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5. Life buoy rings--61.1% of the distress marker lights are not being attached with 4ft of 1/4" buoyant poly line. Ref NSTM 077-

4. Submarine escape and immersion equipment --66.7% are not maintaining an inventory log for all SEIE suits, and valises. Ref MIP 5940/005 MRC A-1

3. Escape trunks--66.7% did not modify escape trunk battle lanterns properly or have not modified them at all. Ref COMFLTFORCOMINST 4790.4 VOL IV, 18 APPX A, NAVSEA S9AAO-SPN-010 SECT 332F

2. Helo transfer kit--72.2% do not have a complete helo transfer kit. Ref AEL 2-330023065 SHIP SYSTEM MANUAL (SSM) OP 61-20 MIP H-406/002 MRC A-1R

1. Submarine escape and immersion equipment --83.3% have SEIE storage lockers that are not pad locked and anti-pilferage seal installed in port. Ref MIP 5940/005 MRC A-1
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Date:Jul 1, 2007
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