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Tribalism in politics is a strange mindset. Aug 2, 2022 460
The smart girl's guide to: figuring stuff out. Abbondanza, Katie Aug 1, 2022 566
Brexit is about making decisions for ourselves. Jul 29, 2022 468
'I like Starmer but picking Blair over strikes and nationalisation will cost him'; Mirror reader Steve Goulding from Sheffield writes that Labour leader Keir Starmer's 'unpopular' decision making could spell disaster for their chances at the next election. By, Steve Goulding & William Morgan Jul 29, 2022 176
'I formed NLC because of baboons, little lads in NDC; bad, despotism, inept leadership making decisions by their buttocks' - Stephen Atubiga. Jul 28, 2022 2289
LVAC dashboard launched. Jul 26, 2022 530
ABB publishes new edition of ABB Review, focused on better decisions. Jul 26, 2022 325
Accenture Invests in pulsESG,ao to Advance ESG and Sustainability Measurement, Decision Making and Reporting for Companies. Jul 25, 2022 320
Opinion - Principles, impact on decision making process. Jul 22, 2022 987
Comprehensive Evaluation of College Students' Physical Health and Sports Mode Recommendation Model Based on Decision Tree Classification Model. Chen, Wenzheng; Yang, Guanglei; Qi, Dongkai Jul 22, 2022 5919
Implementation of Intelligent Decision Model of Traditional Hanfu 3D Design Based on Internet of Things. Wang, Jingjing Jul 21, 2022 7046
An AHP-ME-Based Vehicle Crash Prediction Model considering Driver Intention and Real-Time Traffic/Road Condition. Wei, Ran; Chen, Song; Zhang, Saifei; Zhang, Jiaqi; Ding, Rujun; Mi, Jiang Jul 21, 2022 7120
Construction and Evaluation of College Students' Psychological Quality Evaluation Model Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process. Shi, Wei Jul 21, 2022 6652
Systems Theory and Evidence-Based Decision-Making as Keys for Arbitrating between Optimal Production and Efficient Maintenance: A Case Study. Hallioui, Anouar; Herrou, Brahim; Santos, Ricardo; Katina, Polinpapilinho; Khadiri, Hassan; Egbue, O Jul 21, 2022 6777
Effective Board decision-making: Is your board effective at its highest and most important activity? Jul 21, 2022 1194
Right and timely decision-making, quality leadership, moderating policies vital for development: President. Jul 20, 2022 678
President Terms Quality Leadership, Timely Decisions Vital For Uplift. Jul 20, 2022 672
FICO, To Transform Decision-Making Speed and Precision. Jul 20, 2022 300
FICO, To Transform Decision-Making Speed and Precision. Jul 20, 2022 298
NetSuite Enhances Analytics Warehouse to Help Customers Streamline Decision-Making Process. Jul 20, 2022 333
NetSuite Introduces Smart Count to Streamline Inventory Management. Jul 20, 2022 282
Right and timely decision-making, quality leadership, moderating policies vital for development: President. Jul 20, 2022 679
Product Shape Design Scheme Evaluation Method Based on Spatial Data Mining. Wei, Qian Jul 20, 2022 4772
Study on Tourism Consumer Behavior and Countermeasures Based on Big Data. Li, Jing; Cao, Bin Report Jul 19, 2022 8950
Revenue Distribution Decision in Low-Carbon Supply Chain with Revenue Sharing Contract: An Analysis of the Third-Party Participation and GAHP. Qi, Yuan; Guo, Hubin; He, Sijing; Yang, Maowen Jul 18, 2022 10008
Research on Fuzzy Decision-Making Method of Task Allocation for Ship Multiagent Collaborative Design. Li, Jinghua; Wang, Yiying; Yang, Boxin; Zhou, Qinghua; Yuan, Feihui Jul 18, 2022 11709
Big Data Technology in the Macrodecision-Making Model of Regional Industrial Economic Information Applied Research. Lin, Kaiyan Jul 18, 2022 5815
Entropy-Based Fuzzy TOPSIS Method for Investment Decision Optimization of Large-Scale Projects. Cao, Junli; Xu, Fangfang Jul 18, 2022 7507
Behind the scene of a VC decision making. Jul 17, 2022 530
Longer-term perspective to decision making key to tackling GHG emissions says AESG's Lindsey Malcolm. Jason Saundalkar Jul 14, 2022 491
Opel consults with Turkiye in decision-making processes - CEO. Jul 14, 2022 394
Perception of the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Decision-Making Processes of Public Healthcare Professionals. Saleh Ibrahim, Yousif; Khalid Al-Azzawi, Waleed; Hamad Mohamad, A. Abdullah; Nouri Hassan, Ahmed; Me Jul 13, 2022 5981
Reliability Analysis of the High-Voltage Power Battery System Based on the Polymorphic Fuzzy Fault Tree. Jiang, Haonan; Lin, Changbo; Feng, Gaoshan; Xu, Enyong; Zheng, Weiguang Jul 13, 2022 7622
Women's Decision-Making Power on Modern Family Planning Use and Its Associated Factors in Northwest Ethiopia. Guracho, Yonas Deressa; Belay, Birtukan Yaregal; Alemayehu, Agaje; Birhanie, Gebremeskel; Gelaw, Yar Jul 12, 2022 4585
Learnings for Sri Lanka on SOE reforms from Malaysia's Khazanah. Jul 12, 2022 1618
Fresh look at council's deals in wake of scandal; audit committee to assess decision-making process. DAVID HUMPHREYS Local Democracy Reporter @HUMPHREYSECHO Jul 12, 2022 496
Improved Fitness-Dependent Optimizer for Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem. Tahir, Barzan Hussein; Rashid, Tarik A.; Rauf, Hafiz Tayyab; Bacanin, Nebojsa; Chhabra, Amit; Vimal, Jul 11, 2022 10136
Evaluation of Blended Learning Effect of Engineering Geology Based on Online Surveys. Yang, Binbin; Zhao, Xiaoming; Tang, Dongqi Jul 9, 2022 5560
A New Spherical Fuzzy LBWA-MULTIMOOSRAL Framework: Application in Evaluation of Leanness of MSMEs in India. Biswas, Sanjib; Pamu?ar, Dragan; Bo?ani?, Darko; Halder, Bikash Report Jul 8, 2022 12231
Golden Cut-Oriented Q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Decision-Making Approach to Evaluation of Renewable Energy Alternatives for Microgeneration System Investments. Dinçer, Hasan; Aksoy, Tamer; Yüksel, Serhat; Hacioglu, Umit Report Jul 8, 2022 7032
