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CAVA CA NAGH -CELIA. October 19, 2014. (Always remembering the good times with such | lovely lady. lady Always in our thoughts.) Thinking of all the Family. (Rest in peace CELIA.) -Love Gary and the Edward| family.

CAVA CA NAGH -CELIA October 19, 2014 Peacefully. (Goodnight my friend. Also a good friend of Carol and Michelle, they'll be at the Pearly gates waiting for you Ce. R.I.P.) P -Little Lit Mascot Ron and the boys Carl, Ronnie, Lee and Colin.

CAVA CA NAGH -CELIA, October 19, 2014. (The brightest star in the sky tonight is my friend Celia saying goodnight. R.I.P.) P -Doreen and Family xx.

CAVA CA NAGH -CELIA. October 19, 2014. Deepest sympathy to Jimmy, Dennis and all Celia's Family. -Joyce and Joey Stackpoole a| family.

CLARKE -AMANDA JANE, October 17, 17 2014, aged 45 years. (Oh my beautiful Daughter, why did you have to go. I held your hand and kissed your brow, and said | loved you so.You tried so hard to stay with us, right till the end, but God decided diffe dif rently and knewyou wouldn't mend. We sat beside your bedside and watched you slip away, ay, ay you knew our hearts were breaking because you coul| tstay. ay. ay This awful pain of losing you is so very hard to bear, it's diffi dif cult | face each day and know that you're not there. God bless you my precious Daughter, Reunited with her Nan and Grandad. Love forever. andaday.) -Mum and Keith xx.

CLARKE -AMANDA (MANDY), MAND October 17, 17 2014. (We all ha| lovely memories of the times we spent with you. Sleep Peacefully our beautiful Mandy, Mandy we will never forget you.) -Love Auntie Sheila, cousins Gill, Shirley, Tony, ny, ny Karl, Ian, Gary, Sarah, LinDa | d. Families. xxxx.

CLARKE -AMANDA, October 17, 17 2014. (God took you in His arms and whispered sleep tight.Love and miss you so much.) -Vikki, John and CJ. (My happiness, | love went with you.) -Fiance Dave. (Heartbroken.) -Sister Tracy and Pennie. (Look afte af r our special Auntie.) -Liam, Stephanie, Stephen and Mollie xx.

COOPER -Walter EDWARD, October 18, 2014. Aged 83 years. Reunited with his Wife Doreen, | father of Paul, David, Lee and Susan, Grandfather. of Elliott, Elliot Joshua, Harry, Jocelyn, Marcus and Harvey. Funeral Service will take place on Friday 31st October in Aneld Crematorium at 3.30 p.m. Flowers and enquiries c/o W. Craven FD, Craven Lodge, Broadgreen Road, L13 5SG. Tel 0151 2283900.

COOPER -Walter EDWARD October 18, 2014.

Paul, Sarah, Elliott, Elliot Joshua and Harry respectfully announce the passing of the| father/grandfather.

With particular thanks to his nephew Michael for the care and timespent with his Uncle in recent years. year Walter wanted to die with his boots on.

Adios ios Muchachos CORK -FRANCIS (CORKY), October 20, 2014. Aged 82 years. Peacefully at home surrounded by h| loving Family. Reunited with his Mum, Reg and Tina. devoted Husband of Winnie, mu| loved Dad of Linda, Suey, Chris, Paul, Joey and Winnie plus Partner| loving Grandad and Gaga to all his Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren and | loving Brother of Tony. ny. ny Funeral Service and Cremation at Aneld Crematorium on Tuesday, October 28th at 3.00pm. Family owers only please but if desired donations to Cancer Research. Frank will be resting at home from this evening. All enquiries to Hardacres Funeral Directors, 444 Cherry Lane, L4 8TT. 8TT Tel: 0151 270 2727. 2727 CORK -FRANCIS, October 20, 2014. (If Heaven had a st | aircase I'd climb it every day, because since the day you left lef me the pain won't go away. ay. ay I Winnie have lost my best friend, with your smili| face never to be forgotte otte ot n, a Husband that can never be replaced. Love you always.) -Yo| loving wife Winnie xxxxx.

