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Deck the walls: string these gorge garlands around your room or house to make any space feel festive, fast.


A series of cheery flags will fun up your walls now--and all year long.

MATERIALS: 3 yards metallic cord * Scrap fabric in 6 colors/textures * Diamond template (download from * Lightweight cardboard

* Iron-on seam binding tape * Iron and ironing board * Pen * Scissors


1. Print out the diamond template, cut it out and trace it onto a piece of lightweight cardboard. Cut out the cardboard stencil.

2. Trace the stencil onto the reverse side of the fabric, then cut out. Fold ends together and trim uneven edges. Repeat for all 6 fabrics; you should have 5 pieces of each for a total of 30.

3. Ask a parent to help you iron the fabric diamonds, and crease them in the center to create triangles. Cut the seam binding tape into 30 4-inch pieces.

4. Adhere the seam binding tape to the inside of 1 triangle, 1/2-inch down from the crease. Fold the triangle over, and use the iron to seal the binding in place. Trim the edges of the binding where it sticks out. Repeat for all.

5. Thread the cord through the first flag at the space between the seam binding and the crease, then repeat for the remaining flags. You can mix up the order or follow a pattern.


These poufs offer a pop of color to your tree, mantel or anywhere you please.

MATERIALS: 3 yards metallic cord * 4 shades of light- to medium-weight yarn * Clover Pom-Pom Makers (we used small and large sets from Michaels) * Scissors * Embroidery needle


1. Follow instructions on the Clover Pom-Pom Maker package to make 24 pom-poms (six in each color in a range of sizes) or more if you want your garland to be more dense.

2. Use scissors to lightly trim the pom-poms so that they're evenly round. Leave the tails of the tie-off string for now.

3. Thread the metallic cord with the embroidery needle. Begin to thread pom-poms on the cord, being sure to pierce the center knot with the needle. Pull pom-poms into place gently so that no yarn pieces fall out Repeat with the rest of the pom-poms. Finish by trimming the tails of the tie-off string.


A bunch of bouncy bows adds spark to the season.

MATERIALS: 3 yards metallic cord * 5 kinds of ribbon in a range of widths, no wider than 7/8 inch * Scissors * Embroidery needle


1. Cut the ribbon into 22-inch pieces. You should have 4 pieces of each ribbon for a total of 20.

2. Using 1 ribbon at a time, tie a knot in the center, then tie a bow around the knot and tug tight. Repeat for all ribbons.

3. Thread the metallic cord on the embroidery needle, and thread the bows on the cord through the bow's knot, 1 at a time. Loop the needle around and through the knot again to hold each bow in place. Bows should be about 5 inches apart.


Repurpose standard paint chips for a strand of cool colors.

MATERIALS: 3 yards metallic cord * 20 metallic paint chips (try the Martha Stewart Living collection at Home Depot) * 2 1/2-inch circle stencil (download template from * Lightweight cardboard * Pen * Scissors * Hole punch


1. Print and cut out circle template. Trace circle onto a piece of lightweight cardboard. Cut out cardboard circle so you're left with a square of cardboard with a negative circle in the center. Use this as your stencil.

2. Trace the circle stencil onto the reverse side of each paint chip. Cut out the circle carefully using scissors.

3. Punch a hole in each circle about 1/4-inch from the edge.

4. Thread a paint chip onto the cord and knot around the hole to lock in place. Repeat. Chips should be 6 inches apart.
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