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Debate: Who won on body language?

Summary: Nick Clegg was branded the election debate winner, but according to body language experts Gordon brown was the alpha male of the group.

Nick Clegg may have been branded as the election debate winner, but according to body language experts it was Gordon brown who was the alpha male of the group.

"In terms of warmth, Clegg won by a mile. He was relaxed and made a lot appeasement gestures to show he was on your side," said professor Patrick O'Donnell, social physcologist at Glasgow University.

He continued: "In terms of power, Brown won by a mile. He is heavily built with a square jaw and thick eyebrows - he comes across as much more powerful."

Unfortunately for David Cameron, Professor O'Donnell expressed concern, describing him as wearing "a quizzical frown that looks like he doesn't know what is going on".

To judge the reliability of the leaders, the Professor was asked which leader was most likely to stand up for you if you were involved in a fight.

Head said: "You would know Clegg was on your side, but you would worry about how effective he would be. Brown would be effective. But you wouldn't rely on Cameron being there".

Psychological performance trainer Darren Stanton suggested that at least "there were no signs that any of them were saying anything they didn't believe in".

But when it came to naming an overall debating champion, Robert Phipps, a body language expert, said there wasn't a clear winner.

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Date:Apr 16, 2010
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