CORK -FRANCIS, October 20, 2014. (We sat by your bedside till our hearts were torn and sore, you fought till the end till you could ght no more. We held your hand with pride, we will miss you forever., so brave. The best Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad. All o| love.) -Your devoted Family. CORK -FRANK, October 20, 2014. (Frank, in our hearts you'll always stay, ay, | loved and remembered every day. Rest in peace Frank.) -Love Sisters-inlaw Maggie and Cath xx CORK -FRANK, October 20, 2014. (Will be sadly missed by all who knew him.A wonderful person to everyone. No more pain.) -Brother-in-la other-in-la other w James and Family CURRON -CATHY CA , THY, THY October 17, 17 2014. (Till we meet again Cath. R.I.P.) P -Vera, George and Family.

DENNY PAULINE October 15th, 2014. Peacefully in hospital, aged 73 years. Reunited with her beloved father. James McCabe. Mu| loved mum of Tony, ny, ny Janette nette net , Edward and Tina. PAULINE will | lovingly remembered by all her Grandchildren, greatgrandchildren and all. family. and friends.

Funeral Service to be hel| tst. Bridget's Church, B| tstreet, L15 2HB on Wednesday, October 29th 2014 at 2.30 p.m., followed by Committa mmitta mmit | tspringwood Crematorium at 3.30 p.m. Flowers or donations in favour of Clatte Clat rbridge Hospital or Macmillan Nurses c/o Cravens Funeral Directors, Broadgreen Road, L13 5SG. Tel: 0151 2283900.

DUMBELL -JANE October 18, 2014 Sleep tight Jane, sadly sadl missed but not forgotte otte ot n.All o| love Stan, Sue, Chris, Joanna, Jen, Chris x DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21st, 2014. (We sat beside your bedside till our hearts were torn and sore, you fought till thevery end till you could not ght any more. We stroked your hair with tenderness, we held your hand with pride. We will miss you forever. You were so brave, so courageous. Back with Dad. Give him a big kiss from us.) -Loving daughter Teresa, son-inlaw Colin xx. (Nan, You've always been there for us since we were little lit boys, you made us the men we are today.) -Your two boy| love Colin, Patrick and great-grandson Luis xxx. DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21st, 2014. (My Mum, Nan, Gran. Your presence we miss, your memory we treasure, loving you always, forgetting etting et you never.) -Monica, John, Liz, Caitlin and Ebony xxx.

DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21st, 2014. (If roses grow in Heaven Lord please pick a bunch for me, place them in my Mum's arms and tell her they're from me. Tell her | love her and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while, because remembering her is easy, I do it every day, but there's an ache within my heart that will never go away. ay. ay You and Dad together forever. now walking side by side.) -Yo| loving daughter Esther xxx. (Nan, you did so much for us, your heart was so kind and true, when we needed someone, we could always count on you. The special years will not return when we were all together, but with t| love in our hearts you will walk with us forever.) -Yo| loving Grandchildren Julie, Dave, Lynsey, Matt, Mat Martin, Jed, Millie and Sadie xxx.

DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21st, 2014. (Two T extra stars in the sky, I know they are my Mum's eyes, looking down upon us all. Now are rest, free from pain, you are with Dad together again. Our life will never be the same.) -Loving daughter Cathy andson-in-law Phil x. (Goodnight, God bless Nanna Lil.) -Love Phil, Shelly, Jo, Lyla, Joanne., Gra, Rhys, Maisie and Ale xxxxxxxxxxx.

DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21st, 2014. (You Y are now at rest Mum and free from all that pain, nally up in Heaven holding Dad's hand again. We will always love and miss you and wish you were here today. Rest in peace Mum until we meet again.) -Brokenhearted son Mick, daughter-in-er-in-er law Nina, grandchildren Michael, Hayley, Dilia, Clint and Amelie xxx.

DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21st, 2014. Peacefully at home surrounded by h| loving Family, aged 93 years. beloved wife of the late Paddy. ddy. ddy Loving mum, nan, great-nan and greatgreat-nan. Will | lovingly remembered and sadly missed. (When we think of happy times we always think of you Mum, it's nice to think of happy times forever.y time we do, our hearts are lled with all t| love that we feel for you. Now at rest Mum free from pain, you're with Dad now together again xxxxxxxxxxx.xx.) Requiem Mass at English Martyrs Church, Litherland on Thursday, October 30th at 11.00 a.m., Interment following at Thornton Garden of Rest. Family owers only please, donations if desired for The British Heart Foundation c/o David Clegg Independent Funeral Service, 77/79 Bridge Road, Litherland, L21 2PA. 2P Tel: 0151 928 6665.

DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21st, 2014. (A goldenheart stopped beating, your beautiful smile at rest, God broke our hearts to prove, He always takes the best. forever. in our hearts Mum.) -Maureen and Jean. (A special smile, a special face, in our hearts Nan, you will forever. hold a special place.) -Grandchildren Jean, Sue, Pauline, Alan, greatgrandchildren and greatgreat-grandchildren xxx.

DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21, 2014. (Mum, did the sun shine brighter or was the sky a deeper blue, or was it just a diffe dif rent World when we shared our lives with you.

forever. is a long time, this we know is true, but that's how long our brokenhearts will love and yearn for yo| Love always.) -Marion and Alan xxx.

DUNNING -ELIZABETH (LILY), LIL October 21, 2014. (Sleep tight Nan, forever. in our h| ts, love always.) -Jennie, Ste, Evie, Ruby, by, by Ian and Sophie xx.

DUNNING-ELIZABETH, October 21, 2014. (Nanna Lil| fall the gifts gif in this world however great or small to have had you for our Nan was the greatest gift gif of all.) -Brokenhearted grandson Phil and Shelley xx. (Sweet dreams Nanna Lil.) -Brokenhearted great grandchildren Jo and Lyla xx. (Miss our cups of tea.) DUNNING -ELIZABETH, October 21, 2014. (There is | face that is always with us, a voice | love to hear, a smile we will always remember of a Nan | loved so dear.) -Granddaughter Jayne and Husband Philip and Great grandsons Kieran and Jonathon xxxx DUNNING LILLY LILL (Nan, Nanny Lil) October 21, 2014. A special person, a special face. Someone | love and can't replace. Never selsh, always kind. These are the memories you left lef behind. You will always be in our hearts Nan, so proud of you xx Joanne., Graham, Rhys, Maisie and Ale xx DUNNING -LILY LIL October 21, 2014.

Two Tw extra tra tr starst | ars ar are ar in the skies I know they are ar my Mum's eyes looking Down upon her fold remembering memories wrapped wr in gold.

Life will never be the same Mum. Give Dad a hug from us. Joan, Kenny, Katie and Kenneth xxx DUNNING -LILY, LIL October 20, 2014. | lovely lady.) lady Sincere sympathy to all her Family. -Ken's Family.

DUNNING-LILY, LIL October 21, 2014. (Of all the gifts gif in the world, however great or small, to have had you for my Godmother was the greatest gift gif of all. Goodnight and God Bless.) -Kate, Paul a| family.

DUNWOODY OODY OOD SALLY LLY LL October 18, 2014. Deepest sympathy to Johnny, Pauline, Christine and family. forever. in our hearts RIP Sally, give my Brian a big kiss from me. Love from Dot xx. Goodnight sleep tight Auntie Sally. Love Liam, Brian and Families. xx EAVES EA -EDWARD October 19, 2014. The Family has lost its biggest personality, we'll miss your smili| face. Never to be forgotte otte ot n, | father we can't replace. Love you always Robby and Cathy xxx forever. in our hearts Ted. All o| love Katie and Liam xxx EAVES EA -EDWARD October 19, 2014.

I never asked ask for miracles mir But today just one would do To see the front fr door open And see our Dad walk through. thr Love and miss you Dad from Del and Julie xxx EAVES EA -EDWARD October 19, 2014. Dad, you always said youwerethe poorest manever to walk t| face of the earth but if you knew how much | love and miss you, you would realise youwerethe richest. Love and miss you so much, Sue xxx oh did I tell you the one about the Lion and the Giraffe affe af ? EAVES EA -EDWARD October 19, 2014.

remembering you is easy eas Grandad Gr I do it every ery er day And missing you is something That will never go away aw Lots o| Love from Luke, Zak, Jade and Kaley xxxx EAVES EA -EDWARD October 19, 2014.

A thousand loving memories, Stor St ed ored or up in our h| ts, To take out and live again Whenever the tears ars ar start st Love and Miss you Grandad, Laura, Chloe and Tom xxx FAIRHURST -MARY Josephine., October 20, 2014. (| lovely big Sister. You've always been there since I was a little lit girl. Love you x.) -Loving Sister Linda, Robert and all the Family. (We ha| lovely memories of you, Mary x.) -Sisters Kitty Kit , ty, ty Betty Bet and Families. (Australia).