An Approach of Decision-Making under the Framework of Fermatean Fuzzy Sets. Sindhu, Muhammad Sarwar; Siddique, Imran; Ahsan, Muhammad; Jarad, Fahd; Altunok, Taner Report Jul 8, 2022 5632
Integrated Fuzzy-MSGP Methods for Clothing and Textiles Supplier Evaluation and Selection in the COVID-19 Era. Kao, Hsin Report Jul 8, 2022 8737
Selection of Suppliers in Industrial Manufacturing: A Fuzzy Rough PROMETHEE Approach. Sarwar, Musavarah; Zafar, Fariha; Majeed, Iqra Abdul; Javed, Soha Report Jul 8, 2022 11245
An Innovative Decision-Making Approach Based on Correlation Coefficients of Complex Picture Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications in Cluster Analysis. Qu, Jianping; Nasir, Abdul; Khan, Sami Ullah; Nonlaopon, Kamsing; Rahman, Gauhar Jul 8, 2022 7866
Group Advocates Global Leaders On Youth Involvement In Road Safety Policies, Implementation. Jul 7, 2022 458
Investigation ordered by Liverpool Council's auditors 'to report within six weeks'; Bristol headquartered firm to lead probe into council decision making. By, David Humphreys Jul 6, 2022 485
PN MPs to break whip and vote against IVF amendments. Jul 6, 2022 890
TEXEM, UK unveils opportunity for data-driven decision-making in Nigerian organisations. Jul 6, 2022 818
Online Cyber-Attack Detection in the Industrial Control System: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach. Liu, Zhenze; Wang, Chunyang; Wang, Weiping Jul 6, 2022 5247
Swapo youth demand seat at main table. Jul 5, 2022 621
Shura speaker lauds Amir's support for council's role in decision-making. Qatar Tribune Jul 5, 2022 297
TEXEM, UK Unveil Opportunity for Data-driven Decision-making in Nigerian Organisations. Jul 4, 2022 510
Shura Council speaker lauds Amir's support to council's role in decision-making. Qatar Tribune Jul 4, 2022 304
CMG future-focused to get leadership closer to the ground. Jul 4, 2022 468
CMG future-focused to get leadership closer to the ground. Daily Financial Times Jul 4, 2022 479
Shura Speaker lauds Amir's support to Council's role in decision-making. Jul 4, 2022 263
Construction and Model Realization of Financial Intelligence System Based on Multisource Information Feature Mining. Li, Jing Jul 4, 2022 6509
Critical Decision-Making Issues in Disaster Relief Supply Management: A Review. Ma, Ke; Yan, Hong; Ye, Yusen; Zhou, Dao; Ma, Dongce Report Jul 4, 2022 10043
high robot; Collina reveals Qatar will use new offside AI technology - which has a sensor in the ball - and will track 29 points on each player making decisions possible within 25 seconds. JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Jul 2, 2022 474
HIGH ROBOT; Collina reveals Qatar will use new offside AI technology - which has a sensor in the ball - and will track 29 points on each player making decisions possible within 25 seconds. JOHN CrOss Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Jul 2, 2022 475
TEXEM, UK Unveils Opportunity for Data-driven Decision-making in Nigerian Organisations. Jul 1, 2022 802
FIFA chief Pierluigi Collina welcomes new VAR technology as World Cup change confirmed; Hi-tech semi automatic offside decisions will be in place for the World Cup in Qatar this winter, using AI to track players and, according to the chairman of FIFA's Referees' Committee, making decisions faster and with more accuracy. By, John Cross Jul 1, 2022 525
Decision Analysis of Multifactor Credit Risk Based on Logistic Regression and BP Neural Network. Tang, Qiang; Shi, Wen Yu Jul 1, 2022 4278
Evaluating the Performance of Emergency Centers during Coronavirus Epidemic Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Methods (Case Study: Sari City). Hosseini, SeyedAmir; Ahmadi Choukolaei, Hassan; Ghasemi, Peiman; Dardaei-beiragh, Helia; Sherafatian Jul 1, 2022 8285
Student Education Management Strategy Based on Artificial Intelligence Information Model under the Support of 5G Wireless Network. Guan, Yushu Jul 1, 2022 6008
Hearing Rehabilitation of Patients with Chronic Otitis Media: A Discussion of Current State of Knowledge and Research Priorities. Backous, Douglas; Choi, Byung Yoon; Jaramillo, Rafael; Kong, Kelvin; Lenarz, Thomas; Ray, Jaydip; Th Jul 1, 2022 5552
A Study on Decision-Making of the Indian Railways Reservation System during COVID-19. Sharma, Haresh Kumar; Majumder, Saibal; Biswas, Arindam; Prentkovskis, Olegas; Kar, Samarjit; Skacka Jul 1, 2022 6777
A Decision-Making Model for Selection of the Suitable FDM Machine Using Fuzzy TOPSIS. Raja, S.; Rajan, A. John Jun 30, 2022 8335
When is the best time to give up your studies? Jun 30, 2022 1218
Fixing water and climate change nexus. Jun 30, 2022 647
Speakers Call for More Scientific Partnerships, Knowledge-Sharing to Protect Humanity's Common Ocean Heritage, on Day Four of Lisbon Conference. Conference news Jun 30, 2022 10477
Men should not be making decisions about women.. the US abortion ruling was horrendous... Says IMELDA MAY. ellie iorizzo Jun 29, 2022 440
Information Visualization Design of Web under the Background of Big Data. Deng, Ran; Ni, Taile Report Jun 29, 2022 5528
Synchronization Analysis of Multiple FitzHugh-Nagumo Noisy and Nonnoisy Neurobiological Networks. Ibrahim, Malik Muhammad; Iram, Shazia; Kamran, Muhammad Ahmad; Naeem Mannan, Malik Muhammad; Ali, Mu Jun 29, 2022 8899
Model Optimization Analysis of Customer Churn Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms with Focus on Feature Reductions. Sina Mirabdolbaghi, Seyed Mohammad; Amiri, Babak Jun 29, 2022 13454
