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Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear: Bargain Hunters Mysteries No. 2.

Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear: Bargain Hunters Mysteries No. 2

Sharon Dunn

Multnomah a division of Random House Inc

12265 Oracle Boulevard Suite 200 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921

9781590526903 $12.99

The Bargain Hunters Network or BHN for short consists of Ginger, Suzanne, Kindra and Arleta who seem to find a mystery wherever they go and this time is no exception!

They're off to Calamity, Nevada for the Inventor's Expo where Ginger's husband Earl hopes to be discovered. The girls want to hit the outlet mall and the world's largest garage sale.

From day one nothing but trouble seems to be in the cards for our gals, they're luggage was delayed so Earl stays behind to wait for it. At the Wind- Up hotel the air conditioning doesn't work and rooms have been overbooked due to the Squirrel Lover's convention and a greedy hotel owner. The owner changes things on the girls first Earl's table is cancelled at the expo due to someone willing to pay more for it and instead of the two rooms originally reserved they are only given one for the five of them. Disgruntled employees seem to be everywhere seems the owner is good at making promises he never keeps. Kindra falls for the good looking man in the bear suit who turns out to be the owner's son but is as unhappy as everyone else. The clerk turns out to be the second ex-wife and the first is also staying at the hotel along with the current girlfriend and Ginger seems to have a cyberstalker from the BHN blog.

Than the mascot for the Squirrel Lover's convention and Ginger's cat disappear. The squirrel turns up dead in the mouth of the dead hotel owner who is wearing the bear suit!

Ginger and Earl are suspects by the two female detectives who are just as funny as our BHN team. Ginger threatened the hotel owner right before he died and poor Earl seems to be guilty by association. But than it seems as everyone at the hotel are on the suspect list. The girls wonder will there be any bargain hunting on this trip than Ginger disappears ...

Laughter will fill your heart as you read "Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear" as the author Sharon Dunn leaves you in stitches from the first page with her amazing sense of humor and totally awesome characters. But don't be surprised if you learn a thing or two along the way as God has a teaching as well between the pages!

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Author:Clay, Cheri
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Date:Apr 1, 2008
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