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Decision of whether one and VIP should merge to be taken by Friday.

The anti-monopoly commission gave the operator VIP two days to provide additional market concentration documentation. Sources from the commission told Alsat M that VIP is asked to supplement the documents regarding the proposed measures it should take as a buyer of the operator One.

According to them, the new documentation will meet the market concentration requirement. VIP managers refuse to reveal any information in this regard. Unless the company provides the required documents, the commission may not allow the merger of the two operators, say sources from the anti-monopoly commission and add that they will state their decision by 10 July at the latest.

If the two operators merge and in the light of the fact that Albafone has recently shut down, only two operators will remain in the market of mobile telephone services. This outcome will shatter the government pledge of a liberalized telecom market with four mobile operators to step up competition and offer lower rates to customers.

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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Jul 7, 2015
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