installation, and technical assistance.


Automated and stand-alone hot-stamping machines in sizes from 0.5 to 20 tons with platens to 20 x 36 in. Can design and manufacture complete systems integrating rotary tables, conveyors, indexers, and pick-and-place units.


Offers KKA Finishing Lines, including Coating, Rotogravure Printing, Embossing and Laminating and SMBK Webhandling and Converting, including automatic winders, slitting and packaging


VectorMark compact, solid-state diode-pumped laser-marking systemmarks plastics without additives. System creates clear quality marks without engraving, scratching or changing surface geometry of the substrate.


Pad-transfer printing and hot-stamping supplies, tooling, equipment, automated machine systems, accessories and technical application support.

Vertical hot-stamping equipment includes pneumatically powered 0.5-, 1-, and 2.5-ton tabletop models and 4-, 7.5-, and 12-ton floor-standing units with force generated by a linear pneumatic cylinder coupled with a cam amplifier mechanism. Advanced DSP controller provides precise control over machine functions and temperature/time parameters with 10-job memory storage, digital readouts, and diagnostic troubleshooting messages for component errors.

Peripheral-marking machines apply decorative pigment or metallic foil to 360[degrees] of part's periphery. Model VPC includes over/under conveyor that facilitates rapid, continuous feed of tubes, pencils, and other cylindrical objects while the two-headed VPC decorates two-color registered graphics. Models US PS 1500 and US PS 1000 accommodate cylindrical parts that can be fixed on a mandrel such as dials, numbering wheels, and cosmetic caps.

Roll-on decorating machines apply decorative foil or preprinted heat-transfer labels to large-area part surfaces, configured flat or with a slight contour. Model US R8C incorporates a conveyor belt part transfer for parts up to 7.5 in. wide, while the silicone rubber roller on Model US R8 BX reciprocates laterally to accommodate graphics up to 7.5 in. wide and 19 in. long where graphical registration to the part is critical.

Model US R3 EX in-line extrusion hot-stamping machine applies foil continuously to extruded shapes using custom contoured silicone rubber rollers. Supplies include silicone rubber dies, silicone sheet stock, silicone rubber rollers, metal dies, nesting fixtures, die-mounting blocks and foundations, machine engraved and contoured molds, and precision-matched tool sets.

Covered inkwell machines incorporate linear-style inkwell with cover to shield ink from circulating air, debris, and to minimize solvent evaporation. Units feature synchronized, harmonic lateral machine motion, which minimizes vibration for printing repeatability and increased rates. DSP controller with membrane switch panel and backlit LCD screen displays machine settings, status, and diagnostic messages for troubleshooting. Shuttle cup available as accessory for printing images over 12 in. long such as graduations. Pad-printing supplies include cliche plates, transfer pads, inks formulated for maximum substrate adhesion, doctor blades and doctoring rings, part-holding fixtures, and mulfiple-up pad holders.


Dry-offset printing equipment for decorating preformed plastic cups, containers, cans, jars, pails, vials, rubes and lids. Printing speeds to 700/min for cups, 600/min for lids, 600/min for cans and 200/min for tubes. Equipment available with up to ten-color capability and quick-change features.


Manufactures vacuum-metalizing systems and provides metalizing and hard-coating services. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating services with thermal evaporation, cathodic arc, and sputter-coating technologies. Markets include tooling, molds, medical, dies, automotive, electronics, EMI/RFI, lighting, decorative, packaging, sporting goods and appliances.


Fully-integrated, on-site pressure-sensitive and RFID labeling systems incorporate the latest in software, printing, and application.

Legitronic labeling software simplifies designing, editing and printing of labels. Package features straightforward commands, display screens, advanced editing tools, and database capabilities.

On-demand label printers produce bar codes, text and graphics at high speeds, and printing on a wide variety of label materials and sizes. Models available in direct-thermal and thermal-transfer printing technologies. RFID printer encoders also available.

For in-line labeling, contact and noncontact printer applicators and label applicators. Print-apply systems integrate a thermal/thermal-transfer label printer with an automatic label applicator to simultaneously print and apply labels to products or cartons. Automatic label applicators rapidly apply preprinted labels. RFID units that combine encoding, printing and application also available.

Complete line of pressure-sensitive and RFID smart labels available.


Offers turnkey hot-stamp systems, foil, and equipment to decorate various types of substrates and configurations. Bright metallized label and designs also available.

Company specializes in manufacturing hot-stamp foils, product line includes rotogravure, flexographic and silk-screen printed heat transfers. Also woodgrains and specialty patterned foils and complete line of pigment, metallic and defraction graded foils up to 24 in. wide. Holograms and security foils custom made.


Central-impression flexographic presses come with 8 or 10 color decks and have print widths from 24.5 to 64 in. with repeat ranges from 10 to 52 in. Primaflex CM 10 with printing widths ranging from 40 to 57 in. This 10-color press also features a maximum speed of 1300 fpm.

Other flexo presses include the 10-color Novoflex with up to 51-in. print widths, a maximum repeat of 34.5 in., and a maximum speed of 2000 fpm. Also offers the 8-color Astraflex with a print width up to 62 in., a maximum repeat of 47 in., and a maximum speed of 2000 fpm.

Gravure program includes the Heliostar rotogravure press with up to 12 print stations. Print widths are up to 64 in. and repeats range from 17 to 42 in. Heliostar prints on a variety of substrates from thin films to heavy paper. Fully computerized press requires only one operator to calibrate and monitor all machine operations. Machine uses gravure cylinders from full to half-width and operates at production speeds to 1500 fpm.


Complete line of flexographic printing presses custom-constructed from standard components. Presses can be modified easily and color stations added.

Models include the HLRE series, featuring a modular-frame system. Available from one to six colors from 30 to 87 in. wide. CIRE series central-impression cylinder press available on a four- or six-color frame, measuring 30 to 60 in. wide.

The 1500 series common-impression cylinder press available in one or two colors, measuring 50 to 150 in. wide.

Narrow web CLREN series with modular-frame system in one to six colors from 10 to 30 in. wide. CICL series central-impression cylinder press on a four-color frame can handle materials 10 to 30 in. wide. CPN series common-impression cylinder press in one or two colors. All three series can run from 10-in. minimum to 30-in. maximum repeat.
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