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Death of a Professional.

PTV was identified in its early days by some professional names. That of Burhanuddin Hasan was among them. What brought him to the fore was his appointment as General Manager, Karachi Centre.

Those were the halcyon days of PTV and it stood out in almost all areas. Being Pakistan's only TV channel in those days, anyone who had talent to offer rushed to PTV. That is how PTV became so well-known for its presentations. Aslam Azhar was of course PTV's driving force but Burhanuddin Hasan was also recognized as a respectable professional. It was under his guidance that there was so much creative activity at Karachi Television Centre and it was able to produce so many good programmes.

Under Burhanuddin Hasan, the Karachi TV Centre was almost like a cultural meeting point and one ran into many men and women of talent traversing its corridors and sipping tea in the rooms of producers. In some ways, Burhanuddin Hasan would come across as a hard-nosed bureaucrat not given to small chit chat and not easily accessible but running the diverse affairs of the station with a no-nonsense attitude and an iron hand.

This is what enabled Burhanuddin Hasan to be selected to join PTV's Board of Directors. When he retired, after serving the PTV Corporation for 30 years, Geo TV benefited from his services and he became their consultant. Actually, before Burhanuddin Hasan joined PTV, he had already worked for Radio Pakistan and the Voice of America. This experience, combined with his immense comprehension of the broadcast media, enabled him to inject a high degree of professionalism into his work that was bereft of any showmanship and which brought out in him work an understanding of all the positive aspects of the television medium.

It was such a pity that both radio and television were only state-run broadcast media until the beginning of the last decade and people like Burhanuddin Hasan could not bring their professionalism into full play while they worked there.

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Date:Feb 28, 2017
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