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Dear readers.

We are glad to welcome you on the pages of the fourth issue of the Kutafin University Law Review (KULawR). This issue is absolutely extraordinary and mostly created to highlight a special event, the V St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, which was held on 27-30 May 2015 in Saint Petersburg. This volume is totally dedicated to materials, interviews, speeches and papers that were presented within the V St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The KULawR has been publishing since September 2014. The main objective of this periodical is to spread legal knowledge generated by leading Russian scholars in a modern and cutting-edge form among the English-speaking auditoria. The content of the Journal is dedicated to different topics in the fields of constitutional law, international law, contractual law, and international private law as well as theory and history of law.

The content of the current issue includes three different sections. The first one called 'Introductory Reviews' covers several essays and reviews of participants about the Forum. The second one is the main part of the volume. It is called 'Forum Highlights' and includes speeches and papers that were presented by leading scholars and practisians during the Forum. The last section 'Interviews with Prominent Forum Participants' involves several interviews with participants of the Forum from different parts of the World.

We have tried to do our best to let you enjoy reading our new issue of the Kutafin University Law Review. Above all, we are looking forward to welcoming you as authors of next volumes of the periodical. The KULawR is equally open for submissions from both academics and talented newcomers. It's always a good opportunity to make a step together to contribute to legal science and share our common ideas.

Remember! The best ideas are always welcomed!

You may find all additional information on the web page of the journal at

Kindest regards,


Irina Alebastrova, PhD, Associate Professor

Paul Kalinichenko, Doctor of legal science, Professor

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Author:Alebastrova, Irina; Kalinichenko, Paul
Publication:Kutafin University Law Review
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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