FAIRHURST -MARY, October 20, 2014. (May the winds of Heaven pass softl sof y and whisper in your ear, how much | love and miss you and wish that you were here.) -Heartbroken daughter Deb and Tom. (Love and miss you Nan 'Our | y-Jo'.) -Jordan and Abigail xx.

FAIRHURST -MARY, October 20, 2014. (Back in the arms | loving Husband Nicky, ky, ky Maureen and Richard. Will be sadly missed.) -Pat, Patsy, Kim, Lynn, Alan and Families.

FAIRHURST -MARY, October 20, 2014. (Put your arms around her Lord, kiss her smili| face, she was a special Sister who can never be replaced.) -Loving Sister Rony, ny, ny nieces Susan, PAULINE and Families.

FAIRHURST -MARY.October 20, 2014. (Nan, may you now rest in peace with Grandad, Mum and Richie. Love always.) -Jen, Andrew and Terry xx. (RIP Nan, goodnight God bless.) -Love Graham, Jack and Harry xx.

FISHER -Joanne., October 16, 2014. (She was so very very special and was so from the start, we held her in our arms but mainly in our hearts and like a single drop of rain that on still waters fall, her life did ripple and touched the live| fall. She's gone to play with Angels in Heaven up above, so keep our special memories and treasure them wi| love. although our darling daughter was with us just a while, she'll live in our hearts with a sweet remembered smile.) -Love your brokenhearted Mum and Dad.

FISHER -Joanne., October 16, 2014. (Little Lit did we know that morning God was to call your name, in life | loved you dearly, ly, ly in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone for part of us went with you the day God called you home. You left lef us beautiful memories, yo| love is still our guide and although we ca| tsee you, you are always at our side. Our Family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again.) -Brokenhearted Sisters Michelle, Colette lette let , Teresa, Carly and Families.

FISHER -Joanne., October 16, 2014. (Ours is just a simple prayer for God to keep you in His care.) Deepest sympathy to our Collette llette llet , Dave and Family. -Love Uncle Tony, ny, ny Therese, Anthony and Josephine. xxxx FISHER -Joanne., October 16, 2014. Deepest sympathy to Colette lette let , David, Anthony and Mark, the Girls and Families.

(Rest in peace now Joanne., sleeping with the Angels. Goodnight, God bless.) -Cousins, the Hoare Family xxx.

FISHER -Joanne., October 16, 2014. Deepest sympathy to our David, Colette lette let , Anthony, girls and Families. on the sad loss of Joanne. (Free from pain at last Jo. Our hearts are broken and will never be the same. What you suffe suf red, you never complained. You were a beautiful lady, lady inside and out, our loss is Heaven's gain, 'til we meet again.) -Tina, Tony, ny, ny Lindsey, Alan, Christopher, Cheryl, JonPaul, Hannah and Families.

FISHER -Joanne., October 16, 2014. (God sawthat youweretired; He knewyou needed rest. His garden must beautiful: He onlytakes the best. R.I.P. J J P o.) -Uncle Dave, Ian and Sammie,Christine and Peter, Danielle and Jussy, and Families. xxxx.

FISHER -Joanne., October 16, 2014. Deepest sympathy to Colette lette let , Dave and Family on the loss of Joanne. -Sandra, Tony and Family, Staff aff af and Customers, the Barlow Arms. (R.I.P.) P FISHER -Joanne., October 16, 2014. (For once in my life Jo I've got no words. Love and miss you always.) -Love Ambo and Amy xxx. (You Y can nally sleep tight now Jo.| Love Irene, Joey and lads xxx GOUGH JOAN FRANCES October 19, 2014. Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. God bless. Lorraine, Alan a| family.

GRANT-GRANTALFIE DIED IN PEACE 19-10-2014...... my best mate. ...... To hear your voice, and talk with you the way we always used to do To drink together in the same old way Would be my only wish today. Buenos noche mi amigo. Ronnie Duffy GRANT-ALFIE October 19, 2014. (A very special person, a very special Dad, someone we can't replace. Dad, in our hearts you'll always stay, ay, | loved and remembered every day. Goodnight and God bless Dad, rest in peace.) -Heartbroken son Ale and Lynn.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 24, 2014
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