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Dear reader.

As we usher in 2002, you'll notice some changes to The Physician Executive.

* Appearing for the first time in this issue is a new column titled "Practice Management." The column is designed to appeal to small groups and solo practicioners by offering office management and business advice appropriate for these organizations. The column is provided by Advisory Publications, a monthly newsletter service that publishes advice on business, tax, management and financial matters involving health care.

* "Your Money" is another new column that debuts in this issue. "Your Money" is all about compensation, salaries, benefits and perqs that accompany executive jobs in health care. The first column is written by Gordon W. Hawthorne, managing director of health care for the Hay Group consulting firm.

* You'll also notice some cosmetic changes in this issue, as we bring full color to our inside pages. Throughout the year, we'll be working to enhance our graphic look and layout to make The Physician Executive an even more helpful resource for busy physician executives.

Finally, an apology is in order to Vernon Carrigan, MD, FACP, author of the article "Physician Executive Promotes Process for Managing Change" that appeared in the Nov./Dec. issue of The Physician Executive. Due to a production error, an incorrect photo of Carrigan ran with his biography. We regret the error.

Best wishes,

Bill Steiger, editor
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Publication:Physician Executive
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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