Intelligent Optimization of Tower Crane Location and Layout Based on Firefly Algorithm. Liu, Cong; Zhang, Fangqing; Han, Xiaojian; Ye, Hongyu; Shi, Zanxi; Zhang, Jie; Wang, Tiankuo Jun 29, 2022 7352
TEXEM, UK unveils opportunity for data-driven decision-making in Nigerian organisations. Jun 28, 2022 804
EU foreign policy chief wants to change unanimity rule in decision-making process. Jun 27, 2022 411
TEXEM, UK Unveils Opportunity For Data-Driven Decision-making In Nigerian Organisations. Jun 27, 2022 822
KDSG unveils General Household Survey. Jun 27, 2022 430
A Hybrid Method to Solve Data Sparsity in Travel Recommendation Agents Using Fuzzy Logic Approach. Nilashi, Mehrbakhsh; Abumalloh, Rabab Ali; Alrizq, Mesfer; Almulihi, Ahmed; Alghamdi, O. A.; Farooqu Jun 27, 2022 11553
Analyzing Factors Influencing Government Control Rights in PPP Projects from the Perspective of Investors. Liu, Jiaqi; Lei, Xiaoying; Zhou, Yining; Zeng, Jing Jun 24, 2022 7492
Evaluation of Emerging Product Design Scheme Based on Multicriteria Decision-Making. Huang, Chenhan; Shi, Daijiao Report Jun 24, 2022 5022
Nkomwa Foundation gives hope to physically-challenged children. Jun 24, 2022 726
Youth demand inclusion in development decision-making. Jun 23, 2022 506
TEXEM UK Unveils Opportunity For Data-Driven Decision-Making In Nigerian Organisations. Jun 23, 2022 801
The Pathway to Human Decision Making, un nuevo libro que busca desmitificar el poderoso impacto de la emocion para tomar decisione. Jun 23, 2022 603
A Hybrid Grounded Theory, Fuzzy DEMATEL and ISM Method for Assessment of Sustainability Criteria for Project Portfolio Selection Problems. Jalilibal, Zahra; Bozorgi-Amiri, Ali Jun 22, 2022 8103
Privacy Protection and Intrusion Detection System of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Artificial Neural Network. Shi, Lusheng; Li, Kai Jun 22, 2022 5753
Statistically Based Assessment and Decision-Making in Preschool Education. Wang, Zimin; Dong, Weijian Jun 21, 2022 4682
With Bongbong Marcos as chief, senators expect deeper scrutiny, faster decision-making at DA. Jun 21, 2022 513
2022 census preps on course. Jun 21, 2022 832
Saifuddin: Myanmar crisis hampers Asean trade talks with partners. Jun 20, 2022 500
Sant votes against resolution calling for convention to revise EU treaties: 'It's a bad idea'. Jun 20, 2022 338
College Organizational Innovation Performance-Oriented Internal Mechanism Analysis Using Lightweight Deep Learning under Health Psychology. Liu, Mengqiong Jun 20, 2022 5864
Design of Digital and Intelligent Financial Decision Support System Based on Artificial Intelligence. Jia, Tiejun; Wang, Cheng; Tian, Zhiqiang; Wang, Bingyin; Tian, Feng Jun 20, 2022 4783
Lithium Battery Allocation Decision-Making Scheme Based on K-Means Algorithm. Ma, Dandan; Qin, Xiangge Report Jun 20, 2022 6507
A New Self-Assessment “TQM Hybrid MCDM Fuzzy Model” For Enhancing the KPIs in Mega Universities. Ragab, Abdul Hamid M.; Noaman, Amin Y.; Gad-Elrab, Ahmed A. A.; Abdul Fatah, Ezz H. Jun 20, 2022 10411
World has not seen such halt in economic activity since 2008 financial crisis: Deputy CBE Governor. Hossam Mounir Jun 19, 2022 917
World has not seen such halt in economic activity since 2008 financial crisis: Deputy CBE Governor. Jun 19, 2022 905
Cohesion, coordination and solidarity are part of solution for a more efficient civic space in BiH. Jun 17, 2022 509
Prospects and Challenges of Using Machine Learning for Academic Forecasting. Onyema, Edeh Michael; Almuzaini, Khalid K.; Onu, Fergus Uchenna; Verma, Devvret; Gregory, Ugboaja Sa Jun 17, 2022 4570
TMO law changes announced with almost immediate effect to speed up the game; The changes have been made in the hope they will speed up decision-making and reduce stoppages. By, Ben James Jun 16, 2022 630
The 7th ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting is Open for Applications! Jun 15, 2022 847
Gareth Bale's emphatic no, teasing Cardiff City fans and when his fate will be decided; Gareth Bale's season is finally over -now the major decision-making can begin. By, Mathew Davies Jun 15, 2022 1357
Exploration of Joint Optimization and Visualization of Inventory Transportation in Agricultural Logistics Based on Ant Colony Algorithm. Dong, Bo; Duan, Manzhen; Li, Yinfeng Jun 15, 2022 7053
The Internet-Based Business Model and Corporate Risk-Taking: An Empirical Study from the Information Empowerment Perspective. Li, Lei; Yang, Shuili Jun 15, 2022 8115
Decision-Making and Management Method of Public Cultural Service Consumption Preference Based on Multisource Big Data Fusion. Zhong, Baojing; Zhang, Chuan; Li, Bo Jun 15, 2022 6456
Implementation of Sustainable Supply Chain Management considering Barriers and Hybrid Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis in the Healthcare Industry. Karbassi Yazdi, Amir; Wanke, Peter; Ghandvar, Maryam; Hajili, Marjan; Mehdikarami, Mousa Jun 15, 2022 6341
Construction of Data Mining Analysis Model in English Teaching Based on Apriori Association Rule Algorithm. Wang, Shufei Jun 15, 2022 8393
Perioperative Management for Functional Ganglioneuroma in a 2-Year-Old Child with Multiple Congenital Defects and COVID-19: A Case Report. Rajendran, Pragadeshwaran; Karim, Habib Reazaul; Singh, Vikramjit; Bais, Shruti Clinical report Jun 15, 2022 1955
Involve children in decision-making. Written by GEORGE MASUBA Jun 14, 2022 718
ESG and Impact on Company Value. Jun 14, 2022 833
Intelligent Financial Data Analysis and Decision Management Based on Edge Computing. Cheng, Guansong Jun 14, 2022 5012
Ministry urges women to get involved in politics. Jun 13, 2022 462
Ministry urges women to get involved in politics. Jun 13, 2022 467
