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December 20,1988: The Boy is back.

Celebrated today as a DJ par excellence, Boy George was just beginning to reinvent himself post-Culture Club--as well as recover from a heroin addiction--when The Advocate's Kris Kirk caught up with him in 1988. The gender-bending pop star was promoting a new album, Tense, Nervous Headache; was singing the praises of acid-house music; and, having kicked the drug habit, was completely open about his sexuality. "I've gotten to the stage where honesty is the best policy," George said. "It's so much easier just sticking the fucking tape recorder on and telling the truth. Then there's really nothing they can ask you that's going to humiliate you.... They can't contradict you, and you can't contradict yourself."

George widely credited his lover of four years at the time, Michael Dunn, with standing by him through the worst years. "When you're a junkie, you're a useless piece of furniture, no good to anybody. All you do is make people miserable, because you're totally self-indulgent," he said. "The hardest thing for me at the moment is facing normality, and it helps so much to feel secure with the people around me.

"Basically," he said, "I want to be liked. I want to be loved." He also said, "I've decided what I want written on my tombstone is `And Another Thing....' Either that or `I Used to Be Famous, but I'm All Right Now.'"

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Title Annotation:Boy George
Author:Romesburg, Don
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Date:May 8, 2001
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