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December: what to do in Northern California.


The Ethel garden gloves ($20; come in a wide array of fashionable, snag-resistant fabrics. Use discount code "sunsetmag" to get 20 percent off your order this month.


GREEN GIFTS Coconut-fiber bricks and composting bins made of recycled materials (from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply, or 888/784-1722) as well as push mowers and rain barrels (from Clean Air Gardening, clean or 888/433-9101) help your friends and family be good land stewards.

CATCH THE RAIN Set barrels under downspouts to harvest rainwater. Let it rain for an hour before starting to collect the water so that any debris from the roof flushes away. Gardener's Supply Company ( or 800/955-3370) has a downspout diverter and barrels with a hose outlet to make the job easier.


Harvest winter squash

Leave a 2-inch stem on each squash. Store the fruits so that they're not touching, in a dry place away from apples or pears. Eat acorn squash first; butternuts should last a couple of months, Hubbards five to six months.

FAST COMPOST Layer "brown" material such as dry leaves with "green" stuff such as veggie scraps; keep the pile moist but not soggy; and turn it regularly. Shred large materials for faster decomposition.

WINTER-INTEREST PLANTS Gary Ratway, co-owner of Digging Dog Nursery in Albion ( or 707/ 937-1130), loves plants that sway or rattle with seeds on windy days, such as Dierama and Miscanthus.

GROW FESTIVE COLOR Jeff and Lisa Rosendale, of Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens in Watsonville ( or 831/728-2532), recommend red-stemmed hellebore (Helleborus x sternii); red-foliaged 'Safari Sunset' and 'Winter Red' leucadendrons; and redtwig dogwood. They'll light up the garden when the weather is dismal, and you can cut them for indoor bouquets.



INDOOR PAPER-WHITES Place bulbs on 2 to 3 inches of tumbled glass or pebbles in small pots. Add water to just below the base of the bulbs. Flowers appear in four to six weeks.


Dress an entryway with pots of pure white Winter Ice cyclamen.

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