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Deception built into us DNA.

Two Majlis deputies have publicly charged that deception is built into the DNA of America's rulers and Iran should beware.

The charge was not especially imaginative. The deputies simply copied the words of US Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who told Congress the United States did not trust the leadership of the Islamic Republic because "deception is part of their DNA."

But there was one change; the Iranian state media stated falsely that Sherman had said deception was built into the DNA of all Iranians, rather than of the Islamic Republic's leadership. The two deputies made clear they were talking about American leaders, not ordinary citizens.

Last week, Deputy Mehdi Davatgari, a member of the Foreign Policy Committee, told the Fars news agency, "Deception is part of the DNA of America's rulers and there is no doubt that Americans have no respect for the international community." He said, "The US has insulted the other members of the Big Six by imposing new sanctions on Iran."

About the same time, Deputy Hossain Nejabat said the Americans cannot be trusted because a deception gene is built into the American leadership. "The US cries of human rights and its simultaneous support for the Takfiri terrorists in Syria is itself a telling sign of American deception."

The United States has refused to support any of the many terrorist groups in Syria, but officials of the Islamic Republic have continued to assert US support for them for more than a year, even while Saudi Arabia complains because the United States won't support them.

Nejabat also said, "The US sanctions that followed the Geneva [nuclear] agreement are another instance of American deception. Their statements and their new sanctions show that, even when they are signing the agreement, the American are playing with words."

US officials have said they told the Iran negotiators in Geneva that the United States would continue enforcing sanctions by blacklisting violators, as was done last week.
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Title Annotation:Keeping an eye on rhetoric
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
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Date:Dec 27, 2013
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