Optimization of Cyber Tactics in Sports Strategies Using Hybrid AI Decision-Making Technologies. Duan, Meiling Jun 13, 2022 5931
Sports Facilities Investment Based on Multi-objective Optimization and Attribute Decision-Making. Guo, Dahai Report Jun 13, 2022 6101
Alternative Water Resources Selection to Supply Drinking Water in Flood Disasters by Multicriteria Decision-Making Techniques (DANP and VIKOR). Zamani, Aman Allah; Abbasi, Hamid Reza; Alipour, Vali; Peyravi, Mahmoudreza; Shojaei, Payam; Goli, A Jun 13, 2022 6980
The Protection Mechanism of Personal Health Information in the Digital Economy Environment. Liu, Nan; Chen, Shiyong Jun 13, 2022 13296
Land Suitability Assessment for Apple (Malus domestica) Production in Sentele Watershed in Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia. Beyene, Getachew; Dechassa, Nigussie; Regasa, Alemayehu; Wogi, Lemma Jun 13, 2022 7684
Curry, Warriors keep faith in Kerr's decision making after Green benching in Game Four. Jun 12, 2022 505
Review on the Development of Mining Method Selection to Identify New Techniques Using a Cascade-Forward Backpropagation Neural Network. Abdelrasoul, Mohamed E. I.; Wang, Guangjin; Kim, Jong-Gwan; Ren, Gaofeng; Abd-El-Hakeem Mohamed, Moh Jun 12, 2022 11485
Muslim-Muslim ticket- APC won't ride on cheap sentiments of religion, ethnicity - Lukman. Jun 11, 2022 1118
Hunters Kill Mother, Son Over Alleged Witchcraft In Adamawa. Jun 11, 2022 1130
Discovery Leadership Masterclass Series with Frank Adu Anim enevieve Pearl Duncan Obuobi (Dr): Leadership thinking and decisions. Jun 10, 2022 2341
S. Korea coach calls for 'simple' decision-making after draw vs. Paraguay. Jun 10, 2022 450
Design of Customer Churn Early Warning System Based on Mobile Communication Technology Based on Data Mining. Li, Qiang Jun 10, 2022 7035
Sustainable Tourism Supply Chain Assessment Using Hybrid Decision-Making Methods under Fuzzy Uncertainty. Zhijun, Chen; Hsieh, Tsung-Shun; Huang, Chao-Hsi; Ghaffari, Mahdi Report Jun 10, 2022 8456
Grey Relational Analysis Method for Probabilistic Double Hierarchy Linguistic Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making and Its Application to College Tennis Classroom Teaching Effect Evaluation. Wang, Lihua; Li, Huiming; Zhang, Jianpeng; Yang, Jin Report Jun 10, 2022 8793
Quantitative Evaluation of Policy Based on PMC Index Model: A Case Study of China's Textile Industry Policy. Liu, Yu; Zhao, Hong Jun 9, 2022 11024
A Consumption and Investment Problem via a Markov Decision Processes Approach with Random Horizon. Paredes Pérez, Octavio; Vázquez Guevara, Víctor Hugo; Cruz-Suárez, Hugo Jun 7, 2022 6563
Human Resource Decision-Making and Recommendation Based on Hadoop Distributed Big Data Platform. Chen, Weiling; Du, Chunjing Jun 6, 2022 6164
Layout Optimization of Urban Cultural Space Construction Based on Forward Three-Layer Neural Network Model. Zhou, Ye Jun 3, 2022 7451
ECP to continue making decisions without any pressure: CEC. Jun 2, 2022 169
Shipping firms 'must pay close attention to cost of bunkering'. Jun 2, 2022 1904
Russian state TV decries US 'act of war' after it sends long-range missiles to Ukraine; A former senior officer in the Russian army has declared that 'Americans are at war' with Russia, and we will be striking decision-making centres," he told state-run Rossiya 1 channel. By, Will Stewart & Rachel Hagan Jun 2, 2022 455
ECP to continue making decisions without any pressure: CEC. Jun 2, 2022 170
AFRICAN STUDENTS' MOBILITY TO CHINA AN ECOLOGICAL SYSTEMATIC PERSPECTIVE. Chkaif, Bouchaib; Sallam, Marwan H.; Xu, Minghua; Thamik, Hanane Report Jun 1, 2022 7915
Neutrosophic Sociogram Approach to Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps in Swift Language. Priya, R.; Martin, Nivetha Jun 1, 2022 6867
Entropy and Correlation Coefficients of Neutrosophic and Interval-Valued Neutrosophic Hypersoft Set with application of Multi-Attributive Problems. Jafar, Muhammad Naveed; Saeed, Muhammad; Ghani, Tahir Jun 1, 2022 5988
The effect of money magnitude on unfair proposals and decisions in ultimatum and dictator games. Ye, Nan; Wang, Qiangqiang; Wang, Zhiwei Report Jun 1, 2022 4827
Barriers to routine checkups use among Saudis from the perspective of primary care providers: A qualitative study. Alzahrani, Ali M.; Quronfulah, Baraa S.; Felix, Holly C.; Khogeer, Asim A. Report Jun 1, 2022 5744
A Systematic Review of Individual Differences in Perception, Action, and Decision Making: Implications for Dance Education. Brown, Derrick D.; Meulenbroek, Ruud G. J. Report Jun 1, 2022 6746
Effect of a class-level intervention on career indecision variables. Schams, Samantha; Fouad, Nadya A.; Burrows, Stephanie G.; Ricondo, Kristen; Song, Yixing Jun 1, 2022 5191
Integrated antibiotic clinical decision support system (CDSS) for appropriate choice and dosage: an analysis of retrospective data. Schaut, Marius; Schaefer, Marion; Trost, Ulrike; Sander, Andre Report Jun 1, 2022 5101
CEPRA/NBER Workshop on Aging, Cognitive Ability, and Decision-Making. Jun 1, 2022 383
Playing With Uncertainty: Facilitating Community-Based Resilience Building. Avendano-Uribe, Bryann; Lukosch, Heide; Milke, Mark Jun 1, 2022 10227
Assembling the Puzzle: Taking into Account Clinical Presentation and Predictive Scores. Rivera-Babilonia, Jaime M.; Valle-Irizarry, Ismael; Vazquez-Fuster, Juan I.; Gutierrez-Nunez, Jose; Estudio de caso Jun 1, 2022 1987
To Warn or not to Warn: Factors Influencing NWS Tornado Warning Decisions. Jun 1, 2022 518
The Effect of Clinical Experience on Cervical Vertebral Maturation Assessment: Is a Hand-wrist Radiograph Necessary?/Klinik Deneyimin Servikal Vertebral Maturasyonun Degerlendirilmesine Etkisi: El-bilek Radyografileri Gerekli Midir? Cokakoglu, Serpil; Ckir, Merve; Ilgenli, Alp Report Jun 1, 2022 3617
