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Decimalization Problems Solved With Use of Imperial's MegaRam Solid State Disk.

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 16, 2000

The heavy volume of message traffic that currently exists at peak market times, coupled with the flood of traffic that is expected to result from the decimalization conversion, is bound to overwhelm even the most powerful servers.

Is your storage system equipped to provide instantaneous data access during periods of heavy demand? For over 20 years, Imperial Technology has been readying companies for growth and industry evolutions such as decimalization. Imperial's MegaRam Solid State Disks and MegaCache Inline Cache systems provide the performance boost necessary for a company's continuous success and growth in changing times.

The Securities Industry Association estimates "dramatic increases in quoting and message volume, particularly for stocks traded in pennies." It is estimated that, by December 2001, decimal trading will have caused peak message traffic for securities on NASDAQ to increase by 700 percent and peak message traffic for equity and index options to increase by 3,033 percent. The smaller trading price increments resulting from decimalization is expected to attract more investors to the markets.

MegaRam and MegaCache are high-performance data accelerators that work with your existing storage to meet heavy demand with speeds more than 300 times faster than rotating disk drives. As a result these blazingly fast storage systems allow page loads, authentication procedures, searches and trades to complete instantly, thereby allowing more users to access your service without system degradation.

By placing your "hot" files on a MegaRam Solid State Disk, you will accelerate your applications and accommodate more users without needing additional servers. Your system will no longer be burdened with I/O bottlenecks during periods of heavy trading and fast market activity. The resulting high-speed access and execution will help eliminate performance-related complaints and increase your market share.

Imperial's family of solid state storage systems are rock solid and include high-availability features such as redundant hot-swappable power supplies, battery packs and fan assemblies. Advanced proprietary error correction circuitry and extensive diagnostic and configuration firmware ensure complete data integrity. MegaRam and MegaCache systems are available in a variety of form factors suitable for desktop, internal-mount or rackmount installation. Single unit storage capacities range from 134 MB to 25.76 GB and can be increased as needed.

Decimalization is just one of the many performance issues solved by MegaRam and MegaCache. For more information, call Imperial Technology at 800/451-0666 or visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 16, 2000
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