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Dear readers.

If you happen to read Czech Music Quarterly on a regular basis, you will know that the vast majority of its texts are dedicated to art music, either historical or contemporary. The reasons for this orientation are mainly practical notwithstanding its all-embracing name, the magazine simply has to choose which segments of music to attend to, as, by and large, we are just not able to encompass everything, not that we tend to underestimate other spheres of music. Nonetheless, from time to time we do publish articles dealing with music other than the composed, be they devoted to folk, non-mainstream jazz or, as in the case of the text in this issue, improvised music. Similarly to progressive jazz--and even more so--it is precisely the non-jazz-related improvised music (also referred to as non-idiomatic improvisation) scene that to a significant degree shares an audience with the contemporary art music scene, at least the one that does not arch its neck gazing back at the past. The overview written by the music journalist and musician-insider Petr Ferenc was included in the magazine to mark the occasion of the Vs. Interpretation festival, which will take place in Prague at the end of April and the beginning of May. The covermount supplement to this issue is another CD from the Composer Portraits series, this time featuring Michal Nejtek --a creator in the case of whom composed music constitutes just a part of the activities defining his artistic identity.

Have a nice spring

Petr Bakla

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Author:Bakla, Petr
Publication:Czech Music
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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