Better decision-making with data analytics. Jun 1, 2022 189
Views of Catholic Middle School Students on Handling Peer Aggression. Khemka, Ishita; Hickson, Linda; Gilic, Lina Jun 1, 2022 6397
When Your Memory Seems Fine, but Other Brain Functions Are Changing: Problems with decision-making, language, and other cognitive skills can sometimes develop long before memory loss occurs. Jun 1, 2022 1216
Effect of brain damages on logical inferences of depressive adults. Sajid, Javeria; Riaz, Muhammad Naveed Report May 31, 2022 3336
Research on the Construction of University Campus Economic Management System Based on the Concept of Big Data. Fang, Yan; Wang, Qiao Report May 31, 2022 5352
Robust Refinement of Built-in Network Information System Based on Nonparametric Density Estimation. Mei, Qiongzhen; Wang, Fei May 31, 2022 6576
ACSC new supply chain report to guide businesses in decision making. May 31, 2022 594
Fixing the water and climate change nexus. May 30, 2022 709
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hamacher Generalized Shapley Choquet Integral Operators Based Decision-Making Model for Feature Extraction and Automatic Material Classification in Mining Area Using Satellite Data. Khanum, Seema; Gunasekaran, M.; Rajiga, S. V.; Firos, A.; Agbevanu, Kafui Tsoeke May 30, 2022 8194
Ferrari launch probe into Monaco decision-making problems. May 30, 2022 477
A Determining Method of the Project Quality Guarantee Deposit under the Condition of Asymmetric Information with the Contractor's Credit Level into Consideration. Nie, Xiangtian; Zheng, Ye; Wang, Yuhao; Yang, Qi; Wang, Bo Report May 30, 2022 3353
Spherical Fuzzy Decision-Making Approach Integrating Delphi and TOPSIS for Package Tour Provider Selection. Nguyen, Phi-Hung Report May 29, 2022 14294
Grey Multiattribute Emergency Decision-Making Method for Public Health Emergencies Based on Cumulative Prospect Theory. Wang, Hanyi Report May 29, 2022 6393
Children Seek Role In Decision-Making. May 29, 2022 261
Children Seek Role In Decision-Making. May 28, 2022 261
Integrated Evaluation of Corporate Investment Decision Performance Based on Fuzzy Sets and BP Neural Networks. Du, Jiang May 28, 2022 3931
Improved Decision-Making through a DEMATEL and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps-Based Framework. Mazzuto, Giovanni; Stylios, Chrysostomos; Ciarapica, Filippo Emanuele; Bevilacqua, Maurizio; Voula, Report May 27, 2022 9736
UAV Intelligent Control Based on Machine Vision and Multiagent Decision-Making. Huang, Zishan May 27, 2022 6623
Children Seek Role In Decision-Making. May 27, 2022 261
Communities bear the brunt of elephant population. May 27, 2022 1010
O C Tanner survey says fear of failure is affecting banking professionals' decision making. May 27, 2022 265
O C Tanner survey says fear of failure is affecting banking professionals' decision making. May 27, 2022 267
Involve us in decision-making process - Children urge FG. May 26, 2022 790
What 'consensus' is and what it is not. May 26, 2022 1397
Involve us in decision-making process -Children urges FG. May 26, 2022 797
Involve us in decision-making process - Children urge FG. May 26, 2022 782
Evaluation of High-Quality Development of Manufacturing Industry Using a Novel Grey Dynamic Double Incentive Decision-Making Model. Yu, Peng; Yang, Yingjie; Ma, Heng; Mba, David Report May 26, 2022 5026
DIGIN partners with DNV to find digital synergies for Norway's energy sector. May 25, 2022 629
Sajith will lead SL soon but this time he failed in his decision making - Harin. May 25, 2022 2496
Estonian health minister wants to stop Russia's participation in WHO decision-making. May 24, 2022 440
Extended caretaker setup? May 24, 2022 1376
Decision-Making Framework Based on Multineutrosophic Soft Rough Sets. Alsager, Kholood Mohammad May 24, 2022 5134
Research on Intelligent Scheduling Scheme of Aerobics Competition for Multi-Intelligent Decision-Making. Guan, Hongjing; Tan, Zhi; Zhao, Xingrui May 23, 2022 4769
Business Model and Management Decision-Making Method of Comprehensive Apartments for the Elderly. Gong, Zhongyi; Jiang, Keyin May 21, 2022 6071
Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace from Inception to Certification. Balaji, Devarajan; Ranga, Jarabala; Bhuvaneswari, V.; Arulmurugan, B.; Rajeshkumar, L.; Manimohan, M May 21, 2022 10059
Introducing Voluntary Assisted Dying: Staff Perspectives in an Acute Hospital. Digby, Robin; McDougall, Rosalind; Gold, Michelle; Ko, Danielle; O' Driscoll, Lisa; Bucknall, Tracey May 20, 2022 7732
A Proposed Regulatory Review Model to Support the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority to Become a More Efficient and Effective Agency. Keyter, Andrea; Salek, Sam; Banoo, Shabir; Walker, Stuart May 20, 2022 9130
PhilRice launches digital decision-making tools. May 20, 2022 270
Cluster Analysis of Daily Cycling Flow Profiles during COVID-19 Lockdown in the UK. Burke, Matthew; Dissanayake, Dilum; Bell, Margaret May 19, 2022 10170
Live Multiattribute Data Mining and Penalty Decision-Making in Basketball Games Based on the Apriori Algorithm. Zeng, Jian; Jia, Bao May 19, 2022 6760
Monitoring the Emotional Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Sentiment Analysis: A Case Study in Mexico. León-Sandoval, Edgar; Zareei, Mahdi; Barbosa-Santillán, Liliana Ibeth; Falcón Morales, Luis Eduardo; Case study May 18, 2022 7198
Grounded Theory and Social Psychology Approach to Investigating the Formation of Construction Workers' Unsafe Behaviour. Han, Yu; Li, Xuezheng; Feng, Zhida; Jin, Ruoyu; Kangwa, Joseph; Ebohon, Obas John May 18, 2022 11841
COVID-19 and Decision-Making for Pregnant Women: Taking or Relinquishing Control in Response to a Pandemic. Kaselitz, Elizabeth; Finkbeiner, Chelsea; Javaid, Sarah; Barringer, Sarah; Compton, Sarah D.; Muzik, Report May 18, 2022 3596
The Head of the KRG's Representation In Baghdad Visits The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate. May 18, 2022 262
Centre seeks control over energy firms. May 15, 2022 672
President asks HEC to encourage Associate Degree Programmes. May 14, 2022 325
President asks HEC to encourage Associate Degree Programmes. May 14, 2022 326
President asks HEC to encourage Associate Degree Programmes. May 14, 2022 328
Research on Interior Design and Space Layout Optimization Based on Multi-Intelligent Decision-Making. Dong, Jian; Ran, Meng May 13, 2022 4557
The Comfort Tool: Assessment and Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Universal Design in Home Renovations. Kapedani, Ermal; Herssens, Jasmien; Nuyts, Erik; Verbeeck, Griet May 13, 2022 8304
Women in decision-making positions 'subjected to abuse'. May 13, 2022 285
Why did Imran Khan fail? Farrukh Javed Abbasi May 12, 2022 980
Development of a Data-Driven Decision-Making System Using Lean and Smart Manufacturing Concept in Industry 4.0: A Case Study. Tripathi, Varun; Chattopadhyaya, Somnath; Mukhopadhyay, A. K.; Saraswat, Suvandan; Sharma, Shubham; Case study May 12, 2022 10674
Mathematical Problems in Engineering Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Transportation Decision Making under the Government's Reward-Penalty Mechanism: A Perspective of Evolutionary Game Theory. Yang, Zhengfan; Zhao, Kai; Guo, Qichang May 11, 2022 10280
Optimization of Reservoir Flood Control Operation Based on Multialgorithm Deep Learning. Xue, Bowen; Xie, Yan; Liu, Yanhui; Li, Along; Zhao, Daguang; Li, Haipeng May 10, 2022 6089
Multiattribute Decision-Making of TQM Performance of Hospitals Using TQM Digraphs. Islam, Ahmad; Salam, Abdus May 10, 2022 8843
Statistical Safety Performance Models considering Pavement and Roadway Characteristics. Li, Joshua Q.; Liu, Wenyao; Yang, Xue; Lu, Pan; Wang, Kelvin C. P. Report May 9, 2022 7033
Grab a free Taco in latest restaurant lunch giveaway -this is how to get one; Restaurant has created its Taco Swap Chrome extension to hack a friend's lunchtime decision making with some not-so-subtle subliminal messages. By, Brett Gibbons May 9, 2022 324
Grab a free Taco in latest restaurant lunch giveaway -this is how to get one; Restaurant has created its Taco Swap Chrome extension to hack a friend's lunchtime decision making with some not-so-subtle subliminal messages. By, Brett Gibbons May 9, 2022 324
Grab a free Taco in latest restaurant lunch giveaway -this is how to get one; Restaurant has created its Taco Swap Chrome extension to hack a friend's lunchtime decision making with some not-so-subtle subliminal messages. By, Brett Gibbons May 9, 2022 324
Managerial genius? A PS2billion bounty then a decade of Champions League flops sounds more like failure to me; How Guardiola sabotaged his European dream with bad decision-making PREMIER LEAGUE. STAN COLLYMORE Football's ultimate maverick sounds off May 8, 2022 711
Managerial genius? A PS2billion bounty then a decade of Champions League flops sounds more like failure to me; SUNDAY PEOPLE ? MAY 8, 2022 SUNDAY PEOPLE ? MAY 8, 2022 THE PEOPLE ? MAY 8, 2022 diola sabotaged his European dream with bad decision-making PREMIER LEAGUE How Guardiola sabotag. STAN COLlymore Football's ultimate maverick sounds off May 8, 2022 726
Five areas fashion execs should focus technology investments. Beth Wright May 7, 2022 596
PR practitioners want involvement in management decision making. Written by Ernest Jjingo May 7, 2022 632
EU commissioner calls on young people to make their voices heard. May 6, 2022 678
EU commissioner calls on young people to make their voices heard. Sarah Ktisti May 6, 2022 689
Automatic Rule Generation for Decision-Making in Context-Aware Systems Using Machine Learning. Jabla, Roua; Khemaja, Maha; Buendia, Félix; Faiz, Sami May 6, 2022 7822
Data Analysis and Knowledge Mining of Machine Learning in Soil Corrosion Factors of the Pipeline Safety. Zhao, Zhifeng; Chen, Mingyuan; Fan, Heng; Zhang, Nailu May 6, 2022 5518
RLAS-BIABC: A Reinforcement Learning-Based Answer Selection Using the BERT Model Boosted by an Improved ABC Algorithm. Gharagozlou, Hamid; Mohammadzadeh, Javad; Bastanfard, Azam; Ghidary, Saeed Shiry May 6, 2022 14123
Teaching Innovation and Development of Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities: Based on the Background of Wireless Communication and Artificial Intelligence Decision Making. Xia, Zhenpeng; Liu, Juan Report May 6, 2022 5448
Decision Support Algorithm for Discipline Construction of Comparative Pedagogy Based on Evolutionary Graph Data Mining. Dan, Zhao May 6, 2022 4952
The Importance of Radiological Patterns and Small Airway Disease in Long-Term Follow-Up of Postacute COVID-19: A Preliminary Study. Mogami, Roberto; Araújo Filho, Ronaldo Carvalho; Cobo Chantong, Carolina Gianella; Santos de Almeida Report May 5, 2022 5791
Visual Analysis of E-Commerce User Behavior Based on Log Mining. Wang, Tingzhong; Li, Nanjie; Wang, Hailong; Xian, Junhong; Guo, Jiayi May 5, 2022 11917
A fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making approach for the assessment of forest health applying hyper spectral imageries: A case study from Ramsar forest, North of Iran. Kamran, Khalil Valizadeh; Khorrami, Behnam Case study May 5, 2022 4666
Decision making. May 4, 2022 691
The Influence of the Network Evolutionary Game Model of User Information Behavior on Enterprise Innovation Product Promotion Based on Mobile Social Network Marketing Perspective. Liu, Tingting; He, Xiaofei; Guo, Xin; Zhao, Yi Report May 2, 2022 6666
SOA-based Information Integration Platform for Educational Management Decision Support System. Wang, Junjun Report May 2, 2022 6321
Management of adult tuberous sclerosis complex-related angiomyolipoma: A single-center experience. Li, Terry; Siddoji, Meghna; Hoogenes, Jen; Tajzler, Camilla; Singhal, Nikhita; Kapoor, Anil Report May 1, 2022 4945
Decision making under uncertainty: A primer. Lapide, Larry May 1, 2022 2309
AgroClimate Indicators for Decision Making in Agriculture. Fraisse, Clyde May 1, 2022 1059
Neonatal outcomes in twin pregnancies with the first twin in breech presentation according to the mode of delivery: A cohort study from Dakar Senegal. Gueye, Mamour; Diallo, Moussa; Ndiaye, Mame Diarra; Mbodji, Aissatou; Wade, Mouhamadou; Sene, Mouham Report May 1, 2022 4404
Strengthening equitable health systems in West Africa: The regional project on governance research for equity in health systems. Keita, Namoudou; Uzochukwu, Benjamin; Ky-Zerbo, Odette; Sombie, Issiaka; Lokossou, Virgil; Johnson, Report May 1, 2022 5540
Maybe She's Born with It: In times of stress and continuous uncertainty, make better decisions by ghosting your rule-following inner good kid and leading with audacity instead. King, Erin May 1, 2022 903
Nigerian Women Lack Equal Access To National Decision Making -- NBS. May 1, 2022 855
In Thailand, quality youth work can be a tool for young people's rights and development. Apr 30, 2022 1114
Single and Interval-Valued Hybrid Enthalpy Fuzzy Sets and a TOPSIS Approach for Multicriteria Group Decision Making. Olgun, Murat; Türkarslan, Ezgi; Ye, Jun; Ünver, Mehmet Apr 29, 2022 5314
The Behaviour and Influence Mechanism of the Subject of IUR Collaborative Innovation: A Simulation Study Based on NetLogo. Wang, Yanrong; Yao, Xiaochao; Song, Lei; Zhang, Shujing Apr 29, 2022 7041
Performance of Various Voltage Stability Indices in a Stochastic Multiobjective Optimal Power Flow Using Mayfly Algorithm. Kyomugisha, Rebeccah; Muriithi, Christopher Maina; Nyakoe, George Nyauma Apr 29, 2022 9935
Construction and Application of Enterprise Internal Audit Data Analysis Model Based on Decision Tree Algorithm. Si, Yuna Apr 28, 2022 7696
Mathematical Problems in Engineering Decision-Making Based on Improved Entropy Weighting Method: An Example of Passenger Comfort in a Smart Cockpit of a Car. Yang, Jianjun; Xing, Shanshan; Qiu, Ruizhi; Chen, Yimeng; Hua, Chunrong; Dong, Dawei Report Apr 28, 2022 3737
Conspiracy theories and polarisation. Apr 28, 2022 1018
Research on the Design of Public Space in Urban Renewal Based on Multicriteria Cluster Decision-Making. Bian, Hongxu; Su, Huiren Apr 27, 2022 5967
A New Idea to Evaluate Networking Problem and MCGDM Problem in Parametric Interval Valued Pythagorean Arena. Chakraborty, Avishek; Mondal, Sankar Prasad; Alam, Shariful; Pamucar, Dragan; Marikovic, Dragan Apr 27, 2022 8447
Study on the Evolutionary Game of Information Security Supervision in Smart Cities under Different Reward and Punishment Mechanisms. Guo, Yihang; Zou, Kai; Liu, Chang; Sun, Yingzi Apr 26, 2022 9378
Spherical Fuzzy Soft Topology and Its Application in Group Decision-Making Problems. Garg, Harish; Perveen P A, Fathima; John, Sunil Jacob; Perez-Dominguez, Luis Report Apr 26, 2022 9451
Ghana Supreme Court dismisses review case of Deputy Speaker voting in parliament. Apr 26, 2022 250
Big appetite for newly-launched SET Maritime toolkit. Apr 25, 2022 656
National Costume Art Design Optimization under the Background of Artificial Intelligence Decision Making and Internet of Things. Peng, Yu; Krutasaen, Watanapun Report Apr 25, 2022 4492
Research Status, Hotspots, and Evolution Trend of Decision-Making in Marine Management Using VOSviewer and CiteSpace. Yang, Yunfei; Qu, Guifei; Hua, Lianlian Report Apr 25, 2022 10254
Independent group leader stresses importance of RCT-wide decision-making ahead of the council elections; Mike Powell has been the leader of the RCT independents group and has made the case for electing independent councillors on May 5. By, Anthony Lewis Apr 24, 2022 1283
Construction and validation of a preterm birth risk assessment model using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process. Barbounaki, Stavroula; Sarantaki, Antigoni Report Apr 24, 2022 6235
Research and Implementation of Colour Optimal Matching Model for Art Design Based on Bayesian Decision-Making. Zhai, Yu Apr 23, 2022 7062
With Second Term in Bag, Sanwo-Olu Focuses on More Projects. Apr 22, 2022 506
Driving business transformation through analytics and insights. Apr 22, 2022 682
Driving business transformation through analytics and insights. CM Guest Columnist Apr 22, 2022 706
GAC Endorsement: Sanwo-Olu To Focus On Projects a Omotoso. Apr 21, 2022 551
PBS briefs planning minister. Apr 21, 2022 210
BRIN, Home Minister officially unveil BRIDA by inking MoU. Apr 20, 2022 422
DepEd institutionalizes quality control checklist to strengthen research culture. Apr 20, 2022 353
Patients say should be part of Gesy decision making. Jonathan Shkurko Apr 18, 2022 363
Cardiff City boss Steve Morison targets 'different characters' in transfer window and reveals problem with current players; The Bluebirds were defeated 1-0 at the hands of Luton Town and Morison was disappointed by the players' lack of decision-making. By, Glen Williams Apr 18, 2022 819
Corruption cases against aspirants in August elections must continue. Apr 18, 2022 664
A Systematic Review of Autonomous Emergency Braking System: Impact Factor, Technology, and Performance Evaluation. Yang, Lan; Yang, Yipeng; Wu, Guoyuan; Zhao, Xiangmo; Fang, Shan; Liao, Xishun; Wang, Runmin Apr 18, 2022 9644
A week that reminded everyone of faulty NRM decision-making system. Apr 17, 2022 1202
Support Vector Machine and Granular Computing Based Time Series Volatility Prediction. Yang, Yuan; Ma, Xu Apr 16, 2022 8194
Role Mismatch in Medical Decision-Making Participation Is Associated with Anxiety and Depression in Family Members of Patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Fang, Tingting; Du, Pengfei; Wang, Yin; Chen, Dandan; Lu, Hailin; Cheng, Haoran; Hu, Wenqing Apr 16, 2022 5242
Government Subsidy Decision-Making for Waste Tire Recycling under the Coexistence of the Retailer and the Internet Recycling Platform. Qi, Fangmei; Fan, Yuqi; Guan, Gaofeng; Zheng, Jin'e Apr 16, 2022 8307
My Take On It:Appreciating women's visibility in decision-making positions in Malawi. Apr 15, 2022 1057
My Take On It:Women's visibility in decision-making positions in Malawi. Apr 15, 2022 1057
Advanced Computing Approach for Modeling and Prediction COVID-19 Pandemic. Morsi, Sami A.; Alzahrani, Mohammad Eid Apr 14, 2022 4674
Decision-Making with Risk under Interval Uncertainty Based on Area Metrics. Yan, Ying; Suo, Bin Apr 14, 2022 6334
Optimal Decision-Making on Hybrid Off-Grid Energy Systems for Rural and Remote Areas Electrification in the Northern Cameroon. Yaouba,; Zieba Falama, Ruben; Ngangoum Welaji, Felix; Hamda Soulouknga, Marcel; Kwefeu Mbakop, Fabri Apr 12, 2022 6875
Emotional Interaction and Behavioral Decision-Making Mechanism in Network Science Education Based on Deep Learning. Li, Pengjiao; Meng, Qian Apr 12, 2022 7137
Decision-Making Methods in the Public Sector during 2010-2020: A Systematic Review. Fountzoula, Christina; Aravossis, Konstantinos Apr 11, 2022 3543
YOU BLUE IT CITY; MANCHESTER CITY 2 LIVERPOOL 2 De Bruyne 5, Jesus 36 Jota 13, Mane 46 Yes, it was an entertaining thriller, but City had a chance to deliver a hammer blow to Liverpool's title hopes and wasted chance after chance with poor decision making and dodgy finishing. ANDY DUNN Chief Sports Writer @andydunnmirror Apr 11, 2022 1128
YOU BLUE IT CITY; DM1ST 46 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 11.04.2022 MANCHESTER CITY 2 LIVERPOOL 2 De Bruyne 5, Jesus 36 Jota 13, Mane 46 Yes, it was an entertaining thriller, but City had a chance to deliver a hammer blow to Liverpool's title hopes and wasted chance after chance with poor decision making and dodgy finishing. ANDY DUNN Chief Sports Writer @andydunnmirror Apr 11, 2022 1128
YOU BLUE IT CITY; Yes, it was an entertaining thriller, but City had a chance to deliver a hammer blow to Liverpool's title hopes and wasted chance after chance with poor decision making and dodgy finishing. ANDY DUNN Chief Sports Writer @andydunnmirror Apr 11, 2022 1135
Ethical Judgments in the Trolley Dilemma and Ethical Decision-Making Levels of Nursing Students. E., Baysal; A., Karakus Selcuk; K., Cakir Apr 9, 2022 5701
Sustained ethical analysis of global dilemmas and country-level decision making during and post the COVID-19 pandemic: A systematic review. Azza Sarfraz, Zouina Sarfraz, Mohammad Ashraf and Huma Ashraf Apr 8, 2022 4565
Advancing the WHO-INTEGRATE Framework as a Tool for Evidence-Informed, Deliberative Decision-Making Processes: Exploring the Views of Developers and Users of WHO Guidelines. Stratil, Jan M.; Paudel, Deepak; Setty, Karen E.; Rezende, Carlos E. Menezes De; Monroe, Aline A.; O Report Apr 8, 2022 10706
Universal Health Coverage for Non-communicable Diseases and Health Equity: Reflections on the Role of Ideas and Democratic Decision-Making: Comment on "Universal Health Coverage for Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Equity: Lessons From Australian Primary Healthcare. Paremoer, Lauren Apr 8, 2022 2376
RecMem: Time Aware Recommender Systems Based on Memetic Evolutionary Clustering Algorithm. Nia, Raheleh Ghouchan Nezhad Noor; Jalali, Mehrdad Apr 7, 2022 11009
Dynamic Mechanism and Decision Analysis of Urban Exhibition Tourism Development Based on High-Performance Computing. Wan, Hongzhen Apr 6, 2022 7226
Graduates from QF partner Tamuq deliver lectures in the dean's class. Apr 6, 2022 252
The Role of the P1 Latency in Auditory and Speech Performance Evaluation in Cochlear Implanted Children. Xiong, Shan; Jiang, Liwei; Wang, Yu; Pan, Tao; Ma, Furong Apr 5, 2022 5419
A Multicriteria Decision Model Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process for Managing Safety in Coal Mines. Wang, Xin; Zhang, Lei Apr 4, 2022 5704
Study on the Role of College Sports Games and Taekwondo Teaching Based on Information Health. Zhang, Jiaxin; Fang, Wei Report Apr 4, 2022 3632
'Decision-making not good enough.'. SAMUEL LUCKHURST Apr 4, 2022 239
Decision-making by sole shareholders. Apr 4, 2022 414
Kaduna Partners Experts On Data Utilisation To Solve Problems. Apr 4, 2022 253
What's your special halo-halo? Apr 3, 2022 849
Kaduna partners with experts on data plan for easy coordination, decision making. Apr 1, 2022 944
Relationship of Clinical and Ultrasonographic Grading of Varicocele with Semen Analysis Profile and Testicular Volume. Foroughi, Amin Abolhasani; Dallaki, Manoochehr; Hosseini, Seyed Ali; Ariafar, Ali Apr 1, 2022 5015
Analysis Paralysis? Studying different methods and styles of decisionmaking can help us understand the choices we make and prepare us for the most critical scenarios. Motte, Ryan Apr 1, 2022 2133

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